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Facts about Famous People

Facts about Famous People

Biographies and Short Facts about Famous People

Discover interesting facts and short biographies of famous people. Short summaries with quick fact sheets about the influential men and famous women whose names we are all familiar with and facts about famous people including facts about celebrities and movie stars of recent times such as famous actors, actresses, singers and musicians.

Biographies and Short Facts about Famous Dead People
Interesting facts about famous dead people from history whose lives have left a lasting legacy whether they were heroes or villains.

Biographies and Short Facts about Rich People and Poor People
Biographies and interesting facts about the successful rich people and the inspiring poor people who have also made an impact on our lives. Interesting facts and short biographies of famous people such as inventors and entrepreneurs, the men and women who became great scientists and mathematicians.

A-Z List of Names of Famous People
Check out the A - Z List containing the names of famous people to access biographies, drawings and interesting facts about:


Biographies and Short Facts about famous Historical Characters
The famous and infamous historical characters and figures from history such as the Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers, Religious leaders and Presidents.

Biographies and Short Facts about famous Artists
Learn about the lives of the most famous artists in the world including many from the Renaissance Era with details of their most famous works of Art.

Biographies and Short Facts about famous Authors
Learn about the lives of the most famous English and American authors and poets with deatils of their most famous books and poetry.

Biographies and Short Facts about famous Black People
Biographies and interesting facts about the noted black people from history who fought against slavery and the abolitionists who helped them escape via the Underground Railway.

Biographies and Short Facts about famous People
The Biographies and interesting facts about famous people cover important historical events across the world. Discover the names of the men and women, their accomplishments and achievements including those of Americans, British people, German People, Italian people, Irish people and Jewish people.

Short Facts about Famous People
 - Adolf Hitler/Mein Fuhrer (1889 - 1945) was responsible for orchestrating World War II, an inhuman mass murderer on a scale the likes of which the world has never before seen, nor will hopefully ever see again.

 - Alan Turing (1912 - 1954) was a famous Mathematician, Logician, Cryptanalyst and Computer Scientist.

 - Alexander Graham Bell (1847 - 1922) was a famous Scottish born Scientist, Inventor, Engineer and Innovator

 - Anders Celsius (1701 - 1744) was a famous Swedish Astronomer

 - Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) was a famous Founding Father of the United States

 - Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) was a famous American Poet

 - Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961) was a famous American Author and Journalist

 - George Stephenson (1781 - 1848) was a famous English Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

 - George Westinghouse (1846 - 1914) was a famous American Entrepreneur, Inventor and Engineer

 - Guglielmo Marconi (1874 - 1937) was a famous Italian inventor and electrical engineer.

 - Hermann Goering (1893 - 1946) was a famous German Politician, Military Leader and Leading Member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP)

 - Howard Hughes (1905 - 1976) was a famous American Business Tycoon

 - Igor Sikorsky (1889 - 1972) was a famous Russian American Aviation Pioneer

 - Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1947) was a famous Anti War Activist who fought and won independence from the British Empire for India.

 - Malcolm X (1925 - 1965) was a famous American Muslim Minister and Human Rights Activist

 - Manfred von Richthofen (1892 - 1918) was a famous German Ace Fighter Pilot.

 - Richard Gatling (1818 - 1903) was a famous American Inventor

 - Robert Oppenheimer (1904 - 1967) was a famous world famous American Theoretical Physicist.

 - Rudolf Hess (1894 - 1987) was a German Politician for Nazi Germany

 - Rupert Brooke (1887 - 1915) was a famous English Poet

 - Stanley Baldwin (1867 - 1947) was a famous Conservative Member of Parliament and Prime Minister

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