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Abel Janszoon Tasman

Abel Janszoon Tasman

Facts about Abel Janszoon Tasman

Biography Summary:
Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603 - 1659) was famous for being the first European to reaching Van Diemenís Land and New Zealand. A brave man to travel and chart unknown seas. Early on his first wife died leaving him to raise a daughter. He would marry again and on occasion is second wife accompanied him on his travels.

On the whole he was a successful captain but on one occasion he overstepped the boundaries and unlawfully killed one of this crew for which he was punished, he was immediately suspended from his official capacity, fined and forced to pay compensation to the family of the murdered sailor.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact Sheet: Who was Abel Janszoon Tasman? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Abel Janszoon Tasman.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1603 - 1659 *** Full Name: Abel Janszoon Tasman *** Occupation: Dutch Seafarer, Merchant and Explorer *** Date of Birth: Abel Janszoon Tasman was born in 1603 *** Place of Birth: Abel Janszoon Tasman was born in Lutjegast, Dutch Republic *** Family background: There are no records of his family background *** Early life and childhood: There are no records of his early life or childhood *** Education: Abel Janszoon Tasman is assumed to have received some form of education as he was able to read, write and navigate ***

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 1: Abel Janszoon Tasman was born in 1603 and during the 17th century period in history when Europeans began to colonize the Americaís in earnest, the Ming Dynasty began to collapse, in the Near East, the Persian, Ottoman and Mughal empires were on the rise and many innovations were being made in science, medicine, technology and industry.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 2: He married Claesgie Meyndrix and together they had a daughter but sadly his wife would die.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 3: In 1632 he married again to Joanna Tiercx.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 4: Not long after his second marriage he went to sea. He travelled to the East Indies and in February of 1634 he was made a first mate.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 5: By May of 1634 he would become skipper and later that year he would narrowly escape death when they came across the Ceram people who killed several of his companions.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 6: In 1638 he skippered another voyage to the indies and this time his wife accompanied him.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 7: By 1642 he would be appointed and given command of two ships in order to explore eastern and southern waters.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 8: In August of that year he came across Van Diemenís Land followed by New Zealand as well as the Tonga Islands and several of the Islands of the Fiji group.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 9: While in that area of the ocean he once more explored the North coastal area of New Guinea.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 10: He returned to Batavia in June of 1643 and would be chosen to form a settlement on the Tonga Islands to enable a base to be set up for Chilean coastal raids.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 11: He was charged with looking for a passage that could be taken between Carpentaria and De Wittís Land from the South Sea.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 12: He began the exploration in January of 1644 with three vessels and returned made his return in August with the news that there was no way through. His reward was a substantial increase in his pay as well as the grade of commandeur.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 13: The settlement plans to enable easier access to Chile were abandoned.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 14: In 1647 Tasman would be appointed to the Council of Justice at Batavia and also given the task of taking on a mission to see the King of Siam.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 15: Having completed that mission he was given the command of eight vessels which sailed for Spanish ships carry silver in May of 1648 although the outcome of this event would not be entirely satisfactory as his conduct towards a crewmember was unacceptable and he would called to answer for his actions.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 16: Having been removed from his duties he would be reinstated in January of 1651.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 17: Within a short time after this incident he decided to retire from the sea and settled down to become a merchant in his home town of Batavia.

Abel Janszoon Tasman Fact 18: Abel Janszoon Tasman died on October 10th 1659 in his home in Batavia.

Influence & Legacy: During his travels he kept a map of where he had been and this map, known as the Tasman Map is kept in a collection in the State Library of New South Wales with a reproduction set in marble displayed in the floor of the library.

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