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Adolf Hitler

Facts about Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer

Summary: Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer was one of the most brutal and despised characters in human history. As a strong German Nationalist, Hitler was gravely disappointed in the way Germany capitulated at the end of World War I.

Hitler’s ideal vision for Germany was of a country cleansed of not only Jewish people, but anyone that did not fit his ideal of what a German should be. He would become leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also to become known as the Nazi Party.

He later become Germany’s Chancellor between 1933 and 1945. He would finally gained control of Germany in 1934 until 1945 and would be referred to as Führer. He would ultimately be solely responsible for the start of World War II and the mass death and destruction that ensued.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact Sheet: Who was Adolf Hitler The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Adolf Hitler, the Leader of National Socialist German Workers Party also known as the Nazi Party.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact File: Lifespan: 1889 – 1945 *** Full Name: Adolf Hitler *** Occupation: He would become leader of Nazi Germany *** Date of Birth: He was born on April 20th 1889 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary *** Family background: His father was Alois Hitler, Sr. the illegitimate offspring of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, his father’s name was not his birth certificate. His mother was Klara Polzl. He had six siblings the oldest, Gustav, Ida and Otto all died in infancy *** Early life and childhood: His first relocation was at the age of three years and the family moved to Passau, in Germany. *** Education: He began his schooling in Fischlham when the family lived in Hafeld. They then moved to Lamback where he attended the local monastery before going on to Realschule in Steyr which he left incomplete.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 1: He was born just before the turn of the 20th Century which would see so many changes in areas such as science and aviation.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 2: His family moved several times during his childhood due to various failed financial ventures of his fathers.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 3: His father had his mind set on him following in his footsteps into a career in the customs bureau.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 4: His one real desire was to go to a classic high school and become an artist but his father refused to let him.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 5: It was during these adolescent years that the two were often very antagonistic with one another.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 6: In 1907 and 1908 he applied to Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts and was twice rejected. He was advised to study architecture but as he had not finished his education it was not an option.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 7: Having fun out of money he was compelled to live in hostels and shelters and these, at the time, were a center of racism and religious prejudice which at this time in his life he was very susceptible to.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 8: In 1913 he decided to immigrate to Bavaria and it was here that he joined the Bavarian regiment when World War I broke out. He would be the recipient of the Iron Cross, First Class for his service.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 9: Having been highly disillusioned at the outcome of the war, it was in 1919 that he would join the German Workers’ Party in Munich.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 10: The following year he was put in charge of the propaganda machine for the party and it underwent a name change, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei also known as the Nazi German Workers’ Party.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 11: Between 1923 and 1924 he would briefly be imprisoned, the sentence was originally a five year term but he was released early.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 12: In 1932 he ran as a candidate for the German presidency, but failed with only 40% of the votes.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 13: The following year, he became the Führer and Chancellor of Germany and began dismissing all non-indigenous employees.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 14: Between 1934 and 1937 he was given all dictatorial powers which resulted in his passing the Enabling Act.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 15: Having missed several opportunities to start a war in Europe on September 1st 1939 Germany sent troops to invade western Poland which resulted in Britain and France declaring war on Germany playing straight into his hands.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 16: In 1938 he decided, with the aid of his foreign minister that it would be to his advantage to become aligned with Japan and thus end any relationship Germany had with China as a result.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 17: Over the next six years the atrocities that would be committed by him and his subordinates would leave the world devastated by the loss of life.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 18: He was never directly responsible, by way of written orders, for the building of concentration or death camps. Always he gave his instructions verbally and made sure his wishes were carried out.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 19: His subordinates were often very cruel and psychopathic men and chosen for this reason to formulate plans for the death camps.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 20: It must be remember that he was also responsible during this time, for the murders of Romani people, Poles, Soviet Prisoners of war, communists and other political opponents, homosexuals and mentally and physically disabled people by the millions.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 21: His ultimate downfall would lay in his distrust of those around him which evolved into paranoia and in his taking control of the military and poor decision making.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 22: So fixated did he become on his desired outcomes, insisting his orders be followed to the letter, he subsequently made disastrous tactical decisions.

Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer Fact 23: On April 30th 1945, with the Soviets a very short distance away from the Reich Chancellery, where Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer and Eva Braun were in the bunker, he saw no escape. To avoid being captured and taken for prisoners, Eva Braun bit into a cyanide pill and Adolf Hitler / Fuhrer raised a gun and shot himself.

Influence & Legacy: His ideology would cause widespread human suffering on a scale never before seen in history that would impact on a world so violently that we hope the lessons learned, and the sacrifices made, are never forgotten. Not only did he personally oversea the death of millions of Jews, as well as other ethnic groups, but he would ultimately be responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and soldiers. What arose from the ashes of his destruction would be a torn Germany in which East and West Germany would be literally separated by the Berlin Wall built by the German Democratic Republic and that would stand for 28 long years. The Cold War would also emerge as a global confrontation between NATO nations and the USA, known as the Western Bloc, and the Soviet Union, known as the Eastern Bloc. Ian Kershaw, a British historian, wrote of him “Never in history has such ruination – physical and moral – been associated with the name of one man.” Many of the concentration camps still exist today, either as museums or monuments. It is also worth noting that the title of Führer in Germany today is widely still unused because of the negative connotations and stigma, still many years later, attached to it.

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