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Agatha Christie

Facts about Agatha Christie

Biography Summary: Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) was famous for being a crime novelist, playwright and short story writer. She became one of Englandís best loved crime novelists.

Her stories were full of mystery as well as history and interesting facts on archeology as well as very clever murder methods which she had learned from her time working in a pharmacy during World War II.

Her personal life brought her great sadness in the early loss of her father and later the death of her mother at a time when her husband confessed his infidelity and led her to disappear for ten days. After divorcing her husband she would again find lasting happiness with Sir Max Mallawan who died several years after his beloved wife.

Agatha Christie Fact Sheet: Who was Agatha Christie? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1890 - 1976 *** Full Name: Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller *** Occupation: English Crime Novelist, Playwright and Short Story Writer *** Date of Birth: Agatha Christie was born on September 15th 1890 *** Place of Birth: Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, Devon, England *** Family background: Her father was Frederick Alvah Miller and her mother was Clara Boehmer. Her father was American of upper middle class status and the family were financially well off *** Early life and childhood: She grew up with two older sisters, the first, Margaret Frary was born in Torquay and her second eldest sister Louis ďMontyĒ Montant was born in New York while their parents were on a business trip before returning home to Torquay where Agatha was born. Her childhood memories were very happy ones *** Education: Agatha Christie was educated at home by her parents as her mother wished, she was taught to read and write and basic arithmetic as well as being taught how to play the mandolin and piano and music in general ***

Agatha Christie Fact 1: Agatha Christie was born on September 15 1890 and during the 19th century period in history when there was much change across Europe and the world, the first and second French, Spanish, Chinese and Holy Roman Empires all collapsed and Europe would see two World Wars.

Agatha Christie Fact 2: As a child she read voraciously and as a result of being home tutored she mixed little with other children although she had many friends in the form of her beloved pets.

Agatha Christie Fact 3: She would make friends with a group of local girls and one of her happiest experiences was appearing with them in a youth production of Gilbert and Sullivanís the Yeoman of the Guard. She wrote later that ďan experience that you really enjoyed should never be repeated.Ē

Agatha Christie Fact 4: By 1901, having suffered a series of heart attacks, he father died at only fifty five years of age. This left the family not only completely distraught but also financial unstable. Agatha and her mother continued to life in the family home, her sister Monty and joined the army and had been sent to fight in the Boer War in South Africa and her sister Madge had married in moved to Cheadle Hall which was close by with her husband.

Agatha Christie Fact 5: Agatha would be sent to Miss Guyerís Girls School in Torquay in 1902 but would find the structure of discipline difficult to adjust to. By 1905 she would be sent to Paris where she attended Mademoiselle Cabernetís, Les Marroniers and Miss Drydenís which was as a finishing school.

Agatha Christie Fact 6: By 1910 Agatha returned to England to find her mother in poor health and decided a change of climate would be beneficial and Cairo was the fashionable destination for Britonís at the time.

Agatha Christie Fact 7: With her motherís health slightly restored they enjoyed the social life and visiting the local Egyptian historical sights of which they visited many including the Great Pyramid of Giza while at the same time always with an eye on any eligible bachelors.

Agatha Christie Fact 8: It would be during this trip that Agatha found her interest in Egyptology that would later play a massive part in her career.

Agatha Christie Fact 9: While bedridden but recovering from an illness she would write her first short story consisting of some six thousand words and title The House of Beauty which would later be published as The House of Dreams.

Agatha Christie Fact 10: She produced her first novel, Snow Upon the Desert, and set it in Cairo but she could not get a publisher to like it.

Agatha Christie Fact 11: Having dated several eligible men and was engaged at one point, she met Archibald Christie in 1913 and they fell madly in love. With the advent of World War II and Archie being stationed to France the couple were able to marry on Christmas Eve in 1914.

Agatha Christie Fact 12: While Archie was away fighting for his country, Agatha was likewise involved in the war effort on the home front and joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment working in hospitals looking after the wounded.

Agatha Christie Fact 13: After the war the couple moved to Londonís St Johnís Wood and set up home in a flat where Agatha once again began to write.

Agatha Christie Fact 14: Having become a fan of detective novels she began to write her own bringing one of her most famous characters to life, Hercule Poirot in The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Agatha Christie Fact 15: She finally found a publisher who agreed to publish her book providing she changed the ending, which she agreed to do. They would also publish her second novel and her third, which would again feature Poirot in Murder on the Links.

Agatha Christie Fact 16: At this point her life hit a hard bump, her husband asked her for a divorce as he had been unfaithful and fallen in love with someone else and her mother died. The couple divorced and Agatha retained custody of their only daughter Rosalind.

Agatha Christie Fact 17: By 1930 her personal life took an upward turn when she met and married Sir Max Mallowan an archeologist who she would marry.

Agatha Christie Fact 18: During the second would war, having been a nurse and qualified as an apothecaries assistant during World War I, she took a job working the University College Hospita in London in the pharmacy. The knowledge she acquired would also come in useful for her novel writing.

Agatha Christie Fact 19: During 1934 Agatha and Max purchased Winterbrook House in Cholsey at that time in Berkshire and here the couple made their home and this was where Agatha wrote most of her books.

Agatha Christie Fact 20: In the 1956 New Year Honours List Agatha Christie was presented with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire and the following year she became the President of the Detection Club. During the New Year Honours of 1971 she was given the promotion to Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Agatha Christie Fact 21: Dame Agatha Christie died of natural causes on January 12th 1976 at her home Winterbrook House. Her body laid to rest in St Maryís in Cholsey.

Influence & Legacy: Some of her best known works include Murder in Mesopotamia, Death on the Nile, Appointment with Death and They Came to Baghdad all of which were archaeologically rich with knowledge and information she gleaned from her husband.

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