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Agnolo di Cosimo

Agnolo di Cosimo

Facts about Agnolo di Cosimo

Summary: Agnolo di Cosimo was an Italian Mannerist painter born in Florence. He would become known as Bronzino, it is believed because of the skin tone he himself had and the skin tones he chose for his work, giving his subjects a golden hue. He began his career with Carucci, also known as Pontormo.

In 1522 when the plague swept through Florence Pontormo took Agnolo away to a Carthusian Monastery until the danger was passed.

He would receive patronage from the Medici family and would become the family portraitist. He would go on to have many students of his own, one of which, Alessandro Allori, would become as a son to Bronzino, he would also be tasked with completing the unfinished work of Bronzino when he died.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact Sheet: Who was Agnolo di Cosimo? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Agnolo di Cosimo, the famous Renaissance artist.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact Sheet: Who was Agnolo di Cosimo? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Agnolo di Cosimo, the famous Renaissance artist.

Lifespan: 1503 – 1572 *** Full Name: Agnolo di Cosimo was also known as Bronzino *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born on November 17th 1503 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Florence, Italy *** Family background: His father was a butcher *** Early life and childhood: He grew up and spent the majority of his life in around Florence *** Education: He began his artistic education at 11 years of age

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 1: He was born during the Renaissance period in history which began in Northern Italy during the 14th century

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 2: His first teacher would be Raffaellino del Garbo, a noted painter from Florence during the early Renaissance period.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 3: Following his studies with Raffaellino del Garbo he then become apprenticed to Jacopo Carucci, also known as Pontormo, who was an Italian Mannerist Painter and who lived between 1494 and 1557.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 4: Agnolo di Cosimo became a mentor to other young artists and became known by the nickname of Bronzino. His signature would be in the coloring used for the skin tones of his work.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 5: his favorite pupil was Alessandro Allori who was not only Agnolo’s pupil, but at the death of his father he would take over the role of carer and raise Alessandro. It is said Alessandro referred to him as his uncle. Alessandro would specialize in portrait paintings.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 6: Agnolo di Cosimo's earliest work can be seen in his fresco in the Chapel of Eleonora di Toledo in the Palazzo Vecchio.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 7: Agnolo di Cosimo would receive patronage from the Medici family. The Medici family were a political dynastic family, a leading family in the banking industry and highly influential.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 8: Agnolo di Cosimo would be asked to create the extravagant decorations for the wedding of Cosimo I de’ Medici and Eleonora di Toledo, the Viceroy of Naples’ daughter.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 9: Pedro Álverez de Toledo was Marquis of Villfranca who would be the first and most effective viceroy of Naples.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 10: Patrons - Agnolo di Cosimo would become the court portraitist to the Duke and his family as well as other court members.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 11: He was also very well known for his work on nudes, in particular his works on Cupid and Venus, the Folly and Time, expressing feelings of eroticism under the ruse of moralizing allegory.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 12: Agnolo di Cosimo was living in the home of the Allori family when he died.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 13: Date of Death: Agnolo di Cosimo died on November 23rd, 1572.

Agnolo di Cosimo Fact 14: Place of Burial: Agnolo di Cosimo was buried in Florence, Italy.

Notable Events of the Renaissance and during the life of Agnolo di Cosimo: The European Wars of Religion began in this era, a war between Catholics and Protestants. A few of the other key events that took place during his life were Henry VIII was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1533, in 1542 the Inquisition established itself in Rome and Michelangelo finally completed his work on the Sistine Chapel. The Bubonic Plague or Black Death was the deadly disease that kept returning to Europe throughout the 14th century, through to the 17th century.

List of Famous Works by Agnolo di Cosimo:
St Mark c.1525 *** St Matthew c.1525 *** St Sebastian c.1525-1528 *** Pietŕ c.1530 *** Holy Family c.1540 *** Portrait of Bia de’ Medici c.1542 *** Portrait of Cosimo I de’ Medici c.1545 *** Portrait of Giovanni de’ Medici as a Child c.1545 *** Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo and Her Son c.1545 *** Portrait of a Young Man c.1550-1555 *** Martyrdom of St Lawrence c.1569

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