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Albrecht Durer

Facts about Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer would become known as one of the foremost Northern Renaissance Men, a German painter, printmaker, mathematician and theorist. He was highly talented and highly skilled.

He would become a well-travelled and popular artist and due to his diary keeping there is much information learned from this period in time in terms of the value of certain types of artistry.

Albrecht Durer Fact Sheet: The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Albrecht Durer, the famous Northern Renaissance artist.

Albrecht Durer Fact File: Lifespan: 1471 - 1528 *** Full Name: Albrecht Durer *** Date of Birth: He was born on May 21st 1471 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Nuremberg, Germany *** Family background: His father was Albrecht Durer the Elder and a successful goldsmith and his mother was Barbara Holper *** Early life and childhood: He was the second son and third child of a very large family. He grew up and spent the majority of his life in Nuremberg *** Education: He attended school for several years.

Albrecht Durer Fact 1: He was born on May 21st 1471 during the Renaissance period in history which began in Northern Italy during the 14th century.

Albrecht Durer Fact 2: His godfather, Anton Koberger, who had also been a goldsmith, left this trade and became a printer and publisher.

Albrecht Durer Fact 3: His first recognized works were woodcut prints of a very high quality.

Albrecht Durer Fact 4: It is believed he began his travels in 1490, effectively he was doing the grand tour of Europe.

Albrecht Durer Fact 5: He would first travel to Italy in late 1494. It is thought he may have left Nuremberg as a result of his arranged marriage to Agnes Frey, the daughter of an outstanding brass worker, as he travelled without his wife.

Albrecht Durer Fact 6: It is also thought this visit to Italy was prompted by an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague.

Albrecht Durer Fact 7: His woodcut prints would gain him recognition across Europe when he was a young man in his early twenties.

Albrecht Durer Fact 8: During his travels he visited the Netherlands and Frankfurt.

Albrecht Durer Fact 9: He would also visit Strasbourg where he met Nikolaus Gerhaert, a sculptor who was originally from the Netherlands.

Albrecht Durer Fact 10: Much of his work was influenced by other artists he met on his travels, in particular his trips to Italy.

Albrecht Durer Fact 11: While in Italy he met Michael Wolgemut, with whom he was apprenticed and who was also the leading artist, at that time, in Nuremberg.

Albrecht Durer Fact 12: Michael Wolgemut was born in Nuremberg and was a printmaker and painter.

Albrecht Durer Fact 13: Upon his return to Nuremberg Albrecht would establish his own workshop.

Albrecht Durer Fact 14: Nuremberg was during this time a very prosperous city, a center for trades in luxury items and in close proximity to Venice.

Albrecht Durer Fact 15: His father died in 1502 and his mother died in 1513.

Albrecht Durer Fact 16: Some of his most famous work are that of his woodcut prints, largely depicting religious scenes.

Albrecht Durer Fact 17: In 1500, Jacopo de’ Barbari visited with Albrecht, having made each other’s acquaintance in Venice and where de’ Barbari’s latest advances in perspective, proportion and anatomy Albrecht had learnt. He began his own studies on these techniques when Jacopo was less than forthcoming with further details.

Albrecht Durer Fact 18: He would become a renowned mathematician and produced several books on the topic, The Four Books on Measurement.

Albrecht Durer Fact 19: His fourth book would be dedicated to theories of movement.

Albrecht Durer Fact 20: Date of Death – April 6th 1528

Albrecht Durer Fact 21: Place of Death – Nuremberg, Germany

Notable Events of the Renaissance and during the life of Albrecht Durer include Richard III becoming King of England. The Battle of Bosworth and the first Tudor monarch to ascend the throne of England, Henry VII. Leonardo di Vinci, in Milan, finishes The Last Supper.

List of Famous Works by Albrecht Durer:

Portrait of Barbara Durer c.1490
Portrait of Durer’s Father c.1490
Self Portrait c.1493
Man of Sorrows c.1493
Virgin and Child before an Archway c.1495
Portrait of St Sebastian with an Arrow c.1499
Jabach Altarpiece c.1503-1504
Adam and Eve c.1507
The Suicide of Lucretia c.1518
St Jerome in His Study c.1521
Way to Calvary c.1527

Conversion of Paul c.1494
The Holy Family with the Dragonfly c.1495
Hercules at the Crossroad c.1496-1500
St George on Horseback c.1508
Madonna by the Wall c. 1514
Erasmus of Rotterdam c.1526

Title page to the second Latin Edition of 1511
The four angels of Death c.1496-1498
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother c.1508-1509
Christ in Limbo c.1510
The Ascension c.1510
The Last Judgment c. 1510

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