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Andrea Palladio Facts

Andrea Palladio

Facts about Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladio was an architect born in the Republic of Venice.

Largely influenced by Greek and Roman architecture, predominantly Vitruvius is largely considered the most significant person in the history of European architecture.

All of his work is centered in what was the Venetian Republic. His teachings of the other hand earned him a reputation further afield.

Andrea Palladio Fact Sheet: Who was Andrea Palladio? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Andrea Palladio.

Andrea Palladio Fact File: Lifespan: 1508 - 1580 *** Full Name: Andrea Di Pietro della Gondola also known as Palladio *** Date of Birth: He was born on November 30th 1508 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Padua, Italy *** Family background: His father was Pietro della Gondola was a miller *** Early life and childhood: He was raised in Padua, Italy *** Education: He began his artistic education in 1521 at thirteen years of age.

Andrea Palladio Fact 1: He was born on November 30th 1508 during the Renaissance period in history which began in Northern Italy during the 14th century

Andrea Palladio Fact 2: In 1521 at the age of thirteen years, Andrea was apprenticed to Bartolomeo Cavazza da Sossano, a local stonecutter and very hard task master.

Andrea Palladio Fact 3: Three years into the apprenticeship he breaks the contract to move to Vicenza and enrolls into the guild of masons and stonecutters.

Andrea Palladio Fact 4: Once he reaches Vicenza he applied to the workshop of Pedemuro San Biagio and was accepted.

Andrea Palladio Fact 5: He would come into contact with Giangiorio Trissino between 1535 and 1538.

Andrea Palladio Fact 6: Trissino was already an established poet and humanist and would take Andrea under his protection and patronage. He was also responsible for educating Andrea and it would be Trissino who gave Andrea his humanist name Palladio derived from the Greed goddess Pallas Athene.

Andrea Palladio Fact 7: Whilst he travelled with Trissino he encountered the likes of Michelangelo, Giulio Romano and Bramante and learnt much from them.

Andrea Palladio Fact 8: In the year 1541, he accompanied Trissino to Rome where he was able to study the intricacies of the ancient monuments there.

Andrea Palladio Fact 9: Trissino died in 1550 and after that he was fortunate to gain the patronage of the Barbaro brothers, Cardinal Daniele Barbaro and Marcantonio Barbaro.

Andrea Palladio Fact 10: It would be through the Barbaro brothers that he was introduced to Venice.

Andrea Palladio Fact 11: Once established in Venice his work became highly sought after and he found families like Pisani, Foscari and Corner all vying for his talents.

Andrea Palladio Fact 12: He would begin to develop his own style around 1541. It would become known as the Palladian style and was likened to that of classical Roman philosophies.

Andrea Palladio Fact 13: In time his work would become known as one of the most influential western architects. He was said to have “been valued for centuries as the quintessence of High Renaissance calm and harmony”.

Andrea Palladio Fact 14: He would become responsible for the architecture, design and building of many palaces, villas and churches.

Andrea Palladio Fact 15: Much of his villa work was concentrated around the Province of Vicenza and the palaces and churches he worked on were actually in the city of Vicenza itself.

Andrea Palladio Fact 16: One of his most favorable qualities was the fact that his materials were not necessarily very expensive. This for his less affluent clients was highly attractive.

Andrea Palladio Fact 17: He died on August 19th 1580 in Maser, Italy.

One of his greatest achievements was how his work became so far reaching. Even though much of his work exists in a small part of Italy, as a result of the publication of I Quattro Libri dell’ Architettura (The Four Books of Architecture) in 1570 his work would be seen far and wide.

Notable Events of the Renaissance and during the life of Andrea Palladio include Henry VIII was crowned King of England, Rhodes was abandoned to the Turks by the Knights of St John and the Turks also laid siege to Vienna and Charles V abdicated in 1555 as Holy Roman Emperor.

List of Famous Works by Andrea Palladio include:

The Villa Barbaro
The Villa Capra “La Fayette Rontonda”
Basilica Palladiana
The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
Il Redentore
The Teatro Olimpico

Palazzo Civena
Palazzo Thien
Palazzo Porto
Palazzo del Capitaniato
Palazzo Valmarana
Palazzo Barbaran da Porto
Palazzo Porto in Piazza Castello

Church Architecture
Portal for the church of Santa Maria dei Servi in c.1531
Refectory of the monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia c.1560
Façade for the church of San Francesco della Vigna c.1564

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