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Summary: Andrea Pisano was an Italian sculptor and architect. Initially trained in the art of the goldsmith he found his true calling as sculptor and architect.

Under the tutelage of one of his masters in Pisa, he worked on the St Marie della Spina. He later moved to Florence. Much of Pisano’s work was influenced by Giotto di Bondone than his earlier tutors.

In 1340 Pisano would succeed Giotto as Master of the Works of Florence Cathedral and by 1347 he would become Master of the Works at Orvieto Cathedral.

Both of his son’s would take over the position of Master of the Works at Orvieto cathedral as their father before them.

Andrea Pisano Fact Sheet: Who was Andrea Pisano? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Andrea Pisano, the famous Renaissance artist.

Andrea Pisano Fact File: Lifespan: 1290 - 1349 *** Full Name: Andrea Pisano was also known as Andrea da Pontedera *** Date of Birth: His exact date of birth is unknown *** Place of Birth: He was born in Pontedera near Pisa, Italy *** Early life and childhood: He grew up and spent the majority of his life in Italy

Andrea Pisano Fact 1: He was born during the Renaissance period in history which began in Northern Italy during the 14th century

Andrea Pisano Fact 2: He was initially taught the trade of a goldsmith.

Andrea Pisano Fact 3: Later he would become the apprentice of Mino di Giovanni.

Andrea Pisano Fact 4: Mino di Giovanni was an Italian sculptor from Tuscany largely popular for his work in portrait busts.

Andrea Pisano Fact 5: Together Giovanni and Andrea worked for Santa Maria della Spina, is a small Gothic church in Pisa, creating sculptures for the exterior façade.

Andrea Pisano Fact 6: Most of his work centered in and around the city of Florence.

Andrea Pisano Fact 7: Later he began to study under Giotto di Bondone another master painter and architect of the Middle Ages from Florence.

Andrea Pisano Fact 8: One of his most famous pieces of work would be on the cathedral of Florence.

Andrea Pisano Fact 9: Although at the beginning of the construction of this structure Bondone was the chief architect, on his death in 1337, Andrea was commissioned to take over.

Andrea Pisano Fact 10: He decided to add to the cathedral and did so by adding two further stories decorated with panel reliefs.

Andrea Pisano Fact 11: It would take him six years to complete the bronze doors of the Baptistery, commencing in 1330 and finally completing the world famed doors in 1336.

Andrea Pisano Fact 12: The doors comprised a number of quatrefoil panels, small ones, featuring the figures of the Virtues, the rest consisting of the life of John the Baptist.

Andrea Pisano Fact 13: He also loved to work in marble and would produce many pieces in this material largely showing a definite feel of his master Bondone’s style.

Andrea Pisano Fact 14: He would have two sons, Nino and Tommaso, both following in the footsteps of their father into the world of art.

Andrea Pisano Fact 15: He would also be responsible for work carried out at the Orvieto Cathedral, for which his sons would also contribute.

Andrea Pisano Fact 16: After his death, Palladio’s son, Nino, would continue his work on the Santa Maria della Spina church.

Andrea Pisano Fact 17: It would transpire that both of his sons would become the Mater of the Works.

Andrea Pisano Fact 18: Construction of the work he had taken over as Master of the Works at the death of Giotto would be suspended in 1348.

Andrea Pisano Fact 19: Although an exact date of death is not recorded it may be that he died during a period when the bubonic plague raged through Italy.

One of Andrea Pisano’s finest achievements in his life would be his influence in liberating modern art from the Byzantine effect.

Notable Events of the Renaissance and during the life of Andrea Pisano include the Hundred Years’ War between the kings of England and France over the control of France. It is estimated between 1347 and 1351 that 24 million people lost their lives to the Bubonic Plague.

The most Famous Works by Andrea Pisano include:
The panels he created for the Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy
The bronze doors of the Baptistery in Florence

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