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Andrew Jackson

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Summary: Andrew Jackson was a self-taught man. He started life with his mother and father and two older brothers and buy the time he was fourteen he was an orphan, all of them dead.

He never forgave the British for the deaths of his mother and brothers and they had all died of starvation or sickness during the Revolutionary War. Deciding on his future he set to and began to learn about the law.

As is often the case a background in law leads to political interests and from there the seed grew. Andrew Jackson was a great believer in offices of state were to be held by men who were put there by the people, for the people and so was a strong advocate on anticorruption and tried his hardest to eradicate it while he was in office.

Andrew Jackson Fact Sheet: Who was Andrew Jackson? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson Fact File: Lifespan: 1767 - 1845 *** Full Name: Andrew Jackson *** Occupation: 7th President of the United States *** Date of Birth: Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th 1767 *** Place of Birth: Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaws, on the border between North and South Carolina before demarcation *** Family background: His father was Andrew Jackson and his mother Elizabeth Hutchinson. Sadly his father died three weeks before Andrew's birth at just twenty nine years of age in an accident. His mother and father emigrated from Ireland two years prior to his birth, bringing with them two other sons, Hugh and Robert *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Waxhaws with his mother and brothers *** Education: Andrew Jackson was educated in the local old field school ***

Andrew Jackson Fact 1: Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th 1767 and during the 18th century period in history when France and America both went through revolutions and the Industrial Revolution began in Britain.

Andrew Jackson Fact 2: His first job would in a saddle makers shop. After that he was a teacher for short time before he went to Salisbury in North Carolina to study law. By 1787 he would be admitted to the bar and at that point he moved to Jonesborough in the Western District of North Carolina.

Andrew Jackson Fact 3: Andrew Jackson was barely thirteen when the Revolutionary War broke out and although he was far too young to actually take part in the fighting he helped by couriering for the local militia.

Andrew Jackson Fact 4: The next couple of years of his young life would be beyond tragic.

Andrew Jackson Fact 5: His brother Hugh died at the Battle of Stono Ferry from heat exhaustion. He together with his brother Robert were captured by the British and held prisoner. In captivity they nearly starved to death, the contracted smallpox and Robert died of the smallpox on April 27th 1781 within days of their having them released from prison.

Andrew Jackson Fact 6: In exchange for the return of her sons, his mother Elizabeth agreed to board ships that held prisoners of war and help look after the sick.

Andrew Jackson Fact 7: The ships were harbored in Charleston and cholera had broken out aboard. Elizabeth Jackson died of cholera in November 1781. Having already lost his father, now both of his brothers and his mother are all dead leaving Andrew an orphan at fourteen years old.

Andrew Jackson Fact 8: Although his legal education would not have stood up in the large cities, Andrew new enough about the law that he could pass for a country lawyer and headed to the frontier. As his career prospered he would be appointed solicitor of the Western District in 1788.

Andrew Jackson Fact 9: By 1796 he would be elected as a representative for the Tennessee constitutional convention that year. He would be elected the Tennessee’s U.S. Representative and the next year he would become the Democratic-Republican U.S. Senator but only for one term.

Andrew Jackson Fact 10: He would be appointed to the Tennessee Supreme Court as a judge in 1798 until 1804.

Andrew Jackson Fact 11: Andrew Jackson went into business with John Overton in 1794 "for the purpose of purchasing lands as well those lands without as within military bounds" and would become one of the founding members to invest in Memphis, Tennessee in 1819.

Andrew Jackson Fact 12: Having settled in Gallatin, Tennessee in 1803, as well as his political and legal occupations, he was also a successful planter who owned slaves and as well as owning the first general store in Gallatin.

Andrew Jackson Fact 13: He did take part in the War of 1812, a war that lasted two and half years and was a conflict between the United States, the United Kingdom, the North American colonies and the American Indian allies.

Andrew Jackson Fact 14: In December of 1817, ordered by President Monroe, he was ordered to Georgia to lead a campaign against the Creek Indians and Seminole during the First Seminole War.

Andrew Jackson Fact 15: In 1822 Andrew Jackson was nominated by the Tennessee legislature to run for President as well as nominating him to U.S. Senator.

Andrew Jackson Fact 16: Unsuccessful in the 1824 election, an election seen by many as manipulated in one form or another, he ran again during the next election for 1828 firstly by resigning his Senate seat in 1825.

Andrew Jackson Fact 17: Andrew Jackson believed that the office of the president should and must be above those of party politics and that choosing qualified people for the other offices of state was key, he was there to serve the people, not for self service.

Andrew Jackson Fact 18: Whilst in office one of Jackson biggest issues was in relation to the Indian-Anglo American relations. During his term he oversaw no less than seventy treaties in relation to the Native American tribes.

Andrew Jackson Fact 19: Internally, once in office, in an attempt to eradicate corruption he instructed all executive offices be placed under investigation and also called for the reformation of embezzlement laws.

Andrew Jackson Fact 20: Having served two consecutive terms as President Andrew Jackson left office and returned to his home Hermitage Plantation. Having left his step son to manage the property in his absence he found it had been very poorly done and thus needed a strong hand to bring it back.

Andrew Jackson Fact 21: On June 8th 1845 Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States died aged seventy eight, at his home of chronic tuberculosis and heart failure. He was buried next to his wife in the tomb he had built on the family home, Hermitage Plantation.

Influence & Legacy:
Andrew Jackson was the first U.S. President to have an attempt on his life. He would also become the only president to ever pay off the national debt.

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