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Anne Bonny Summary: Anne Bonny was a legendary female pirate who was part of Calico Jack’s crew.

She together with another female, Mary Read, were active participants in Jack’s crew, fighting right alongside the men and equally as well as them, earning them respect among the male crew members.

Eventually captured both women claimed pregnancies, while Mary Read died after giving birth there were no records of what became of Anne Bonny which left history to make up its own ending to her story.

Anne Bonny Fact Sheet: Who was Anne Bonny? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny Fact File: Lifespan: 1700 - 1782 *** Full Name: Anne Cormac
*** Nickname: Anne Bonny *** Occupation: Irish American Pirate *** Date of Birth: Anne Bonny was born on 1700 and exact date is not known *** Place of Birth: Anne Bonny was born in Kinsale, County Cork in Ireland *** Family background: His father was William Cormac, a lawyer and her mother was Mary Brennan *** Early life and childhood: Unknown *** Education: Unknown ***

Anne Bonny Fact 1: Anne Bonny was born in approximately 1700 during the period in history referred to as the Dutch Golden Age.

Anne Bonny Fact 2: As a young child her family set out for the New World to make a new life for themselves.

Anne Bonny Fact 3: Not long after they arrived her mother Mary died leaving Anne a young girl of twelve years of age.

Anne Bonny Fact 4: Her father tried to make a living as an attorney but was not wholly successful. In the end he switched trade and became a merchant businessman and was far more successful in this area of business.

Anne Bonny Fact 5: So much so, he in fact built quite a substantial fortune and thus made Anne a relatively good catch on marriage market.

Anne Bonny Fact 6: She did have red hair however which lent to a fiery temper and at thirteen years of age it was rumored she stabbed a serving wench with a table knife.

Anne Bonny Fact 7: She did however, eventually marry, James Bonny, a poor sailor and unsuccessful pirate.

Anne Bonny Fact 8: Her husband saw her as a way to inherit his father-in-law’s estates but her father disinherited her after her disastrous marriage and again it was rumored that she her father’s plantation on fire as pay back but nothing was ever proved.

Anne Bonny Fact 9: They would make their home on Nassau, on the New Providence Island commonly known as a sanctuary for pirates and referred to as Pirates republic.

Anne Bonny Fact 10: There were further rumors that James Bonny turned informant for the new Governor upon his arrival, Woodes Rogers during the summer of 1718.

Anne Bonny Fact 11: During their stay in the Bahamas Anne began to associate with the visiting pirates in the local ale houses.

Anne Bonny Fact 12: There she met the captain of the sloop Revenge, John Rackham, also known as Calico Jack and the began a relationship.

Anne Bonny Fact 13: Becoming pregnant she went to Cuba to have the baby and whether he was left with family or simply abandoned is not clear.

Anne Bonny Fact 14: After having her child she returned to Nassau and Rackham and they continued their life of piracy. She also divorced her husband and apparently married Rackham.

Anne Bonny Fact 15: They became acquainted with Mary Read and between the three of them captured the vessel Revenge in Nassau harbor and put to sea.

Anne Bonny Fact 16: They recruited a new crew and worked the area around Jamaica making small but significant rewards.

Anne Bonny Fact 17: Not a woman to be simpering while the men fought, she was right there beside them and earned herself a reputation as a competent fighter and totally respected by the other crew members.

Anne Bonny Fact 18: Although she was on the Wanted Pirates list named by Governor Rogers, and gained a reputation as a female pirate established in the Caribbean, she never actually captained her own vessel.

Anne Bonny Fact 19: During October of 1720 she was captured as part of Rackham’s crew together with Mary Read. Their ship had been overtaken while the crew were drunk and put up little resistance. Bonny and Read however put up quite a battle but were nevertheless captured just the same by Jonathan Barnet who was under commission by the Governor himself.

Anne Bonny Fact 20: Transported to Jamaica they were tried and convicted and all sentenced to hang. Mary read and Anne Bonny apparently both pleaded for leniency as they claimed to be pregnant and under English law they received a temporary stay of execution until their children were born.

Anne Bonny Fact 21: Mary Read died after giving birth in prison more than likely as a result of childbirth. Anne Bonny however, was never heard of again. There were no records of her execution of release which spawned rumors of her father perhaps arranged her bounty to be paid or that she managed to escape and resumed her old life as a pirate under another name.

Influence and Legacy: She was one of the few who proved that you need not be a man to be a pirate and successful.

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