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Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves

Facts about Anne of Cleves

Biography Summary: Anne of Cleves (1515 - 1557) was famous for being Henry VIII’s fourth wife.

The marriage would be proposed by Thomas Cromwell, one of King Henry’s chief ministers as he felt it would benefit the English Reformation. It would not, and he would pay dearly for his poor choice.

After Anne willingly gave her consent to an annulment, on July 28th as Henry was marrying his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, Cromwell was being executed.

Anne was treated extremely well, in fact he declared that no other woman, except his wife and daughters would be treated better. He settled several homes on including Hever Castle which had been Anne Boleyn’s family home.

She outlived all his wives included his last wife who outlived Henry. She is also the only wife of Henry VIII’s to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

Anne of Cleves Fact Sheet: Who was Anne of Cleves? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Anne of Cleves.

Anne of Cleves Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1515 - 1557 *** Full Name: Anne of Cleves *** Occupation: Wife of King Henry VIII *** Date of Birth: Anne of Cleves was born on September 22nd 1515 *** Place of Birth: Anne of Cleves was born in Dusseldorf, Duchy of Berg, Holy Roman Empire *** Family background: Her father was John III of the House of La Marck, Duke of Julich jure exoris, Cleves, Berk jure exoris, Count of Mark and her mother was Maria, Duchess of Julich-Berg *** Early life and childhood: She grew up in Schloss Burg on the outskirts of Solingen, she also had three siblings, an older sister, Sybille, and a younger brother and sister, William and Amalia *** Education: Anne of Cleves was not educated to any great extent ***

Anne of Cleves Fact 1: Anne of Cleves was born on September 22nd 1515 and during the 16th century period in history when Portugal and Spain were exploring the oceans of the world and colonizing new lands.

Anne of Cleves Fact 2: Unlike a lot of Anne’s English and European contemporaries, she lacked the kind of education Henry favored but nevertheless was intelligent, she was skilled in the arts of needlework and playing card games. Although she could read it was only in German but her temperament was perfect for Henry.

Anne of Cleves Fact 3: King Henry VIII had commissioned portraits to be painted so he could see what she looked like but sadly for Henry the portraits were not a true likeness and there was simply no attraction there.

Anne of Cleves Fact 4: Although Anne married King Henry VIII on the July 6th 1540 the marriage was never consummated.

Anne of Cleves Fact 5: The King shared a confidence with Cromwell telling him that the marriage had not and would not be consummated, saying “I liked her before not well, but now I like her much worse.”.

Anne of Cleves Fact 6: Likewise Anne shared her comments with the Countess of Rutland by saying “When he comes to bed he kisseth me, and he taketh me by the hand, and biddeth me ‘Good night, sweetheart’; and in the morning kisseth me and biddeth ‘Farewell, darling.’” To which the Countess commented that it would be a long time before a child would appear.

Anne of Cleves Fact 7: The King had Anne removed from court on June 24th 1540.

Anne of Cleves Fact 8: Anne she was famous for being King Henry VIII’s fourth wife and for outliving not only Henry himself but all of his wives.

Anne of Cleves Fact 9: Although Anne was very young and had no command of English she nevertheless was aware of Henry’s reputation with his previous wives and did not object when he requested a divorce and an annulment.

Anne of Cleves Fact 10: He was very generous with Anne’s welfare, settling money and property on her but with the stipulation that she live out her life in England. Hever Castle, former home of Anne Boleyn, was one of the properties given to her.

Anne of Cleves Fact 11: Anne of Cleves died at Chelsea Old Palace, London, on July 16th, 1557, having led a very happy life in England and is the only one of Henry’s wives to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

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