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Anthony Fokker

Facts about Anthony Fokker

Biography Summary: Anthony Fokker (1890 - 1939) was famous for manufacturing fighter aircraft. Born in the East Indies under Dutch rule Anthony Fokker grew up in the Netherlands. Not overly academic he did nevertheless have a knack for designing aircraft.

Once he had accomplished and established his own manufacturing business during World War I he also introduced a gear system that allowed a machine gun to fire between the blades of a propeller.

He married Sophie Marie Elisabeth von Morgen in Haarlem but the marriage only lasted four years, he married violet Eastman in New York City but she died nearly two years after their marriage. He had no children.

Anthony Fokker Fact Sheet: Who was Anthony Fokker? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Anthony Fokker.

Anthony Fokker Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1890 - 1939 *** Full Name: Anton Herman Gerard “Anthony” Fokker *** Nickname: The Flying Dutchman *** Occupation: Dutch Aviation Pioneer and Aircraft Manufacturer *** Date of Birth: Anthony Fokker was born on April 6th 1890 *** Place of Birth: Anthony Fokker was born in Blitar, East Java, Netherlands Indies *** Family background: His father was Herman Fokker who had been a coffee plantation owner *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with his sister Toos, and the family would return to the Netherlands so the children received a Dutch upbringing *** Education: Anthony Fokker would receive his education in the Netherlands he did not however complete that education ***

Anthony Fokker Fact 1: Anthony Fokker was born on April 6th 1890 and during the 19th century period in history when scientific discoveries were being made and innovations in mathematics, physics, biology, electricity and chemistry were moving very fast.

Anthony Fokker Fact 2: Anthony was not a particularly academic child but did display an early interest in machines, how they worked and how they were built.

Anthony Fokker Fact 3: He took a huge interest in steam engines and model trains and experimented with designs for model airplanes. Anthony’s interest in aviation was sparked from Wilbur Wright’s French exhibition in late 1908.

Anthony Fokker Fact 4: At the age of twenty years, Anthony’s father sent him to Germany to be taught automobile mechanics at Bingen Technical School but his real desire was in flying.

Anthony Fokker Fact 5: In 1910 Fokker built “de Spin”, his first aircraft. Fokker earned his pilots license in his second Spin, as a result of the first air craft being destroyed in a crash.

Anthony Fokker Fact 6: By 1912 Fokker had started his own business near Berlin, Fokker Aeroplanbau.

Anthony Fokker Fact 7: Over the ensuing years he created several types of airplanes and relocated his factory to Schwerin.
::Anthony Fokker Fact 8:- At the outbreak of World War I Fokker’s factory was seized by the German government and would go on to produce seven hundred aircraft for the German air force and navy, as well as the Austrian-Hungarian air forces.

Anthony Fokker Fact 8: The Red Baron himself, Manfred von Richthofen, made famous the Fokker Dr I triplane on the Western Front.

Anthony Fokker Fact 9: Fokker personally, as an accomplished pilot, often demonstrated his own aircraft in front of VIP’s and the German Crown Prince.

Anthony Fokker Fact 10: Fokker was not a brilliant businessman, failing to secure the future of his business by reinvesting his war profits back into the business, together with his bad temper and distrust of qualified engineers, when his Fokker Dr I was grounded as a result of a number of fatal accidents, his lack of business acumen was largely at fault and fortunately not the plane design itself.

Anthony Fokker Fact 11: He was able to prove that inferior workmanship was the cause of the top wings ripping off during flight manoeuvres.

Anthony Fokker Fact 12: Although it seemed that this fault had been rectified, it would reappear some months later and just when criminal charges were about to be brought against Fokker, he made a hasty return to the Netherlands shortly thereafter.

Anthony Fokker Fact 13: It would also later transpire that Fokker took sole credit for designs that were not his own but in fact that of his designers Kreuzer and Platz.

Anthony Fokker Fact 14: Instead Fokker chose these men to blame if there were any design faults but took credit for their successes.

Anthony Fokker Fact 15: Between 1926 and 1927 he made the move to the United States and established a North American branch of company there, Atlantic Aircraft Corporation.

Anthony Fokker Fact 16: One of his most famous planes would be the Fokker F-VII airplane called Josephine Ford named for the granddaughter of Henry Ford the automobile magnate.

Anthony Fokker Fact 17: Later he sold his aircraft plants in America to General Motors.

Anthony Fokker Fact 18: Anthony Fokker died on December 23rd 1939 aged forty nine of pneumococcal meningitis in Murray Hill Hospital, New York City, America. His ashes were placed in the family grave in Westerveld Cemetery in Driehuis, North Holland.

Influence & Legacy: During December of 1928, West Virginia saw the maiden flight of a commercial airliner built by Fokker fly into history. His companies aero-planes were still being built right up until the 1990’s when competition from Boeing and Airbus became too strong.

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