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Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Facts about Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Summary: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a man that loved his country, his wife Sophie, who he was besotted with and who he had sacrificed much to marry, and his children. With an elderly Emperor on the throne, Franz had not been in direct line to inherit.

It was only after the suicide of Franzís cousin, Rudolf and then the untimely death of Franzís father, that put him in direct line to inherit the throne and ultimately, when he was assassinated, the huge power struggle that preceded his death led to the outbreak of war in Europe.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact Sheet: Who was Archduke Franz Ferdinand? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact File: Lifespan: 1863 Ė 1914 *** Full Name: Franz Ferdinand *** Occupation: Archduke of Austria-Este, Austro-Hungarian and Royal Prince of Hungary and of Bohemia *** Date of Birth: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18th 1863 *** Place of Birth: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born in Graz, Austria *** Family background: His father was Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria and his mother was Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with his siblings, Otto Franz, Margarete Sophie, Maria Annunziata and Elisabeth Amelie *** Education: Archduke Franz Ferdinand would have been educated to the highest degree ***

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 1: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18th 1863 and during the 19th century period in history when many empires across the globe collapsed, the Spanish, first and second French, Holy Roman, Mughal and Chinese but the British and Russian Empires, the United States and German Empire where on the rise.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 2: At just eleven years of age, in 1875, Duke Francis V of Modena died and named Franz his successor provided he added the name Este to his own name. This made Franz one of the most wealthy men in Austria.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 3: His life would dramatically change once more, when in 1889, Crown Prince Rudolf, Franzís cousin, while at his hunting lodge in Mayerling, took his own life. Under these circumstances Karl Ludwig, Franzís father, became next in line to the throne.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 4: In 1896 however, Karl Ludwig caught typhoid fever and it proved fatal. This meant Franz would be next in line and was henceforth groomed for his new role in life.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 5: Despite the heavy responsibilities he then carried he still managed to find the time to travel and in 1893 was in Australia hunting emus and kangaroos and from there he travelled to New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Naumea, Vancouver and Yokohama.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 6: He even found the time to visit George V and Queen Mary in England at Windsor Castle.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 7: One of his greatest passions was for trophy hunting whereby the biggest, oldest and largest animal is chosen to be hunted. Ferdinand boasted a collection of approximately three hundred thousand kills.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 8: As was customary the males in the Habsburg ruling line joined the Austro-Hungarian Army and successful rose through the ranks was a major general by the time he reached thirty one.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 9: He married Sophie Chotek on July 1st 1900 after a considerable fiasco because she was not of suitable rank. Franz needed the permission of the reigning Emperor Franz Joseph and after much cajoling he gave his consent under strict conditions that they have a morganatic marriage which would mean their descendants would have no rights to the throne and Sophie would be unable to accompany her husband on any official functions as his equal.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 10: Together they had four children, Sophie, Maximilian, Ernst and tragically a stillborn son.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 11: His greatest wish and desire was to maintain harmony in his multinational Habsburg empire which was a constant battle because of the strained relationship between the Emperor Franz Joseph and Franz Ferdinand and other countries within Europe.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 12: Franz Ferdinand, together with his wife Sophie, were in Sarajevo, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina when the car behind them in the motorcade was hit with a grenade that had been intended for their car.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 13: Canceling their prior engagements Ferdinand and his wife left to attend the hospital where the injured occupants of the car that had been his with the explosive had been taken when their driver, having taken the wrong route, not having been advised the previous engagements had been cancelled, had to turn the car around and in so doing stalled the engine.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 14: It was at this point that purely by coincidence, Gavrilo Princip, a nineteen year old Young Bosnia member was having lunch. He spotted the Archduke in his car, made his way outside, towards the car and fired his gun at the couple, shooting Sophie in the stomach and Franz in the neck. The couple both died on Sunday June 28th 1914, before medical assistance could be reached.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Fact 15: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, together with his beloved wife Sophie, are interred in Artstetten Castle in Austria.

Influence and Legacy: Although many factors led up to World War I including imperialism, militarism, nationalism and an arms race, it would ultimately be the assignation of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the power vacuum that ensued that triggered the beginning of the first World War literally within weeks of his assassination.

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