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Arthur Zimmermann

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Biography Summary: Arthur Zimmermann (1864 - 1940) was famous for the Zimmermann Telegram. His proposal to Mexico said that Germany were about to commence unrestricted warfare with their submarines but would still endeavor to keep the U.S. neutral.

The proposal also suggested that should America become involved in the war that Germany would offer considerable financial support and assistance in Mexico reclaiming their lost territories in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

He said that the purpose of this new tactic was in an attempt to bring Britain to peace talks. It was felt by Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg that if or when the U.S. entered the conflict Germany’s prospects looked very dire indeed.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact Sheet: Who was Arthur Zimmermann? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Arthur Zimmermann.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1864 - 1940 *** Full Name: Arthur Zimmermann *** Occupation: State Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the German Empire *** Date of Birth: Arthur Zimmermann was born on October 5th 1864 *** Place of Birth: Arthur Zimmermann was born in Marggrabowa, East Prussia *** Family background, early life and childhood: There is no information regarding his family background, early life or childhood *** Education: Arthur Zimmermann received a standard education ***

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 1: Arthur Zimmermann was born on October 5th 1864 and during the 19th century period in history when slavery would largely become abolished during this century with salve revolts in Britain, Haiti and France. In particular in America the Civil War of 1861 to 1864 saw the abolition of slavery and in England the Slavery Abolition Act saw the British Royal Navy put an end to the global slave trade.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 2: Between 1884 and 1887 he studied law in Konigsberg in eastern Prussia and Leipzig.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 3: He spent a short time as a junior lawyer and acquired his doctorate of law.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 4: He decided to change career paths and instead joined the consular service in Berlin.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 5: In 1896 he was posted to China and by 1900 had risen to the rank of consul.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 6: While stationed for a period of time in the Far East, in China he would witness the Boxer Rebellion.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 7: For a brief time he made a return to Germany in 1902 when he transferred to the Foreign Office. Part of the return journey back to Germany he crossed Continental United States and would later draw on this experience and claimed an expertise of the United States.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 8: Next he would be called to the Foreign Office and would become Under Secretary of State in 1911 and by November 1916 he would be confirmed as Secretary of State taking over from Gottlieb von Jagow.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 9: In fact, for several years prior to officially taking over he had already been negotiating on behalf of Jagow with foreign envoys.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 10: He would also become the first foreign secretary to serve having not come from the aristocracy.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 11: Zimmermann would take part in what would come to be called Kronrat which were the deliberations that took place in 1914 between Chancellor Theobald con Bethmann-Hollweg and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 12: During these deliberations the decision to support Austria-Hungary after Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria was assassinated, an event that would lead to the outbreak of World War I.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 13: The Irish Revolutionary, Roger Casement visiting with Zimmermann in 1914. They had arranged for twenty five thousand soldiers with seventy five thousand rifles would land on the West coast of Ireland. Unfortunately the German general staff were not in agreement with these plans.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 14: Two years later, in April of 1916 Roger Casement would be captured and executed. A further consignment of twenty thousand rifles were shipped to the South coast of Ireland but was scuttled before they had a chance for delivery to the rebels.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 15: The Irish volunteers, having been relying on this support, still launched in Dublin the Easter Rising. Although this failed, the political fallout led to the Anglo-Irish was between 1919 and 1922 and would also lead to formation of the Irish Free State.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 16: Zimmermann was replaced with Richard von Kuhlmann when he resigned on August 6th 1917 as foreign secretary.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 17: The reason Zimmermann resigned was because he had sent a telegram to the Mexican Government. The gist of the telegram was based on the fact that so far the U.S. had managed to remain neutral in the war because their boats were not a target. As well as that, the Mexican’s had been sending raiding parties into the U.S. and Zimmermann was under the mistaken belief that this would keep the American’s busy and out of the main conflict, however if circumstances changed, it was suggested that Mexico ally itself with Germany and thus a conflict would erupt proper between the U.S. and Mexico with a possible involvement with Japan as well.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 18: All of these back channel negotiations backfired on Zimmermann as when America got wind of his scheme they refused to communicate with Germany, and Mexico decided a major conflict with the U.S. was not a wise venture so they refused Germany’s plan.

Arthur Zimmermann Fact 19: Arthur Zimmermann died on June 6th 1940 of pneumonia in Berlin aged seventy five years

Influence & Legacy: The contents of the intercepted Zimmermann telegram was a significant factor in the US decision to enter ww1.

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