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Benjamin Lincoln

Benjamin Lincoln

Facts about Benjamin Lincoln

Biography Summary: Benjamin Lincoln (1732 - 1810) was famous for serving as a Major General in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

A man of strong conviction he believed in his country and what it stood for. Although he had no military training he proved his ability and earned his commission into the Continental Army and proved himself a very capable officer.

Although he was present at three of the major surrenders he would in fact contribute to the surrender of the British army under John Burgoyne, he would oversee the largest American surrender at the Siege of Charleston and at Yorktown, he was General George Washington’s second in command when the British formally surrendered.

After the war he continued to act in public office right up until the year before his death.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact Sheet: Who was Benjamin Lincoln? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Benjamin Lincoln.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1732 - 1810 *** Full Name: Benjamin Lincoln *** Occupation: American Army Officer *** Date of Birth: Benjamin Lincoln was born on January 13th 1732 *** Place of Birth: Benjamin Lincoln was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, U.S. *** Family background: His father was Colonel Benjamin Lincoln and his mother was Elizabeth Thaxter. Family members on his paternal side were among the first early settlers in Hingham with his father being one of the more wealthy men in region and was a member of the governor’s council *** Early life and childhood: He grew up working on his family’s farm with his parents and siblings *** Education: Benjamin Lincoln attended a local school ***

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 1: Benjamin Lincoln was born on January 13th 1732 and during the 18th century period in history when France and America both went through revolutions and the Industrial Revolution began in Britain.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 2: After he completed his schooling he would follow in his father’s footsteps and became a town constable when he was twenty one.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 3: During 1755 he enlisted with the 3rd Regiment of the Suffolk County militia and was given the rank of adjutant.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 4: When he was twenty three he married Mary Cushing whose family were also founding members of Hingham. Together they would have eleven children, of which seven survived into adulthood.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 5: He would be elected as town clerk in 1757, a position he would hold for twenty years.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 6: Although he would see no action he was active during the French and Indian War and by 1763 had attained the rank of major.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 7: In 1765 he was elected as town selectman and position he would hold for six years.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 8: By 1772 he had been promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 3rd Regiment of the Suffolk militia and also that year he won the election to represent the town in the provincial assembly.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 9: When General Thomas Gage arrived in 1774 as governor of the colony, although the assembly was dissolved it would reform into the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and Lincoln would continue to receive election to the body and served on committees supervising militia supplies and organizations.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 10: This position would become one of great importance by the time the American Revolutionary War broke out especially with the battles of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 11: The following year he was promoted to major general of the militia in Massachusetts and charged with overseeing coastal defenses for the state.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 12: Even though the British had left Boston he together with General Artema Ward of the Continental Army were charge with holding the militia brigades in readiness should the British make a return.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 13: He would be responsible for successfully directing the militia in forcing the last Royal Navy ship out of Boston Harbor.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 14: Although he lacked combat experience it did not hold him back when he began to lobby for the vacant position that General Ward had left. Even though he did not receive the commission he was however placed in command of a militia brigade and sent to accompany General George Washington in September of 1776.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 15: With high recommendation from General Washington himself he was given the commission by Congress as a major general on February 14th 1777. His first order was to act as a forward outpost in New Jersey’s Bound Brook just three miles from the British sentries outside of New Brunswick. During the Battle of Bound Brook he would find himself the center of a surprise attack from a much larger force and just managed to escape.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 16: Between 1781 and 1783 he would serve as the first Secretary of War appointed under the Articles of Confederation by the Confederation Congress.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 17: Post war he continued as a member of the Massachusetts state convention who were responsible for ratifying the United States Constitution.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 18: He would also become one of only ten men who would receive electoral votes for the first election for Vice President and President of the United States.

Benjamin Lincoln Fact 19: Benjamin Lincoln died on May 9th 1810 at his home in Hingham. His body was laid to rest in the Old Ship Burying Ground in Hingham.

Influence & Legacy: Where most places that are named Lincoln are assumed to be named after Abraham Lincoln are in fact named after Benjamin Lincoln. He was also one of a few men who were involved in the three of the major surrenders of the American revolutionary war, once as a defeated party and twice on the side of victory.

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