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Bette Midler

Facts about Bette Midler

Biography Summary: Bette Midler (1945 - Present) is famous for her contribution to the entertainment industry.

Bette Midler began her career straight out of school in 1966 and with the money she earned moved to New York City to further her career.

Between then and now she has made albums, starred in movies and TV sitcoms as well as made guest appearances on numerous late night talk shows.

She has toured the world throughout her career in the music industry.

In 1984 she married Martin von Haselberg and together they had a daughter Sophie in 1986.

Sophie graduated from Yale University and proceeded to follow in her mother’s footsteps into the acting profession. From early in her career the gay community took her under their wing and she has been an iconic figure and advocate for that community for decades as well as many others and has been known to be very outspoken on many issues.

Bette Midler Fact Sheet: Who was Bette Midler? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Bette Midler.

Bette Midler Fact File Biography: *** Lifespan: 1945 - Present *** Full Name: Bette Midler *** Nickname: Bathhouse Betty and The Divine Miss M *** Date of Birth: Bette Midler was born on December 1st 1945 *** Place of Birth: Bette Midler was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Territory *** Religion: Bette Midler is Jewish *** Occupation: American Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Comedian and Film Producer *** Date of Death: Bette Midler - Still alive *** Place of Death: Bette Midler – Still alive ***

Bette Midler Fact 1: Bette Midler was born on December 1st 1945 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Territory and would become a famous singer and actress.

Bette Midler Fact 2: Family: She came from a family that was of Jewish origins and were not wealthy. The names of her parents were Fred Midler and Ruth Schindel. Her father was a painter by trade and worked on the Navy base in Hawaii and her mother was a housewife and seamstress. Siblings: She grew up with three siblings Susan, Judith and Daniel.

Bette Midler Fact 3: Education: She was educated at Radford High School in Honolulu and also attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa but only stayed for three semesters.

Bette Midler Fact 4: Career: She began his career as an extra in the film Hawaii in 1966.

Bette Midler Fact 5: In 1965 she moved to New York City on the money she had earned during her first film.

Bette Midler Fact 6: In 1965 she landed her first role Off-Off-Broadway in Tom Eyen’s play Miss Nefertiti Regrets and Cinderella Revisited.

Bette Midler Fact 7: On Broadway proper she played the part of Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof in 1966 to 1969.

Bette Midler Fact 8: Her next role was in Salvation with the original cast in 1969.

Bette Midler Fact 9: By the summer of 1970 she was singing in the Ansonia Hotel at the Continental Baths which was a gay bathhouse. It was at this point that she became really close to Barry Manilow, her piano accompanist.

Bette Midler Fact 10: It was Manilow who went on to produce her first album, The Divine Miss M in 1972.

Bette Midler Fact 11: While performing at the Continental Baths she also gained her largest following and acquired the nickname Bathhouse Betty and she would also release an album of the same name.

Bette Midler Fact 12: In 1971 director Richard Pearlman together with the Seattle Opera she starred in the production of the Who’s rock Opera Tommy.

Bette Midler Fact 13: It would be during her run in Tommy that would see Bette Midler appear for the first time on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Bette Midler Fact 14: The Divine Miss M. was released on Atlantic Records in December of 1972 and it would reach the Top 10 on the Billboard’s and would also earn her Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards in 1973 and would feature three hit singles including Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Do You Wanna Dance and Friends.

Bette Midler Fact 15: During the 1980’s Bette Midler performed on the fund raising single We Are the World for the U.S.A. for Africa and also took part in the Live Aid concert held at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.

Bette Midler Fact 16: She also starred in several highly popular movies produced by Touchstone Pictures including Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Ruthless People and Outrageous Fortune. She leant her voice to Disney’s Oliver & Company and her biggest movie Beaches was released in 1988 which featured her biggest hit song Wind Beneath My Wings which would win her third Grammy Award.

Bette Midler Fact 17: Through the 1990’s she continued to act and would release her seventh studio alum Some People’s Lives which featured From a Distance.

Bette Midler Fact 18: During the 2000’s she was given her own television show which only lasted one season. She appeared in a cameo role in the film What Women Want with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt and would also star in Hunt’s directorial debut movie in Then She Found Me.

Bette Midler Fact 19: For the last decade Bette Midler continues to perform, release albums and star in movies. In 2012 she was awarded the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award in New York at the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Bette Midler Fact 20: In that same year she also stared with Billy Crystal in the movie Parental Guidance and also on appeared on Broadway in I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers.

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