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Biography Summary:  Charles Manson (1934 - present) is famous for being the head of a quasi-commune that became known as the Manson Family.

Unaware of who his father really was and with a mother allegedly a heavy drinker and criminal herself, Mansonís early years and upbringing are to say the least unfortunate.

He would find himself in and out of institutions his whole life. In fact, by the time he was thirty two years old he had already spent more than half of his life in institutions of one form or another.

Although he would be convicted of the murders of various victims it would later transpire that there were far more victims of Mansonís not uncovered until after his incarceration, around the property that the Family lived on.

It is likely people stumbling upon the property fell victim to the cruelty and butchery simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charles Manson is still in prison and will remain their although he is eligible for parole in 2026.

Charles Manson Fact Sheet: Who was Charles Manson? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Charles Manson.

Charles Manson Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1934 - present *** Full Name: Charles Milles Maddox/Manson *** Occupation: American Criminal *** Date of Birth: Charles Manson was born on November 12th 1934 *** Place of Birth: Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. *** Family background: His father was Walker Scott and his mother was Kathleen Maddox who later married William Manson. His mother became pregnant at sixteen years of age and although Scott has been named as his father although it was not medical proved. The marriage to Manson would also apparently be short lived *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in a very unstable environment, it is thought his mother was a heavy drinker and had spent time in prison herself, she was in and out of Charles life *** Education: Charles Manson may have attended school, he was placed by the court into Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana but ran away after ten months only to be rejected by his own mother ***

Charles Manson Fact 1: Charles Manson was born on November 12th 1934 and during the 30th century period in history when such things as cultural homogenization through development in transportation and communications technology as well as world population grown are all major issues in this century.

Charles Manson Fact 2: His first offence was committed against a liquor store where he stole enough money to pay to rent a room.

Charles Manson Fact 3: Following that he committed further burglaries on other types of stores which included a cycle shop where he stole a bicycle.

Charles Manson Fact 4: Eventually he was caused and spent time in a juvenile center in Indianapolis. Having spent just one day in custody he managed to escape but was captured and sent to Boys Town where after four days he managed to escape again with another boy.

Charles Manson Fact 5: While the two boys were together they committed several more robberies this time with a weapon.

Charles Manson Fact 6: Caught while committing the second robbery, Charles now thirteen years of age was sent to the Indiana Boys School where he would claim he had been seriously and brutally sexually assaulted.

Charles Manson Fact 7: Having escaped once again, he stole a car and drove it across a state line which meant he had committed a federal crime warranting his being sent to Washington D.C. where he attend the National Training School for Boys where he spent four years and where a caseworker categorized him as aggressively antisocial and illiterate.

Charles Manson Fact 8: During 1951 he was transferred from Natural Bridge Honor Camp to the Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Virginia and was transferred in 1952 to the Federal Reformatory at Chillicothe in Ohio a more secure facility.

Charles Manson Fact 9: By 1955 he had married a hospital waitress, Rosalie Jean Willis. In October of that year, he stole a car in Ohio and with his pregnant wife traveled to Los Angeles where he was charged again with a federal crime of driving a stolen car across state lines. He received a five year probation sentence however his probation would be revoked for nonappearance and he was sentenced to a term of three years at Terminal Island in California.

Charles Manson Fact 10: His wife gave birth to his son while he was in prison and although she visited initially he would later be told by his mother she was living with another man. He attempted another escape and his parole would be denied.

Charles Manson Fact 11: By 1967 with half of his life already spent in prison he was asking not be released because prison felt like home to him. His request was denied.

Charles Manson Fact 12: He met Mary Brunner on his release from prison and eventually moved in with her and managed to secure her agreement in having further relationships with other women, in the end he had eighteen other women living with them.

Charles Manson Fact 13: Manson and his Family would eventually set up home at Spahnís Movie Ranch although they would shortly thereafter relocated to Death Valley in Eastern California before moving on to Canoga Park.

Charles Manson Fact 14: On August 8th 1969 Manson gave orders for members of his Family to the house of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, Polanski was away but his pregnant wife Sharon was home with two house guests.

Charles Manson Fact 15: Members of the Manson Family broke into the house and cold bloodedly murdered the three occupants.

Charles Manson Fact 16: The following night, headed by Charles Manson himself, the Family again invaded another home, this time the home of a supermarket executive Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary, and murdered the couple.

Charles Manson Fact 17: It would be some time before the two cases were linked but eventually they would be and arrests made.

Charles Manson Fact 18: Mansonís so called Family, largely consisted of more women than men but they were still as brutal.

Charles Manson Fact 19: Manson would be found guilty of murder and conspiracy and all four defendants were sentenced to death. However, before the sentences could be carried out, the death penalty in the state of California was abolished and in so doing, it opened a door for Manson to become eligible for parole.

Charles Manson Fact 20: In 2012, after his twelfth attempt for parole, the board decided he was not a suitable candidate for parole for mental health issues and he would not be eligible for fifteen years at which point he would be ninety two years of age. He is currently serving in Corcoran State Prison.

Influence & Legacy: It would transpire after the trial that one of Mansonís co-defendantís, whose attorney had gone missing during the proceedings, was found dead. It was concluded that a member of the Family had murdered him because he would not allow his client to testify in an attempt to lessen Mansonís involvement in the heinous crimes.

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