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Christopher Marlowe

Facts about Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe Summary:
Christopher Marlowe was all in all a bit of a mystery. Very little was known about him personally and likewise very little known about his work.

He was known within the theatrical profession for barely six years before his untimely death at on 29 years of age.

There is controversy that haunts his memory about whether or not he secretly worked as a spy, although there are no official records there are records that could seem to suggest there is an element of truth is these rumors.

Whatever the truth he has become a notable playwright down the centuries and his work has survived time.

Christopher Marlowe Fact Sheet: Who was Christopher Marlowe? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Christopher Marlowe.

Christopher Marlowe Fact File: Lifespan: 1564 - 1593 *** Full Name: Christopher Marlowe *** Occupation: English Playwright, Poet and Translator *** Date of Birth: Christopher Marlowe was baptized at St George’s Church on February 26th 1564 *** Place of Birth: Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury, Kent, England *** Family background: His father was John Marlowe and his mother Catherine. His father was a shoemaker by trade *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Canterbury *** Education: Christopher Marlowe began his education at The King’s School in Canterbury followed by Corpus Christi College in Cambridge. He was admitted on a scholarship and was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1584 and then continued to work towards his Master of Arts degree ***

Christopher Marlowe Fact 1: Christopher Marlowe was baptized on February 26th 1564 during the 16th century period in history when Portugal and Spain were exploring the world.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 2: There was some controversy over his being awarded his Master of Arts degree, if was thought perhaps he was secretly convert to Catholicism and he was also absence frequently and so the college were reluctant to award his degree but the Privy Council stepped in and advised them that he was actually “on matters touching the benefit of his country” which appeared to appease any suspicions they may have had and he was indeed awarded his degree on schedule.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 3: It is believed his first work was Dido, Queen of Carthage and it was performed by a company of boy actors from the Children of the Chapel between 1587 and 1593.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 4: His first play Tamburlaine the Great was performed on the stage in 1587 in London.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 5: Part two of the Tamburlaine the Great was later performed.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 6: There were rumors regarding his involvement with Sir Francis Walsingham and his intelligence services.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 7: There was never any direct proof but then it would not have been very secret if there were written documents attaining to his work.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 8: Although the Privy Council’s letter quite clearly lays out the he was in fact serving at her majesty’s pleasure in some sort of secret activity.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 9: After his first two plays were written there is controversy over which of his subsequent plays came next.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 10: He could be quite a controversial man, with his outbursts of violence and scandalous conduct.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 11: Living in a time when religion was highly contentious one was want to step carefully around this subject.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 12: He had been heard to express his views as being an atheist and at one point was arrested on the order of the Privy Council.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 13: Two days he spent incarcerated and his release was conditional upon him to attend daily on their lordships until they decided otherwise.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 14: In 1589 he would be arrested on account of murder, he was fiery tempered and swift to make enemies. After two weeks spent in Newgate Goal the he would find himself acquitted.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 15: Much of Marlowe's work was performed by Edward Alleyn.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 16: A many unusually tall but was a foremost actor of the Elizabethan theatre, he would also be the founder of Alleyn’s School and Dulwich College in South West London.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 17: Much of what is known of Christopher Marlowe has been gleaned by official records although having said that a lot can be read into what was not reported about him.

Christopher Marlowe Fact 18: Under suspicious circumstances Christopher Marlowe was killed on May 30th 1593 by a being stabbed with a dagger directly above his right eye. He was killed instantly. He died in Deptford in Kent, England and his body laid to rest in St Nicholas’s Church in Deptford.

Important Events of the era and during the life of Christopher Marlowe include: Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England, Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the globe and Pope Gregory XIII issues the Gregorian calendar.

List of Plays by Christopher Marlowe:
*** Dido, Queen of Carthage c. 1586 *** Tamburlaine part 1 c. 1587 *** Tamburlaine part 2 c. 1587-1588 *** The Jew of Malta c. 1589 *** Doctor Faustus c. 1589 *** Edward II c. 1592 *** The Massacre at Paris c. 1593 ***

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