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Biography Summary:  Conway Twitty (1933 - 1993) was famous for contributions to the music industry.

Conway Twitty’s musical career began with him as a rock and roll artist because that was the current trend, however his real passion lay in country music but because he had been recognized as a rock and roll star he was not easily accepted in the country music genre but given time he would become one of the all-time greatest country music musicians of his time.

In 1993 Conway Twitty died suddenly. He was on tour in Branson, Missouri when he began to feel ill and by the time he was on his tour bus he was in considerable pain. Rushed to hospital and into surgery, he died in the early hours of June 5th 1993 at the Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

Conway Twitty Fact Sheet: Who was Conway Twitty? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Conway Twitty.

Conway Twitty Fact File Biography: Conway Twitty Fact File Biography: *** Lifespan: 1933 - 1993 *** Full Name: Harold Lloyd Jenkins *** Stage Name: Conway Twitty *** Date of Birth: Conway Twitty was born on September 1st 1933 *** Place of Birth: Conway Twitty was born in Friars Point, Coahoma County, Mississippi, United States *** Religion: Conway Twitty *** Occupation: American Singer, Songwriter and Musician *** Date of Death: Conway Twitty died on June 5th 1993 *** Place of Death: Conway Twitty died in Springfield, Missouri, United States ***

Conway Twitty Fact 1: Conway Twitty was born on September 1st 1933 in Friars Point, Coahoma County, Mississippi and would become a famous singer, songwriter and performer.

Conway Twitty Fact 2: Family: He came from a family that was a regular family. He was named by his great uncle who named him after a silent movie star called Harold Lloyd.

Conway Twitty Fact 3: Education: He was educated at Smiths Station High School.

Conway Twitty Fact 4: Career: He began his career around 1957 at the Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Conway Twitty Fact 5: At ten years of age he formed his first singing band, the Phillips County Ramblers.

Conway Twitty Fact 6: A couple of years later he was hosting his own radio show locally on Saturday mornings.

Conway Twitty Fact 7: His second passion was baseball and would receive an offer when he finished school to play for the Philadelphia Phillies. Instead he was drafted into the United States Army where he was station to the Far East. He formed another group while serving, with fellow GI’s called The Cimmerons.

Conway Twitty Fact 8: Shortly after Elvis Presley released Mystery Train, a neighbor close to Harold, Wayne Hause, suggested he should try and start a career in the music business.

Conway Twitty Fact 9: Working with Sam Phillips at the Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee he was searching for his sound and writing rock and roll material.

Conway Twitty Fact 10: He was also told around this time that his own name Harold Jenkins was not catchy enough and he was advised to choose another name. Some say he used the name of an actual person, others that he looked at a road map and saw Conway in Arkansas and Twitty in Texas and chose Conway Twitty for his stage name.

Conway Twitty Fact 11: By the middle of the 1960’s he had released a song called What’s in a Name but Trouble which was based on his name change.

Conway Twitty Fact 12: Having changed his name in the late 1950’s and working with MGM Records his single I’ll Try was not successful but it would transpire that the B-side, It’s Only Make Believe, would eventually prove popular.

Conway Twitty Fact 13: His real passion however lay in country music and by 1965 he was recording country music.

Conway Twitty Fact 14: However, because his early career began with rock and roll, certain country music DJ’s were refusing to play his albums but by 1968 The Image of Me would finally hit the top five and his next single Next in Line became his first number one country song in November 1968.

Conway Twitty Fact 15: In 1970 he released Hello Darlin which would become his biggest hit, he spent four weeks at number one of the country charts and is still one of his most recognized songs.

Conway Twitty Fact 16: In 1971 he sang with Loretta Lyne. After the Fire Is Gone, which would also lead to further success. Between 1972 and 1985 Conway and Loretta Lyne won four Country Music Association awards consecutively for vocal duos as well as other awards.

Conway Twitty Fact 17: Having spent most of his career with Decca which would be renamed MCA from 1965, in 1981 too many changes in MCA caused Conway to change record studios and he signed with Elektra/Asylum which later merged with Warner Bros. Records, its parent company in 1983. However he would return to MCA.

Conway Twitty Fact 18: Conway Twitty was married four time. The first time was to Ellen when they found she was pregnant with their son, Michael. The marriage lasted barely a year. His second and third marriage was to Mickey and together they had three children, Kathy, Joni Lee and Jimmy. The couple had divorced and remarried quietly but eventually Conway’s time away from home was too much for Mickey and she divorced him.

Conway Twitty Fact 19: His fourth and final marriage was to Delores “Dee” Henry who was also his secretary.

Conway Twitty Fact 20: Conway Twitty died on June 5th 1993 while on tour aged fifty nine years. He collapsed on his tour bus and was rushed to hospital in Springfield, Missouri of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. His body was laid to rest in the Sumner Memorial Gardens in Gallatin in Tennessee under his own name Harold L. Jenkins.

Influence & Legacy: His legacy lives on through his son Michael and his grandson Tre who have carried on his legacy musically.

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