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Facts about Famous People: Names starting with D

Dmitri Mendeleev

Famous People Facts Starting with D

Biographies and Short Facts about Famous People with Names starting with D. Discover interesting, fun facts and short, quick biographies of famous people with Names starting with D.

Click a link to access short summaries with fast, easy fact sheets about the influential men and famous women whose names we are all know.

Interesting facts about famous people including facts about Famous People with Names starting with D including celebrities and movie stars of recent times such as famous actors, actresses, singers and musicians. Facts about Famous Dead People including famous historical characters and figures.

Interesting short biographies and facts about famous people including inventors, entrepreneurs, royalty, Prime Ministers, Religious leaders, Kings and Queens and Presidents all with names starting with D.

A-Z List of Names of Famous People: D
Check out the D List containing the names of famous people to access biographies, drawings and interesting facts about:

Dickinson, Emily
Disraeli, Benjamin
Donitz, Karl
David Lloyd George
Davy, Humphry
Denmark Vesey
Dred Scott
Douglass, Frederick
Diana, Princess
Durer, Albrecht
Donato Bramante
da Vinci, Leonardo
Dmitri Mendeleev
Douglas Bader
Douglas MacArthur
Dr. Crippen
Doris Day
David Crockett
Dylan Thomas
Daniel Boone
Douglas Haig
Doc Holliday
Duke Ellington
Dante Alighieri
Donald Trump
Diana Ross
Dustin Hoffman
Dr. Seuss
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