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Daniel Boone Biography Summary: Daniel Boone (1734 - 1820) was famous for founding Kentucky.

There are many stories relating to Daniel Boone, many exaggerated but with elements of truth running through them. He did take his family to Kentucky, he lost family members, children and his brother Ned, to the local Indians, Shawnees, and he was a hunter by trade for many years.

He also helped other emigrants to settle in Kentucky. After being robbed of money he had been entrusted to deliver to pay for land he was honorable enough to repay that debt even though it would take him many years.

He fought in all major battles during his lifetime and finally settled in Missouri where he would see out his days with his children and grandchildren.

Daniel Boone Fact Sheet: Who was Daniel Boone? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1734 - 1820 *** Full Name: Daniel Boone *** Occupation: American Pioneer, Explorer, Frontiersman and Woodsman *** Date of Birth: Daniel Boone was born on November 2nd 1734 *** Place of Birth: Daniel Boone was born in Oley Valley, Berks County, Pennsylvania Colony *** Family background: His father was Squire Boone who originally came from Devon in England and his mother was Sarah Morgan. Both of his parents were Quakers and from Quaker families. His father’s family had emigrated from England to escape persecution and his mother’s family similarly emigrated from Wales *** Early life and childhood: He grew up part of a large family, he had ten siblings. The family lived close the Lenape Indians who because the Quakers were pacifists go along very well with the Indian tribes, even teaching the young Boone how to hunt *** Education: Daniel Boone would have been educated if his parents had received any education ***

Daniel Boone Fact 1: Daniel Boone was born on November 2nd 1734 and during the 18th century period in history when revolutions were happening in France as well as America and the Ottoman Empire was on the decline.

Daniel Boone Fact 2: As a young boy he was taught to hunt as the families of the time relied on hunting to feed their families.

Daniel Boone Fact 3: His family cause some controversy within the Quaker community when their two eldest children both married outside of the Quaker beliefs. When Squire’s second child married and Squire stood by his side, the Quaker community expelled him although his younger children together with his wife continued to attend meetings.

Daniel Boone Fact 4: By 1750 the family relocated to North Carolina and Boone himself no longer attended Quaker meetings, he identified more with the Christian belief and would have all of his children baptized.

Daniel Boone Fact 5: During the French and Indian War which was a war between the French and their Indian allies and the British-American and their Indian allies, the North Carolina Governor called for a militia and Boone volunteered.

Daniel Boone Fact 6: He returned home in 1756 and married Rebecca Bryan whose brother had married one of Boone’s sisters. Together they had ten children.

Daniel Boone Fact 7: In order to support his family he hunted animals for the fur trade.

Daniel Boone Fact 8: In 1767, Boone together with his brother Squire travelled to Kentucky, having heard some years earlier about the lush land and plentiful game he once more met up with John Findley who did all could try and persuade Boone to settle in Kentucky.

Daniel Boone Fact 9: In 1773 Boone took his family, together with around 50 immigrants and set out for Kentucky.

Daniel Boone Fact 10: Although certain tribes of indigenous Indians had signed the Stanwix treaty not all had. When his eldest son, James went hunting with a group of local men and boys, they were captured by Indians that had not cooperated with the treaty signing and wanted to send a message to the white man that he was not welcome, the hunting group were butchered.

Daniel Boone Fact 11: Boone and a companion travelled across Kentucky raising the alarm over the Indian’s and he also helped defend those colonials that remained. By 1774 the Shawnees gave up their claim to Kentucky.

Daniel Boone Fact 12: The following year the American Revolution broke out and the American Indians who were dissatisfied with losing Kentucky took the opportunity to start attacking those white families still in Kentucky.

Daniel Boone Fact 13: In July 1776 Boone’s daughter and two other teenaged girls were kidnapped not far from their home in Boonesborough by a Shawnee Indian war party.

Daniel Boone Fact 14: Together with several other men from the community Boone took off in pursuit of the Indians and the captured girls, within two days they had caught up to them and while the Indian’s stopped for a meal Boone and his party took them by surprise and rescued the girls.

Daniel Boone Fact 15: In 1777 Boone would be shot in the ankle by Shawnee Indians whilst outside of the fort and carried inside amongst a hail of bullets. His ankle received treatment and would heal. The Indians kept attacking and killed off their unprotected cattle as well as destroying their crops.

Daniel Boone Fact 16: Boone together with a group of men left Boonesborough on a mission to collect salt for salting the meat they had left in order to preserve it. Boone was captured and would manage to persuade his men to surrender rather than die. He also convinced the Indian chief Blackfish not to attack Boonesborough as there were only women and children there. He and his men were made to run the gauntlet and those that survived were adopted into the tribes Boone being one of them.

Daniel Boone Fact 17: During Boone’s absence his wife and children made the return journey to North Carolina. Boone discovered that his captors were planning on raiding his home with a large force and so he managed to escape and made the one hundred and sixty mile journey home in five days with the first part of the journey on horseback and the rest on foot.

Daniel Boone Fact 18: When he reached home he would find his loyalty questioned but over the coming days and weeks he set about defeating Blackfish and protecting his home. Eventually he when to bring his family home and became a land prospector but for various reasons he was not successful. Boarders changed hands frequently and the American Revolutionary War had broken out.

Daniel Boone Fact 19: Boone would once again raise arms during this conflict but it would be last time he actively was involved in a military action.

Daniel Boone Fact 20: By 1799 he decided to take his family to Missouri then in the hands of the Spanish.

Daniel Boone Fact 21: He lived out the rest of his life in Missouri and on September 26th 1820 Daniel Boone died in the home of his son, Nathan, of natural causes. His body was laid to rest with that of his wife, Rebecca, who had died in 1813.

Influence and Legacy: A United States officer wrote of Boone “We have been honored by a visit from Colonel Boon, the first settler of Kentucky; he lately spent two weeks with us.... He left this for the river Platt, some distance above. Col Boon is eighty-five years of age, five feet seven inches high, stoutly made, and active for one of his years; is still of vigorous mind, and is pretty well informed. He has taken part in all the wars of America, from before Braddock's war to the present hour.”

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