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Facts about Doris Day

Biography Summary:
Doris Day is a successful American actress and singer who discovered fame when she became a vocalist with the Les Brown Band.

She achieved a number of top ten hit songs with the band including Sentimental Journey, Till The End of Time, I Got the Sun in the Mornin, The Whole World is Singing My Song, My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time, Tain't Me, and You Won't Be Satisfied.

She received fame and popularity which steered her towards a successful acting career. Some of her most famous movie appearances include I'll See You in My Dreams, Calamity Jane, and Pillow Talk.

Doris Day Fact Sheet: Who was Doris Day? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Doris Day, the famous American singer and actress.

Doris Day Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1922 - present *** Full Name: Doris Day was also known as Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born on May 3, 1922 *** Place of Birth: Doris Day was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States *** Family background: Her father was William Joseph Kappelhoff *** Early life and childhood: Doris Day grew up and spent the majority of her life in Cincinnati, Ohio *** Education: Doris Day began singing lessons with Grace Raine ***

Doris Day Fact 1: Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff was born on May 3, 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Day was a stage name which she was encouraged to take when she began a career in show business.

Doris Day Fact 2: She is a well-known American Actress and singer. She is most famous for starring in hit movies such as Calamity Jane, Love Me or Leave Me, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Pillow Talk.

Doris Day Fact 3: Her parents were called William Joseph
Kappelhoff and Alma Sophia. Her father was a choir master and music teacher, and her mother was a housewife. Her grandparents were of German descent. She lived with her mother following her parent’s separation when she was young.

Doris Day Fact 4: She had two older brothers, one called Richard who sadly died before Doris Day was born, and another called Paul who died in 1958.

Doris Day Fact 5: She enjoyed dancing as a child. At the age of 14, she formed a dance act with Jerry Doherty. They entered a talent contest and won $500. Following a successful trip to Hollywood, Jerry and Doris Day decided to move there permanently in order to pursue careers in dance.

Doris Day Fact 6: A tragic accident occurred the night before Jerry and Doris Day were due to leave Cincinnati and head for Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Doris Day was involved in an accident when the car she was traveling in was hit by a train. It took a long time to recover from the accident, leaving her unable to persevere with her dream of becoming a dancer.

Doris Day Fact 7: During her recovery period, she became passionate about singing. She would sing along to famous singers on the radio, her favorite one being Ella Fitzgerald.

Doris Day Fact 8: Her mother, Alma, was happy to see her daughter interested in show business again and supported her new found talent by providing her with singing lessons from Grace Raine. Her new singing teacher was suitably impressed by her voice. She reported back to her mother, after just three singing lessons,
saying that her daughter had 'tremendous potential'. Doris Day received three singing lessons per week at this time.

Doris Day Fact 9: During a radio performance for the WLW radio program Carlin's Carnival, she was noticed by a jazz musician called Barney Rapp. He was looking for a female vocalist and had already auditioned approximately 200 female singers. He invited Doris Day to audition and gave the job to her following her performance.

Doris Day Fact 10: Barney Rapp suggested that she change her stage name to Doris Day as it was much shorter than her real surname 'Kappelhoff'. He chose the surname 'Day' as he enjoyed her version of the song 'Day After Day'.

Doris Day Fact 11: She began working with an American band leader called Les Brown. It was during this time that her first hit recording was released in 1945, it was a song called 'Sentimental Journey'. She re-recorded the song several times following its first release.

Doris Day Fact 12: Whilst working with the Les Brown Band, she achieved many top ten hits. Between 1945 - 1946, she had top ten hits with Sentimental Journey, Till The End of Time, I Got the Sun in the Mornin, The Whole World is Singing My Song, My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time, Tain't Me, and You Won't Be Satisfied.

Doris Day Fact 13: She became a very popular vocalist whilst
singing with the Les Brown Band. She toured with the band across the United States gaining fame and popularity. In August 1946, she left Les Brown's Band as the World's highest paid female band vocalist.

Doris Day Fact 14: The first movie she starred in was for Warner Bros. It was released in 1948 and was called 'Romance on the High Seas'. The following year she starred in two more successful movies called 'My Dream is Yours', and 'It's a Great Feeling'.

Doris Day Fact 15: The beginning of her movie career also provoked the beginning of a successful music career as a soloist. From 1948 to 1949, she had number one hits with It's Magic, Love Somebody, and Someone Like You.

Doris Day Fact 16: She starred in several musicals including The West Point Story, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, On Moonlight Bay, Starlift and Tea for Two.

Doris Day Fact 17: She starred in numerous Warner Brothers movies during her acting career. One of the most famous and successful movies that she starred in was called ‘I'll See You in My Dreams’. The movie was released in 1951 and broke box office records. Her success was followed by several other movies during the 1950s including Calamity Jane, Love Me or Leave Me, Lucky Me, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Pillow Talk.

Doris Day Fact 18: Her husband, Martin Melcher, died in 1968. She was shocked to discover that he had squandered her earnings, along with his business partner Jerome Bernard Rosenthal, leaving her in great debt. The following year, she won a civil judgment against Jerome Bernard Rosenthal. She also discovered that Martin Melcher had signed her up to a television show called 'The Doris Day Show'. Although she disliked television and didn't want to appear in the show in the first place, she gave it her all anyway. The show was very successful and lasted from 1968 to 1973.

Doris Day Fact 19: She has been married four times during her life. Her first marriage was to Albert Paul Jorden with whom she had a son called Terry, they were married from 1941 to 1943. Her second marriage was to George Weidler from 1946 to 1949. Her third marriage was to Martin Melcher in 1951, he adopted her son Terry and their marriage lasted until his death in 1968, and her fourth marriage was to Barry Comden 1976 to 1982.

Doris Day Fact 20: Following the end of her television series 'The Doris Day Show' which finished in 1973, she rarely makes TV appearances. She lives in California and dedicates a great deal of time to the care of household animals. She has adopted many stray animals and she runs the Doris Day Animal League in Carmel.

Doris Day Influence and Legacy: Doris Day is an American actress and singer who has received worldwide fame. She sang with the Les Brown Band which brought her fame and success during the mid-1940s, leading her towards a career in acting and a career in music as a solo artist. Her most famous movie appearances include I'll See You in My Dreams, Calamity Jane, and Pillow Talk.

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