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Edward Teach (Blackbeard) Facts

Edward Teach - Blackbeard

Facts about Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Summary: Edward Teach - Blackbeard was an enigma. There is much speculation as to where he came from, so little is known of his origins and it was often thought he had come from a wealthy family but kept his identity secret.

He was however, someone who cultivated a certain reputation in order to strike fear into unsuspecting captives and did so by adopting a certain frightening countenance to help his cause.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact Sheet: Who was Edward Teach - Blackbeard? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Edward Teach - Blackbeard.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact File: Lifespan: 1680 - 1718 *** Full Name: Edward Teach - Blackbeard *** Nickname: Blackbeard *** Occupation: English Pirate *** Date of Birth: Edward Teach - Blackbeard was born in 1680, the exact date is unknown *** Place of Birth: Edward Teach - Blackbeard was born in Bristol, England *** Family background: His father was – Unknown *** Early life and childhood: He grew up – Unknown *** Education: Edward Teach - Blackbeard began his education at – Unknown ***

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 1: Edward Teach - Blackbeard was born in 1680 during the 17th century period in history which was known as the Early Modern period in Europe and often characterized as the Dutch Golden Age.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 2: Although it was commonly believed his name was Edward Teach - Blackbeard, it was common practice for pirates to use false names to save family disgrace and embarrassment.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 3: It has long been thought he was active as a buccaneer during the War of the Spanish Succession for the British.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 4: It was in 1716 that he was first heard of as a pirate.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 5: In 1717 He captured a French merchantman and converted it into a 40 gun warship, renaming her Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 6: He was soon gaining notoriety along the Carolina and Virginia coastlines as well as in the Caribbean Sea.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 7: There was a certain amount of speculation that he was in fact from a noble family, as there is so little information regarding his life before he became a pirate.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 8: Many pirates used New Providence as a headquarters for their operations, the Florida Strait was within easy reach together with the busy shipping lanes carrying European vessels.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 9: After the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht it was thought pirates that had been involved as privateers, relocated there from Jamaica.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 10: It is thought he joined the crew of Captain Benjamin Hornigold in 1716 and shortly thereafter was put in charge of a sloop.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 11: It was during the time that he began to attain his own reputation as a pirate.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 12: In September of that year they encountered Bonnet, a military landowner whose family background was of wealth. He took command of Bonnet’s ship, Revenge, and between the three men they now had a small flotilla of three vessels soon to be increased by two more, the Good Intent of Dublin and Robert of Philadelphia.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 13: During an encounter with Henry Bostock, the captain of the Margaret, that was boarded by Teach, had her cargo removed and subsequently her crew and captain returned to take their leave that upon Bostock giving an account of what had happened that he described Teach as being a “tall spare man with a very black beard which he wore very long.” So it was the Blackbeard became his cognomen.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 14: Blackbeard continued to enlarge his fleet over the coming months, recruiting David Harriot of the Adventure. On top of this they headed for Honduras where they again increased their fleet by a further four sloops and a ship.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 15: By 1718 Blackbeard and his crew together with his flotilla set up a blockade at the port of Charleston in South Carolina.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 16: Sorely in need of medical supplies they boarded a ship carrying prominent Charleston citizens and ransomed them for the supplies. They demands were met and the captives were released to continue their journey.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 17: It came to his attention that Woodes Rogers and English sea captain had been dispatched to deal with pirate problem in the West Indies at the same time learning of an offer of a royal pardon, a topic he discussed with Bonnet and expressed a desire to accept such an offer. The offer was conditional, that all activity cease and pardons would only be granted if pirates surrendered before September 5 1718 and had committed no crimes since January 5th. In order to test the validity of this statement Bonnet agreed to surrender himself. Following his surrender he was granted his pardon and would returned to his vessel with the intention of sailing to Saint Thomas Island to be given a new commission.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 18: He found his vessel ransacked by Blackbeard and set out to avenge himself, he found himself returned to piracy, eventually captured and all but four of his crew hanged.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 19: Blackbeard decided to take his pardon, which was granted and moved to settle in Bath near the Governor’s home. But his wayward ways were soon calling and he too returned to piracy.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 20: Lieutenant Robert Maynard of HMS Pearl was tasked with bring Blackbeard in for trial. He found him off the coast of Ocracoke Island. Setting his plan in motion he waited to attack Blackbeard.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 21: The battle was long and bloody, ship firing upon ship, they ran aground and then tried to free themselves. Finally hand to hand combat ensued and Maynard killed Blackbeard with his sword and pistol.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard Fact 21: His body was thrown overboard and his head suspended from the rigging as proof of his death.

Influence and Legacy: Pirates were not always seen as vile and despicable, sometimes they were viewed as reserve naval forces and in times of war were often pardoned.

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