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Facts about Eliot Ness

Biography Summary: Eliot Ness (1903 - 1957) was famous for being the leader of the notorious team referred to as The Untouchables, law enforcement agents.

During the early part of his career he was a rising star. Coming into law enforcement during Prohibition he was given the task of upholding the laws as well as finding a way to shut down the many illegal operations of the biggest gangster in Chicago, Al Capone.

With the assistance of nine hand-picked agents that would become known as The Untouchables, Ness found a way to legally put Capone behind bars.

After unsuccessfully campaigning to become mayor of Cleveland and with two failed marriages at that time, he began to frequent bars more often and his drinking habits became very heavy.

He would marry for a third time and took a job with a company that specialized in watermarking official and legal documents to help prevent them from being counterfeited. At fifty four years of age Eliot Ness died of a fatal heart attack.

Eliot Ness Fact Sheet: Who was Eliot Ness? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Eliot Ness.

Eliot Ness Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1903 - 1957 *** Full Name: Eliot Ness *** Nickname: The Untouchables *** Occupation: American Prohibition Agent *** Date of Birth: Eliot Ness was born on April 19th 1903 *** Place of Birth: Eliot Ness was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. *** Family background: His father was Peter Ness and his mother Emma were both immigrants for Norway *** Early life and childhood: He grew up four older siblings *** Education: Eliot Ness attended Christian Fenger High School and would go on to attend the University of Chicago where he graduated with a degree in economics ***.

Eliot Ness Fact 1: Eliot Ness was born on April 19th 1903 and during the 20th century period in history when there was much change across Europe and the world, the first and second French, Spanish, Chinese and Holy Roman Empires all collapsed and Europe would see two World Wars.

Eliot Ness Fact 2: Out of University he became in investigator for the Retail Credit Company of Atlanta. His job was to perform background checks for credit purposes.

Eliot Ness Fact 3: He would return to University to take a criminology course in which he graduated with a Master’s Degree.

Eliot Ness Fact 4: It would be Alexander Jamie, brother-in-law to Eliot who worked for the Bureau of Investigation, persuaded him to go into law enforcement.

Eliot Ness Fact 5: In 1927 he joined the Chicago United States Treasury Department Bureau of Prohibition with a workforce of one thousand.

Eliot Ness Fact 6: After President Herbert Hoover was elected as President it became the prime target of the U.S. Treasury’s Secretary, Andrew Mellon to bring to justice the notorious gangster, Al Capone.

Eliot Ness Fact 7: The two areas of illegal activities that could be pursued were violations of prohibition and income tax evasion.

Eliot Ness Fact 8: Eliot Ness was charged with heading the operations by targeting the illegal breweries together with the supply routes Capone’s various businesses used, under the National Prohibition Act.

Eliot Ness Fact 9: In a period of history when corruption was rife, even with the law enforcement agencies, Ness was tasked with finding law abiding, trustworthy and capable men which was no easy task. From an initial fifty men he reduced their number to fifteen before finally selecting nine men.

Eliot Ness Fact 10: These nine men would become known as The Untouchables and they went to work.

Eliot Ness Fact 11: Within six months raids against illegal activities began and in excess of one million dollars’ worth of breweries would be seized.

Eliot Ness Fact 12: The majority of their information came from an operation that involved extensive wire-tapping.

Eliot Ness Fact 13: Apart from many attempts on Capone’s part to bribe Ness’s men many attempts were also made on his life. On one such occasion a very close friend to Eliot Ness was killed.

Eliot Ness Fact 14: After many hundreds of man hours Ness and his team were able to cause major damage to Capone’s businesses and after extensive efforts it would be the IRS who would be able to bring Capone up on charges for tax evasion although he would be guilty of far more heinous crimes but with what they were able to actually prove they had to settle for tax crimes.

Eliot Ness Fact 15: In 1931 Capone would be found guilty of five charges of tax evasion and would be sentenced to eleven years’ incarceration. He attempted to appeal his case but this failed.

Eliot Ness Fact 16: He would find himself promoted to Chief Investigator of the Prohibition Bureau for Chicago and during 1934 for Ohio as well.

Eliot Ness Fact 17: When Prohibition ended in 1933 he was reassigned to southern Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee and the Moonshine Mountains as an alcohol tax agent.

Eliot Ness Fact 18: He was transferred to Cleveland in Ohio in 1934 and the following year Harold Burton, the Cleveland mayor employed him as the Safety Director for the city which put him in command of the police and fire departments and he would responsible for getting rid of all corruption within the police force and modernizing the fire department.

Eliot Ness Fact 19: By 1938 he was working heavily and his home life was suffering to the degree that his first wife divorced him but by 1939 he met Evaline Michelow and the pair married and moved to Washington D.C. where Ness took a job with the federal government.

Eliot Ness Fact 20: However his second marriage would fail some years later and he married for a third time.

Eliot Ness Fact 21: After a failed attempt to become mayor of Cleveland he began to drink more heavily as well as spiralling into debt.

Eliot Ness Fact 22: In 1953 he secured a job with Guaranty Paper Corporation which would eventually move to Pennsylvania.

Eliot Ness Fact 23: Eliot Ness died on May 16th 1957 of a fatal heart attack aged fifty four years. His ashes were scattered on the grounds of Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland

Influence & Legacy: Eliot Ness would be remembered for his hard work and diligence in securing the evidence that would put behind bars one of Chicago’s most notorious gangsters, Al Capone.

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