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Elizabeth of York Biography Summary: Elizabeth of York (1466 - 1503) was famous for being Queen Consort of England, she was the daughter of Richard III, she was daughter to Henry VII and mother to Henry VIII. Elizabeth of York lived in an era in England that fraught with battles and power struggles where it was possible to have marriages claimed invalid and children illegitimate and families in fear for their lives. A kingdom could be lost or won on the battle field as was the case with Henry Tudor and King Richard III.

With a legitimate claim to the throne in her own right, no woman had ever been queen regnant before so Elizabeth chose instead to be married to Henry Tudor and thus became his Queen and mother to his children and grandmother to a woman who would in fact become Queen Elizabeth I of England in her own right.

Elizabeth of York Fact Sheet: Who was Elizabeth of York? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Elizabeth of York.

Elizabeth of York Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1466 - 1503 *** Full Name: Elizabeth of York *** Occupation: Queen Consort of England *** Date of Birth: Elizabeth of York was born on February 11th 1466 *** Place of Birth: Elizabeth of York was born in Westminster Palace, London, England *** Family background: Her father was Edward IV of England and her mother was Elizabeth Woodville, her mother had previously been married and widowed with two small boys and her own parents had ten children *** Early life and childhood: She grew up two older half-brothers, Thomas and Richard Grey, her own siblings were Mary of York, Cecily of York, Edward V of England, Margaret of York, Richard, Duke of York, Anne of York, George, Duke of Bedford who sadly died at two years of age, Catherine of York and Bridget of York *** Education: Elizabeth of York as a noble, would have been taught to read and write, basic math skills in order to run a household, to dance and ride ***

Elizabeth of York Fact 1: Elizabeth of York was born on February 11th 1466 and during the 15th century period in history when described as the late middle ages to early Renaissance and early modern period.

Elizabeth of York Fact 2: In 1477 she would be named a Lady of the Garter and twice she was betrothed, first to George Neville, this was called off, next to Charles, the Dauphin of France son of Louis XI but Louis broke his word.

Elizabeth of York Fact 3: In April of 1843 Elizabeth’s father died unexpectedly making Elizabeth’s younger brother Edward V become King. However, on his way to London from Wales to be crowned he was seized and instead was taken to the Tower of London, allegedly for his protection.

Elizabeth of York Fact 4: Richard, Duke of Gloucester, her father’s brother and her uncle, had been appointed regent and protector of his nephews. Having already placed young Edward in the Tower, Richard asked permission of Elizabeth’s mother to have his brother Richard taken to Edward to keep him company, her mother agreed.

Elizabeth of York Fact 5: Within the next couple of months, it was claimed that Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was not legal because he was still betrothed to another. This being the case all of their children were illegitimate and so were not eligible to the throne of England and so this passed to the brother of the late King, the Duke of Gloucester was proclaimed King Richard III.

Elizabeth of York Fact 6: Shortly thereafter, the two young Prince’s in the Tower of London disappeared forever.

Elizabeth of York Fact 7: Lady Margaret Beaufort was mother to Henry Tudor who in his own right had a claim to the throne albeit a weak one. Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort made a pact to see Henry on the throne and Elizabeth of York as his wife joining the two families.

Elizabeth of York Fact 8: Elizabeth’s family left Westminster Abbey where they had sought sanctuary after King Edward died and were once more accepted at court.

Elizabeth of York Fact 9: It was Richard III’s intention to marry Elizabeth once his own wife Anne Neville, who was dying and they had no surviving children. As his wife was still alive, Woodville enemies not wishing to see the family rise to power again, spread this rumor forcing the King to deny it and this making it impossible for him to carry out his wishes.

Elizabeth of York Fact 10: On August 7th 1485 an army landed on the coast of Wales and at the head of that army was Henry Tudor.

Elizabeth of York Fact 11: On August 22nd 1485 the armies of Henry Tudor and King Richard III met at the Battle of Bosworth Field and in spite of the fact that Richard’s army was the larger, there were those amongst his army that chose to fight for Henry Tudor. Richard was killed during the battle and by right of conquest the crown was taken by Henry VII.

Elizabeth of York Fact 12: As the oldest daughter of a King with no surviving son’s and in her own right eligible to claim the throne as queen regnant, Elizabeth agreed to Mary Henry who also recognized the sense in making his claim to the throne as strong as possible.

Elizabeth of York Fact 13: Henry also had the Titulus Regius previously making Elizabeth and her siblings illegitimate, repealed and went on to acknowledge Edward V as his predecessor.

Elizabeth of York Fact 14: Henry and Elizabeth were married on January 18th 1486 with their first son, Arthur born on September 20th 1486. Elizabeth would bear Henry six children but only four would survive to adulthood, Margaret, Arthur, Henry and Mary.

Elizabeth of York Fact 15: Elizabeth was crowned Queen on November 25th 1487.

Elizabeth of York Fact 16: Although their marriage had effectively been an arranged marriage they did grow to love each other.

Elizabeth of York Fact 17: In November of 1501 her eldest son, Arthur married Catherine of Aragon who was the daughter of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile and following tradition the Prince of Wales and his wife were sent to Ludlow Castle where in April 1502 Arthur died unexpectedly.

Elizabeth of York Fact 18: Totally distraught not only by the death of his son but fearful for his dynasty, Elizabeth consoled him reminding him he still had another son and two daughters and that they as a couple were still capable of having more children.

Elizabeth of York Fact 19: Elizabeth did become pregnant again, spending her confinement in the Tower of London, she gave birth to a baby girl, Katherine, on February 2nd of 1503. The baby girl died after only a few days.

Elizabeth of York Fact 20: Elizabeth of York also died on February 11th 1503 of a postpartum infection on the thirty seventh birthday. Her body laid to rest in Henry VII’s Chapel in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

Influence and Legacy: Elizabeth although had little to do with the ruling of her kingdom was said to be kind, gentle and generous to her relatives, servants and benefactors. She is also said to be the “queen…in the palour” in “Sing a Song of Sixpence” the children’s nursery rhyme. The Tudor rose, the symbol of the Tudor dynasty is the White Rose of York with her husband’s Red Rose of Lancaster and today is still the floral emblem of England.

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