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Ernest Hemingway

Facts about Ernest Hemingway

Summary: Ernest Hemingway was a highly talented American journalist and author. His style was that of understatement.

His subject matter often came from life events and adventures across the globe, reporting on world events such as the First World War, the Spanish Civil War and World War II as well as on the times in between.

In 1953 he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and in 1954 he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. He would become known as one of America's classical novelists.

Ernest Hemingway Fact Sheet: Who was Ernest Hemingway? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway Fact File: Lifespan: 1899 - 1961 *** Full Name: Ernest Miller Hemingway *** Occupation: American Author *** Date of Birth: He was born on July 21st 1899 *** Place of Birth: He was born in Oak Park, Illinois, USA *** Family background: His father was Clarence Edmonds Hemingway was a doctor and his mother was Grace Hall was a musician. Both of his parents were very well educated and from wealthy families *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Chicagoís suburbs and often spent his childhoods in the family summer house in Michigan where his father taught him to fish, hunt and camp in the woods. *** Education: He was educated at Oak Park and River Forest High School..

Ernest Hemingway Fact 1: He was born at the very end of the 19th century and in his lifetime would see huge strides in science, medicine, the Great Depression, two World Wars and so many innovations it must have been a remarkable life.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 2: As a young student he participated in many sports arenas including track and field, football, boxing and water polo.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 3: In his junior year in school he took a journalism class which would prove very useful as well as excelling at English.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 4: When World War I broke out he answered an advertisement for recruitment into the Red Cross and he signed up to become an ambulance driver in Italy.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 5: When he arrived in Paris it was to find the city under bombardment from German artillery. By the June he was on the Italian front and would make the acquaintance of John Dos Passos.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 6: On his first day in the job he attended what was left of a munitions faction explosion. Rescuers already on the scene where collecting the remains of female workers caught in the blast. Much of what he experienced would find an outlet in his novels and writing.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 7: Several days later he himself would be wounded due to mortar fire but continued to help Italian soldiers to safety. For his heroic efforts he was awarded the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 8: The injuries sustained during this feat did leave him however with shrapnel that would require surgery to remove and followed by a convalescence period that lasted some months.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 9: During his recuperation he fell in love and would get his heart broken by a Red Cross Nurse called Agnes von Kurowsky.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 10: By 1919 he had returned stateside and found life difficult to adjust to. He was still recuperating but returned to his family home where he found his experiences had had quite a profound effect on him as a young twenty year old man and although he was safe he still found it difficult to adjust.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 11: He would be offered a position in Toronto and would later freelance for the Toronto Star Weekly before returning to Michigan and then back to Chicago all the time filing stories with the Star.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 12: He met Hadley Richardson while on a visit to his roommateís sister and later said he knew he would marry her.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 13: Retaining his position with the Star he was given the position of foreign correspondent which gave him the freedom to travel, with his wife, to Europe.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 14: While living in Paris he met many exciting people including writers such as Gertrude Stein, James Joyce and Ezra Pound, he also met Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Juan Gris he also covered stories such as the Greek Revolution.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 15: Although they made a brief return stateside they would return to Europe where he was much more at home but he wanted to pursue his life as a writer rather than a journalist.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 16: In 1926 his marriage with Hadley, with whom he had one son, ended and he remarried Pauline Pfeiffer barely four months later.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 17: They would eventually make the move back to the states when they were expecting their first child and chose to settle in Key West although the family would spend their summers in Wyoming.

Ernest Hemingway Fact 18: In 1937 he agreed to travel to Spain and report on the Spanish Civil War. During his term in Spain he met Martha Gellhorn and eventually his marriage to Pauline would end. He married Martha in 1940. His marriage to Martha was relatively short and while on a trip to England he met Mary Welsh.

Ernest Hemmingway Fact 19: Throughout his life he seemed to ridiculously accident prone, between car crashes and plane crashes there were many times he escaped death. It is thought to a degree that some of his substantial drinking was due to residual pain from so many mishaps.

Ernest Hemmingway Fact 20: Much the same as his father, who it is thought may have suffered from hemochromatosis which causes physical and as well mental deterioration, his health went into a steady decline of many years. Finally, having predicated at the time of his fatherís death that he would probably go the same way, he did in fact take his own life with his double-barreled shotgun on July 2nd of 1961.

Influence & Legacy:
He left behind a library of literature of his own making that encompassed his life and times, his travels and events around the world. He wrote in style that younger writers either emulated or hated.

Important Events of the 20th century and during the life of Ernest Hemingway include:
World War I, the Great Depression, the rise of the Naziís and World War II, the Cold War and the Civil Rights movement in America.

List of Famous Works by Ernest Hemingway:

*** A Farewell to Arms *** The Sun Also Rises *** In Our Time *** Death in the Afternoon *** Green Hills of Africa *** To Have and Have Not *** For Whom the Bell Tolls *** The Old Man and the Sea *** A Moveable Feast *** Islands in the Stream ***

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