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Biography Summary: Errol Flynn (1909 - 1959) was famous for his contributions to Motion Picture Industry. Errol Flynn was a devastatingly good looking and talented man.

His early career saw him make some of Hollywood’s greatest films with some of Hollywood's greatest actresses.

It would appear, certainly during his early career, Flynn was an exceptional man but privately he had severe health issues. He was married three times and three times his marriages failed.

He had four children, the first and only son, Sean, who was a freelance photojournalist for Time magazine, disappeared in Cambodia during the Vietnam war and was never heard from again.

After his death many rumors started about his life including that he was a fascist sympathizer and a spy for the Nazis, his sexuality was called into question and his daughters Rory and Deirdre attempted to sue Charles Higham for a book he had published defaming their father. The suit would eventually be dismissed on the grounds that you cannot libel someone who is dead. Errol Flynn is still one of Hollywood's greatest actors.

Errol Flynn Fact Sheet: Who was Errol Flynn? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Errol Flynn.

Errol Flynn Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1909 - 1959 *** Full Name: Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn *** Occupation: Australian-American Actor *** Date of Birth: Errol Flynn was born on June 20th 1909 *** Place of Birth: Errol Flynn was born in Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia *** Family background: His father was Theodore Thomson Flynn, a lecturer and professor and his mother was Lily Mary Young. He would describe his mother’s family as being “seafaring folk” which it was claimed where he gained his love of boats and the ocean originated. Both of his parents could trace their ancestry back to the UK of Irish, Scottish and English forebears *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Australia and Britain *** Education: Errol Flynn attended a local school in Hobart before attending the South West London College in London before a return to Australia saw him attend Sydney Church of England Grammar School where he would get expelled for stealing ***

Errol Flynn Fact 1: Errol Flynn was born on June 20th 1909 and during the 20th century period in history when so many wonderful and terrible events shaped the world. World War I and World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War but also such marvels as advances in medicine, technology, travel, the expansion of car travel and air travel and a massive change within the industry of entertainment.

Errol Flynn Fact 2: Having been sacked from a job in Sydney as a junior clerk for stealing from the petty cash at eighteen he headed for Papua New Guinea trying to find work in either metal mining or the tobacco industry. He was unsuccessful on both counts and returned to Australia.

Errol Flynn Fact 3: As an amateur actor in 1933 he secured a part in the film In the Wake of the Bounty in which he played Fletcher Christian.

Errol Flynn Fact 4: Later in 1933 he traveled back to England in hopes of pursuing an acting career and was offered a job with the Northampton Repertory Company where for seven months he received training to become a professional actor.

Errol Flynn Fact 5:  He worked as a an extra at Warner Brothers’ Teddington Studios in Middlesex where he was cast in I Adore You and later he would star in Murder at Monte Carlo in which he would be signed by Warner Bros during the filming and he moved to the U.S. as a contract actor.

Errol Flynn Fact 6: His first Hollywood role was in 1935 in Captain Blood where he played a swashbuckler giving the genre of action adventure movies a boost and a theme that continued over the next few years in films such as The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventure of Robin Hood, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and The Sea Hawk.

Errol Flynn Fact 7: Flynn having a natural ability for action became famous for his sword fight and fast paced action.

Errol Flynn Fact 8: He also demonstrated an acting range that was also comedic in such films as The Perfect Specimen, Four’s a Crowd and The Sisters.

Errol Flynn Fact 9: He also wrote an autobiography in 1937 called Beam Ends.

Errol Flynn Fact 10: In 1937 he traveled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War where he worked as a war correspondent.

Errol Flynn Fact 11: Olivia de Havilland was Flynn’s co-star on at least eight occasions and their chemistry was undeniable however de Havilland herself categorically denied their relationship ever developed because of Flynn’s marriage although she never denied they certainly had a spark.

Errol Flynn Fact 12: His relationship, if one could call it that, with Bette Davis was the complete opposite and she dislike him and deeply resented sharing equal billing with him in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.

Errol Flynn Fact 13: At the height of his career he would be voted the fourth most popular star in America and the seventh in England.

Errol Flynn Fact 14: In 1942 he became an American citizen and as the United States entered World War II he tried to enlist with armed forces but was refused on various health grounds including heart problems, malaria contracted when he was in Papua New Guinea, chronic back pain and tuberculosis.

Errol Flynn Fact 15: His various health issues often cause significant difficulties for his image as well as for his studio as someone seen as vigorous and athletic as seen in Dive Bomber, Desperate Journey and Objective, Burma! All movies made during the war years.

Errol Flynn Fact 16: Flynn was often criticized for not joining the military when many of the other male actors did, but the studio would not have him reveal the extent of his health problems.

Errol Flynn Fact 17: Post war the public’s taste in movies drastically changed and Flynn found himself trying to make films that were not part of his usual genre and not succeeding. His career in Hollywood was at and end and he was only forty one.

Errol Flynn Fact 18: During the 1950’s he struggle financially after several unsuccessful investments his savings were gone. He virtually lived on his yacht Zaca sailing the Mediterranean and drinking heavily. He picked up the occasion part which kept him going financially but nothing substantial.

Errol Flynn Fact 19: Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn died on October 14th 1959 of a heart attack and cirrhosis of the liver aged fifty years. His body laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in California.

Influence & Legacy of Errol Flynn: Errol Flynn’s life seems to have been one of two parts, the public and the private. The public persona was of a man, a swashbuckler of immense charm and character while the private person was someone with serious health issues and a womanizer. Whatever one says, his early films are undeniably wonderful and a joy to watch.

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