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Facts about Eva Braun

Eva Braun Biography Summary: Eva Braun (1912 - 1945) was famous for being Hitler’s partner.

Eva Braun was a young girl of seventeen years when she made the acquaintance of Adolf Hitler. She fell in love with him and for the rest of their lives they conducted an affair that only a small number of people were aware of.

Hitler saw himself as being sexually attractive to other females so avoids being seen publicly with Eva for fear it would damage his image.

They maintained their secret relationship right up until the very last hours of their lives, when Hitler arranges for their marriage while they are in the Fuhrerbunker.

Only a few short hours after their marriage, Eva Braun Hitler kills herself by biting into a cyanide capsule while Adolf Hitler shoots himself in the temple. Their bodies are removed to the gardens of the Reich Chancellery were they are set on fire. The greater German public were totally unaware of any romantic relationship between the two until after they are both dead.

Eva Braun Fact Sheet: Who was Eva Braun? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Eva Braun.

Eva Braun Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1912 - 1945 *** Full Name: Eva Anna Paula Braun *** Occupation: German Photographer *** Date of Birth: Eva Braun was born on February 6th 1912 *** Place of Birth: Eva Braun was born in Munich, Bavaria, Germany *** Family background: Her father was Friedrich “Fritz” Braun and her mother was Franziska “Fanny” Kronberger. Her father had been a school teacher while her mother was a seamstress *** Early life and childhood: She grew up with an older sister, Ilse and a young sister Margarete “Gretl”. Her parents divorced in 1921 but remarried the following year *** Education: Eva Braun attended a Catholic lyceum in Munich followed by a year at a business school in the English Sisters Convent in Simback am Inn ***

Eva Braun Fact 1: Eva Braun was born on February 6th 1912 and during the 20th century period in history when there was much change across Europe and the world, the first and second French, Spanish, Chinese and Holy Roman Empires all collapsed and Europe would see two World Wars.

Eva Braun Fact 2: When she had completed her education she found work with Heinrich Hoffmann who was the official photographer for the NSDAP (the Nazi Party).

Eva Braun Fact 3: Employed to be a sales clerk and shop assistant, she began to learn how to take photographs and how to develop film.

Eva Braun Fact 4: It would be in 1929 in Hoffmann’s studio that she met Adolf Hitler who was twenty three years older than she.

Eva Braun Fact 5: She would be joined in the shop by her sister, Gretl, in 1932 and two sisters rented a flat together. Her sister would become her chaperone on occasions when she accompanied Hitler to Obersalzberg.

Eva Braun Fact 6: Likewise Hitler at that time was also living with his half-niece, Geli Raubal, until she committed suicide in 1931 by a shotgun. Hitler was quite devastated.

Eva Braun Fact 7: When Eva could not get enough attention from Hitler in 1932 she too attempted to commit suicide by shooting herself in the chest with her father’s pistol.

Eva Braun Fact 8: The desired outcome was forthcoming and Hitler began to pay her much more attention and they became intimate.

Eva Braun Fact 9: Still working as a photographer for Herr Hoffmann she often travelled with Hoffmann as official photographer to the Nazi Party.

Eva Braun Fact 10: She would later become part of Hoffmann’s art press.

Eva Braun Fact 11: In 1935 Eva again attempted suicide when Hitler had not made time for her in his life, this time, using sleeping pills.

Eva Braun Fact 12: Once again Hitler began to spend more time her. He provided a three bedroom apartment for Eva and her sister to share in Munich and the following year he provided them with a holiday home in Bogenhausen at Wasserburgerstr. 12.

Eva Braun Fact 13: Whenever he was in Munich himself Eva would live with him at his home at the Berghof near Berchtesgaden.

Eva Braun Fact 14: The majority of the time she lived in the apartment in Munich but eventually she would have her own apartment in the new Reich Chancellery in Berlin which had been designed by Albert Speer himself.

Eva Braun Fact 15: At this point Hitler felt his image was better served by being a single man and so avoided marriage to Eva. To him, men were to be seen as warriors while women were the homemakers. He strongly believed marriage would weaken his sexual appeal to women.

Eva Braun Fact 16: Publicly they were never seen together as a couple. One of the rare occasions they were even in the same photograph was at the Winter Olympics of 1936 and she happen to be sitting near him.

Eva Braun Fact 17: Her entire relationship with Hitler was shrouded in secrecy. The German people would not become aware of their relationship until after the war. She never slept in the same room as him, she always retired to her own room where they were staying.

Eva Braun Fact 18: Politically she had no interest, if they were together and Hitler was interrupted or had meetings she would leave him or he would remove himself. By all accounts she would lead a very privileged if somewhat largely a very sheltered existence.

Eva Braun Fact 19: In the closing stages of the war in 1945, she travelled from Munich to Berlin to the Fuhrerbunker to be with Hitler. Even when the Red Army was closing in on the capital she refused to leave his side.

Eva Braun Fact 20: It would be after midnight on April 29th 1945 that Eva and Adolf Hitler were married in front of witnesses Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels.

Eva Braun Fact 21: After the ceremony the couple presided over a wedding breakfast for a small number of their inner circle.

Eva Braun Fact 22: On April the 30th 1945 Eva and Hitler made their farewells and a short while later a gunshot was heard. Hitler valet, Heinz Linge and an SS adjutant, entered their room where they found the bodies of Eva and Adolph lifeless. Eva had taken a cyanide pill and the gunshot was a self-inflicted fatal wound to the right temple of Hitler’s head.

Eva Braun Fact 23: The bodies were taken to the Reich Chancellery gardens were they were set alight to burn. Eva Braun Hitler was thirty three years old.

Eva Braun Influence and Legacy: Her only legacy was to have been the mistress of the most vile, heinous, murdering monster in modern history.

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