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Francesco Fiorentino was born in Florence, Italy but for most of his adult life he lived and worked in Poland.

His benefactor was Zygmunt I Stary, the King of Poland who commissioned him, and various other artists, to rebuild two wings of his Castle in Krakow after a fire.

The first area for Fiorentino to begin was in the West wing, the Queen’s House, which was the home of Zygmunt’s mother Elzbieta.

 He would also become the designer for the spectacular courtyards with galleries that spanned three levels and assisted people in communicating, and during ceremonies and tournaments.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact Sheet: Who was Francesco Fiorentino? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Francesco Fiorentino, the famous Renaissance artist.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact File: Full Name: Francesco Fiorentino *** Date of Birth: There is no record of Francesco Fiorentino’s birth *** Place of Birth: He was born in Florence, Italy, it is believed Family background: There are no records of his family *** Early life and childhood: Nothing is recorded of his background or early life

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 1: He was born during the Renaissance period in history which began in Northern Italy during the 14th century

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 2: It is said he first appeared in Kraków, Poland around 1502.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 3: He would become the first architect to bring the Renaissance style to Poland.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 4: His appearance there was as a direct result of Prince Zygmunt I Stary the King of Poland, and Grand Duke of Lithuania, requesting his presence.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 5: He was offered 100 florins for one year’s service which he accepted.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 6: Having travelled to Poland with the Prince, many of Francesco’s people who were all highly talented.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 7: His earliest work was on the Royal Castle of Wawel which had suffered from a fire in 1500.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 8: It was to be for the Prince’s mother, Elzbieta and would be the first of the Renaissance style to be rebuilt.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 9: He would be the first architect to design galleries that enclosed the large courtyards in castles.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 10: After the designs had been agreed and consent given, the construction began in 1507.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 11: Another of his great masterpieces would be the tomb he designed for Queen Elisabeth of Austria, for her beloved son, Jan Olbracht.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 12: Jan Olbracht was King of Poland from 1492 until 1501.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 13: Jan dies very suddenly at the young age of 41 years and was succeeded by his brother Alexander I.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 14: He also made a niche for the tomb where it would eventually end up.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 15: The tomb was actually quite wide so the niche had to be made very deep but not so high.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 18: It would transpire that his work on the Royal Palace would not be finished by him due to his untimely death.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 17: Another of his projects would before the entrance portal to the Bishop E. Ciolek;s palace in Kraków, Poland.

Francesco Fiorentino Fact 18: He died on October 16th, 1516 in Krakow, Poland.

Notable Events of the Renaissance and during the life of Francesco Fiorentino include: Vasco da Gama makes land fall in India, Leonardo da Vinci finishes The Last Supper, the Archduke Philip the Fair in Spain dies and Henry VII becomes King of England.

List of Famous Works by Francesco Fiorentino:

Wawel Castle
Queen’s House
The Tomb for the King of Poland 1492-15-1

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