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Summary: Francois Clouet was a famous artist of the renaissance era who excelled as a miniaturist and oil painter.

He was born in France and followed very much in his father’s footsteps. His style of painting was much the same as his father, Jean Clouet, but his eye for detail and passion for his work took his work to another, higher level of artistry.

His most famous works would be of the French royal kings such Francis I, Henry II, Francis II and Charles IX but he also completed portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth of Austria.

Francois Clouet never married but did have two children, both daughters who became nuns. He died in 1572 and was outlived by his sister.

Francois Clouet Fact File: Lifespan: 1510 – 1572 *** Full Name: Francois Clouet was also known as Janet *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born in 1510, exact birthday is unknown *** Place of Birth: Francois Clouet was born in Tours, France *** Family background: His father was the famous artist Jean Clouet *** Francois Clouet died on 22 December 1572

Francois Clouet Fact 1: Francois Clouet was born in 1510 and died in 1572.

Francois Clouet Fact 2: Date and Place of Birth – He was born in 1510 in Tours, France. His exact date of birth is not known.

Francois Clouet Fact 3: Family – He was the son of Jean Clouet, a famous Renaissance artist in his own right.

Francois Clouet Fact 4: Nickname - Francois was known as 'Janet' the same nickname as his father. The shared nickname has led to considerable confusion between the work of these two great painters

Francois Clouet Fact 5: Family - He had a sister and although he never married he did have two illegitimate daughters.

Francois Clouet Fact 6: Background and Early Life – There are no records of his early life. It can be assumed that he was well educated as he was said to be highly intelligent and his skill in painting was very much in his father’s style.

Francois Clouet Fact 7: Work – Although his style very much matched his father’s when it came to his own work no one was his equal when it came to the accuracy of detail and delicate completeness of the portraits as a whole.

Francois Clouet Fact 8: Francois Clouet became the official painter of the French royal court in 1536, taking over the position of official painter of King Francis I, from his father, Jean Clouet.

Francois Clouet Fact 9: The Artist of French Kings - Following the death of King Francis I, Francois Clouet served as official court painter to Henry II, Francis II and Charles IX

Francois Clouet Fact 10: Valois Royal family – He was most famous for his work on detailed portraits of the French Royal family - the royal house of Valois. He also painted many portraits of the nobles of the French court.

Francois Clouet Fact 11: Francois Clouet became a prominent member of the court circle and was respponsible for organizing important events such as funeral ceremonies and prepared the death masks of the royal family.

Francois Clouet Fact 12: Francois Clouet was also responsible for organizing happier events such as state receptions.

Francois Clouet Fact 13: Francois Clouet was also famous for painting nude figures, including that of Diane de Poitiers, the beautiful mistress of Henri II of France. He was also highly adept in the art of engraving

Francois Clouet Fact 14: Death – Francois Clouet died on December 22nd, 1572

Famous works of art by Francois Clouet:
Lady in her Bath *** Pierre Quthe *** Portrait of Catherine de Medici *** O Banho de Diana *** Portrait Of A Lady *** Portrait De Charles IX *** Portrait of A Man, Said To Andre De Dampierre *** Portrait of Christine of Denmark *** Portrait of Portrait Of Francois I Of France *** Mary, Queen of Scots ***
Marguerite de Valois *** Mary Stuart *** Henri II of France, on Horseback

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