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Summary: Gabriel Prosser was an African-American born into slavery in Henrico County, Virgina.

He worked at a tobacco plantation with his brothers Solomon and Martin who were also enslaved. Find out important facts and information with including how this brave man became well known for a planned revolt in an attempt to end slavery in the United States.

Gabriel Prosser Fact File: The life of Gabriel Prosser has been documented in various books including an historical novel by Arna Bortemps which was released in 1936 and focuses on this freedom fighter’s life and planned rebellion. An historian called Douglas Egerton also researched extensively and studied surviving documentation before writing his account of ‘Gabriel's Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 & 1802.’

Gabriel Prosser Fact 1: He was born into slavery in 1776 in Henrico County, Virginia in the United States of America. He was approximately 24 years of age when he was executed on October 10th, 1800.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 2: He had two brothers called Solomon and Martin. They all worked as slaves at a tobacco plantation known as Brookfield and their owner was called Thomas Prosser.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 3: Gabriel Prosser was trained as a blacksmith along with her brother Solomon. Fortunately for Gabriel, he was also taught to read and write. It was uncommon during times of slavery for slaves to receive any level of education at all.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 4: As a grown up, Gabriel Prosser was a tall man, he was approximately 6ft 2in tall. He had a couple of scars on his head and a few teeth missing.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 5: He is a famous slave who is well known for his planned revolt in 1800. A revolt can be described as an attempt to end the power and authority of a person or body.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 6: He planned the revolt for August 30th, 1800, however, rain on that day meant that it had to be postponed. Two slaves told their master, Mosby Sheppard, about the revolt that had been planned. Mosby Sheppard advised James Monroe, Virginia's Governor, what the two slaves had told him.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 7: He made his escape, heading downriver to Norfolk but another slave spotted him and in exchange for a reward of $300 offered by the state, he let the authorities know of his whereabouts. Despite being offered the sum of $300, only $50 was actually paid to the slave.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 8: He was taken to Richmond for questioning. As a consequence of their actions, 26 people were hanged on October 10th, 1800 - the lives of Gabriel, his 2 brothers and 23 other slaves were taken.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 9: The City of Richmond commemorated the 202nd anniversary of the execution of Gabriel Prosser in 2002. This man's life and the lives of 25 other slaves had been taken away from them in their struggle for freedom, equality and justice.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 10: An historical novel by Arna Bontemps was released in 1936, the novel is based on the life and rebellion of the freedom fighter Gabriel Prosser.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 11: Following the planned revolt, legislatures passed restrictions on free blacks in Virginia and other states to banish slave education and hiring out slaves in an attempt to stop any future escapes and revolts.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 12: Governor Tim Kaine gave an informal pardon to Gabriel and his 25 fellow slaves in 2007. The cause was recognized as 'the end of slavery and the furtherance of equality for all people has prevailed in the light of history'.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 13: Before Gabriel Prosser's planned rebellion, white and black people regarded him highly. He was a skilled and literate blacksmith who was described as 'a fellow of great courage and intellect above his rank in life'.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 14: An historian by the name of Douglas Egerton wrote a book called Gabriel's Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 & 1802. His research was extensive and came primarily from documents which had survived.

Gabriel Prosser Fact 15: Douglas Egerton identified many important facts about Gabriel Prosser's planned revolt from surviving documents. His research established that Gabriel had ordered his followers not to kill Quakers, Methodists or Frenchmen.

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