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Georg Simon Ohm

Facts about Georg Simon Ohm

Georg Simon Ohm was a highly educated young man. His father had taught himself and he went on to give his sons a very high quality education in subjects that were not overly covered in conventional schools at their age.

While continuing his mathematical studies Georg also taught these subjects and would become a leading professor at the University of Munich.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact Sheet: Who was Georg Simon Ohm? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Georg Simon Ohm.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact File: Lifespan: 1789 Ė 1854 *** Full Name: Georg Simon Ohm *** Occupation: German Physicist *** Date of Birth: Georg Simon Ohm was born on March 16th 1789 *** Place of Birth: Georg Simon Ohm was born in Erlangen, Brandenburg-Bayreuth *** Family background: His father was Johann Wolfgang Ohm a locksmith and Maria Elizabeth Beck was the daughter of a tailor and although his father was not given a formal education he did nevertheless gain a high level of education and would see to it that his children received a first-rate education. Although his parents had seven children, only three survived, Georg, his brother Martin and his sister Elizabeth *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with his two siblings but his mother died when he was only ten years of age *** Education: Georg Simon Ohm and his brother Martin were educated by their father who actually taught them to a very high level in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and philosophy. When Georg was eleven he attended the Erlangen Gymnasium until he was fifteen ***

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 1: Georg Simon Ohm was born on March 16th 1789 and during the 18th century period in history when many innovations were being made in science, medicine, technology and industry.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 2: Once he completed his initial education his father concerned with his lack of scientific education sent him to Switzerland.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 3: In September that year Georg was offered and accepted an appointment as a mathematics teacher in Gottstadt bei Nidau school.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 4: In 1809 Ohm decided to leave his post at Gottstadt and accepted a position as a private tutor in Neuchatel where he stayed for the next two years while he also continued his own study of mathematics privately until April 1811 when he made the return to the University of Erlangen.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 5: Ohm received his doctorate in October 1811 and was offered a position on the faculty there as a mathematics lecturer but was there only briefly.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 6: Having written a manuscript on elementary geometry Ohm sent the book to King Wilhelm III of Prussia who was impressed enough with the work to offer him a position at the Jesuit Gymnasium of Cologne in 1817. Not only was required to teach mathematics but he had to teach physics as well.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 7: Ohm was delighted to be in an educational facility that had excellent reputation for its science department, the laboratories were very well equipped and allowed Ohm to experiment with physics.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 8: Having a father that was a locksmith assisted him when it came to practical experience in operating mechanical devices.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 9: In 1827 Georg Ohm published his book The Galvanic Circuit Investigated Mathematically. The college was not happy with his work and he resigned.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 10: His next position came at the Polytechnic School of Nuremburg during 1833 and by 1852 he was offered a professorship at the University of Munich in their experimental physics department.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 11: By 1840 Molecular Physics was published by Ohm he noted in the preface that he intended to write a second, third and God willing a fourth volume.

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 12: Unfortunately, a Swedish scientist having read his material was already anticipating the next discovery gave Ohm pause and he would not complete any further work saying "The episode has given a fresh and deep sense for my mind to the saying 'Man proposes, and God disposes'. The project that gave the first impetus to my inquiry has been dissipated into mist, and a new one, undesigned by me, has been accomplished in its place.".

Georg Simon Ohm Fact 13: Georg Simon Ohm died on July 6th 1854 in Munich, the kingdom of Bavaria aged sixty five. His body was laid to rest in the Alter Sudfriedhof.

Influence & Legacy:
In his published work The Galvanic Circuit Investigated Mathematically Ohmís law was first heard of (I =V divider by R). He would give his complete theory of electricity in this work and it would form the building blocks of circuit theory which would not become an important field until the end of that century, the international standard unit of resistance is named the Ohm in his honour.

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