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Giuseppe Garibaldi

Facts about Giuseppe Garibaldi

Biography Summary: Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882) was famous for being considered one of Italy’s “Fathers of the Fatherland”.

He lived in a turbulent time across Europe. He fought in many conflicts during his years of service including the Ragamuffin War, the Italian War of Independence, the Siege of Rome, Expedition of the Thousand, the Battle of Volturnus, the Battle of Calatafimi, the Battle of Bezzecca, the Battle of Mentana and the Franco-Prussian War would be his last battle.

He served in various offices in the Italian government and would be referred to as the “Hero of Two Worlds” because of his military endeavors across Uruguay, Brazil and Europe.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact Sheet: Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1807 - 1882 *** Full Name: Giuseppe Maria Garibaldi *** Occupation: Italian General and Politician *** Date of Birth: Giuseppe Garibaldi was born on July 4th 1807 *** Place of Birth: Giuseppe Garibaldi was born in Nice, First French Empire *** Family background: His father was Giovanni Domenico Garibaldi and his mother was Maria Rosa Nicoletta Raimondo *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Nice with his family *** Education: Giuseppe Garibaldi was educated by the days standards ***

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 1: Giuseppe Garibaldi was born on July 4th 1807 and during the 19th century period in history when many empires across the globe collapsed, the Spanish, first and second French, Holy Roman, Mughal and Chinese but the British and Russian Empires, the United States and German Empire where on the rise.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 2: With his families close ties to the coastal trade it was no surprise when Garibaldi was drawn to the sea.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 3: By 1832 he was certified as a merchant marine captain and was active in the community of the Nizzardo Italians.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 4: He travelled to Russia in 1833 with a shipment of oranges on a schooner called Clorinda.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 5: While in port at Taganrog he became acquainted with Giovanni Battista Cuneo, a politically active immigrant from Oneglai who was also a member of the secret Young Italian movement run by Giuseppe Mazzini who wanted to see Italian unification.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 6: Garibaldi joined the group also wanted to see Italy freed from Austrian dominance.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 7: He next set sail for Tunisia before finding his way to Brazil where he took up the cause of the Republic of Rio Grande do Sul.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 8: During 1839 Garibaldi met Ana Ribeiro da Silva known as Anita and in 1841 they moved to Montevideo where he worked as a schoolmaster and trader.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 9: The couple married the following year and together had four children, Menotti, Rosita, Teresita and Ricciotti.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 10: Giuseppe Garibaldi joined the Freemasons in 1844.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 11: Two years later Pope Pius IX was elected and his election was widely accepted with joy and hope for the future unification of Italy.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 12: He finally returned to Italy in 1848 during the revolution and the First Italian War of Independence.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 13: He was in Rome when the siege of Rome began on June 1sst in 1849 and left when a truce was agreed withdrawing with four thousand troops. As they made for the North in hopes of reaching Venice Anita died, carrying their fifth child.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 14: He would be forced to emigrate once more and left for Tangier. Unable to satisfy his political leanings he turned instead to making a living and to the purchase of a new vessel. However he came upon a severe problem there was no money for the purchase.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 15: He was fortunate to be given command of a ship by an Italian merchant in Lima. However after making several successful deliveries he reached New York and was in receipt of a rather hostile missive from Denegri upon which he promptly resigned.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 16: He met another Italian, Captain Figari who happen to be looking for a vessel to purchase which they did, the Commonwealth, which the sailed to London and on to Newcastle.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 17: He returned to Italy again in 1854 and with the aid money his brother had bequeathed him on his death, Garibaldi was able to purchase half of an island North of Sardinia called Caprera where he busied himself with agriculture.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 18: The Second Italian War of Independence erupted in 1859 and he was called upon to lead a volunteer unit called the Hunters of the Alps as its Major General.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 19: By 1866 he would become involved in the Austro-Prussian War and Italy had allied itself with Prussia.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 20: His last battle would be in France in command of the Army of the Vosges during 1870.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Fact 21: He died on June 2nd 1882 aged nearly seventy five years.

Influence & Legacy:
He was a skilful man when it came to calling the common people together for good cause. He gained a certain reputation for rising to revolutionary, nationalism and liberalism causes.

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