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Facts about Isaac Oliver

Summary: Isaac Oliver was one of the most prominent miniature portrait painters in Elizabethan England during the Renaissance era.

He was born in France to a prominent Huguenot family who fled to England in 1568 to escape religious persecution by French Catholics.

He studied under Nicholas Hilliard and became a renowned miniature portraitist. He developed a naturalist style largely influenced by Flemish and Italian artists. Isaac Olivier would change his name to simply Oliver.

A prominent miniature portraitist he would come to work for the Royal family at the Stuart English court and painted portraits of King James I and his wife Queen Anne to whom he was appointed as Royal Limner.

Isaac Oliver Fact Sheet: Who was Isaac Oliver? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Isaac Oliver, the famous Renaissance Artist.

Isaac Oliver Fact File: Lifespan: 1556 1617 *** Full Name: Isaac Oliver *** Place of Birth: Isaac Oliver was born in Rouen, France *** Family background: His father was a Huguenot called Peter Olivier *** Education: Isaac Oliver began his artistic education as apprentice to Nicholas Hilliard *** Isaac Oliver died on October 2, 1617

Isaac Oliver Fact 1: Date and Place of Birth He was born in 1556 in Rouen, France. His exact date of birth is unknown, due to the lack of birth records during the era

Isaac Oliver Fact 2: His father was a goldsmith called Peter Olivier and his mother's name was Epiphany. The family escaped France to England in 1568 as a result of the French Wars of Religion.

Isaac Oliver Fact 3: The family were Huguenots, members of the French Calvinist Protestant Church, and did not want to face persecution from Catholics for their beliefs.

Isaac Oliver Fact 4: Isaac Oliver initially learnt the art of a goldsmith from his father and was then apprenticed to Nicholas Hilliard (1547 1619) the miniaturist and goldsmith to Queen Elizabeth I.

Isaac Oliver Fact 5: Nicholas Hilliard held the position Royal limner at the Tudor Court. A limner was the name of an illuminator of manuscripts or a painter of ornamental decoration such as miniature portraits. His apprentice Isaac Oliver was an excellent student and learnt the skills from the master artist.

Isaac Oliver Fact 6: Isaac Oliver went on to continue his art studies in Venice, Italy exploring the workshops of eminent Italian Renaissance artists. He remained in Italy for several years before returning to England as a mature and highly competant artist.

Isaac Oliver Fact 7: Isaac Oliver developed his own style of painting that was more realistic than that of Hilliard and Oliver made greater use of shadowing. Shadows were perceived as a foreign invention and Oliver became known for his use foreign techniques. Oliver also portrayed more of the subject's body than Hilliard who only painted the head and shoulders.

Isaac Oliver Fact 8: Oliver's style was more modern than Hilliard's and it included greater use of linear perspective. Isaac Oliver eventually became a major competitor and rival of Nicholas Hilliard.

Isaac Oliver Fact 9: His first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1599. They had a son, Peter Oliver, who followed in his father's footsteps and also became emminent in miniature painting.

Isaac Oliver Fact 10: In 1602 Isaac Oliver married Sara, the daughter of the famous Flemish portrait painter Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder (c. 1520 c. 1590) and his wife Susannah de Critz who were associated with the Tudor court. Susannah de Critz was a close relative of Queen Elizabeth I's serjeant-painter, John de Critz.

Isaac Oliver Fact 11: The well-connected Isaac Oliver received great acclaim for his work and received commissions from members of the royal household together with those from the London merchant community and wealthy members of the English gentry.

Isaac Oliver Fact 12: Queen Elizabeth I was known to prefer the style of Hilliard and continued to favor the old artist until she died in 1603. Queen Elizabeth I was succeeded by King James I of England and VI of Scotland.

Isaac Oliver Fact 13: The new king greatly admired the work of Isaac Oliver and appointed him to the position of Royal Limner to his wife, Queen Anne. In this role Oliver designed and organized some fantastic masques for Queen Anne using dramatic staging and spectacle. Under the patronage of Queen Anne the Royal Collection began to expand, a policy that would continue with Anne's son, Charles.

Isaac Oliver Fact 14: Isaac Oliver died on October 2nd 1617 in London, England. He left his painting equipment and some portraits to his son Peter who became a noted portrait painter and miniaturist in his own right and for his miniature-size copies of Old Masters.

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