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Facts about Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy Biography Summary: Jacqueline Kennedy (1929 - 1994) was famous for being married to John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States. She was a truly remarkable woman. She was intelligent and beautiful.

She was certainly an asset to her husband in many ways. When he was elected President and she became the First Lady, she set about having the White House restored and did so with a remarkable skill that was not at first apparent, but would later come to light.

She became even more popular than her husband, at home as well as abroad, together and or on her own.

The sadness she experienced in her life is unimaginable, to lose two children as well as the assassination of your husband, must have been beyond belief and only through her strength of character and familial support did she make it through those enormously difficult periods in her life.

Jackie Kennedy Fact Sheet: Who was Jackie Kennedy? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie Kennedy Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1929 - 1994 *** Full Name: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and became Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis *** Nickname: Jackie and Jackie O *** Occupation: First Lady of the United States *** Date of Birth: Jackie Kennedy was born on July 28th 1929 *** Place of Birth: Jackie Kennedy was born in Southampton, New York, America *** Family background: Her father was John Vernou “Black Jack” Bouvier III and a Wall Street stockbroker and her mother was Janet Norton Lee. She had a younger sister, Caroline Lee. Her parents divorced in 1940 and her mother would remarry and have a further two children Janet Jennings and James Lee. Between her parents she was of Irish, French, English and Scottish ancestry *** Early life and childhood: She grew up with her sister in East Hampton until her parents parted when the sisters would split their time between their parents’ homes in Virginia and Rhode Island *** Education: Jackie Kennedy attended school in New York City at the Chapin School, Holton-Arms School in Maryland, Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut, Vassar College in New York before moving to France and attending the University of Grenoble and the Sorbonne in Paris. When she returned to the U.S. she completed her college education at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French literature ***

Jackie Kennedy Fact 1: Jacqueline Kennedy was born on July 28th 1929 and during the 20th century period in history when such things as cultural homogenization through development in transportation and communications technology as well as world population grown are all major issues in this century.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 2: From a very early age she had a great interest in all things equestrian, by the age of two years she was controlling her own pony and always climbed straight back on her horses back.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 3: Those that know her well said she was changed after the divorce of her parents, would become introvert and quiet, withdrawing into a world of her own. The intimate details of her parents’ lives published for all to read would have a profound and lasting effect on the young ten year old girl.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 4: It would be her mother’s step son, Yusha who would become one of her trusted confidents and closest friend.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 5: It would be during her engagement to John G. W. Husted Jr that Jackie first met John F. Kennedy and shortly thereafter she broke off her engagement.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 6: Jackie and Kennedy moved and socialized in the same circles and often came into contact with each other. Each had a shared interest in writing and travel and were both Catholic. At that time Kennedy was running for the U.S. Senate but having won the election in November the relationship became stronger until they became engaged in June of 1953.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 7: The couple married at St Mary’s Church in Newport, in Rhode Island on September 12th 1953 with the wedding being hailed the event of the season.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 8: Unbeknownst the general public Kennedy suffered from both severe back pain due to a war injury and also Addison’s Disease.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 9: Having suffered a miscarriage in 1955 giving birth to a still born daughter they called Arabella. Two years after they married Jackie gave birth to a healthy daughter in November of 1957, Caroline, followed by a son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr and finally another son, Patrick Bouvier who died at only two days old. Born prematurely his tiny lungs were not developed enough.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 10: It soon became apparent to her husband how useful she was for his career, remarking she had “tremendous awareness, an all-seeing eye and a ruthless judgment.”

Jackie Kennedy Fact 11: Jackie would get on remarkably well with her mother-in-law Rose and her father-in-law Joseph.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 12: In January of 1960 Kennedy announced his running for President. Although she had planned on being more active during his campaign she found herself pregnant and was ordered by her doctor to remain in the family home but as a result of these measures some of his supporters viewed her as being a snob and uninterested in politics which was far from the truth.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 13: As the election results came in Jackie paid close attention to the results while her husband took a walk on the grounds of their home. It was on his return that he discover he had become the elected President of the United States.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 14: Shortly after the election Jackie went into labor and delivered, by Caesarean section, the couple’s first son, John F. Kennedy, Jr and while Jackie was hospitalized for the first of weeks both her son’s and her condition were closely monitored and reported by the media.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 15: Being married to one of the most powerful men in the world proved challenging and although she did not mind the interviews or having her picture taken she did at that time prefer to keep a low profile as much as possible for her children’s sake, although she appeared with him wherever and whenever possible she was also a successful event planner for the White House and the many public functions held there.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 16: After the death of the fourth and final child Jackie was suffering a deep bereavement and was invited to join Aristotle Onassis aboard his yacht, although widely frowned up the trip did indeed lift her spirits although she would later state she wished had returned sooner.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 17: In November the couple set out for Texas on a political trip that would end in tragedy. Driving in the motor cade to Trade Mart where the President was to give a speech the rounded the corner on to Elm Street in Dealey Plaza when Jackie heard what she first thought was a backfiring noise from a motorcycle but soon discovered she was mistaken when she heard the accompanying passenger Governor Connally scream followed by what were two further gun shots the next of which would strike the President.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 18: Her husband died that fateful day on November 22nd 1963 leaving her a widow with two very small children to raise.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 19: She stepped back from public duty and found great solace in Robert Kennedy and relied on him very much at the time.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 20: In 1968 she accepted the offer of a cruise on the yacht of Aristotle Onassis to the Virgin Islands. That same year would see the assignation of Robert F Kennedy moments after his California Democratic presidential primary victory.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 21: Fearful for the safety of her children with a second assassination on a Kennedy family member she wished for nothing more than to escape and found safety and security in marrying Onassis who was wealthy beyond means and able to offer her the safety and security she craved for her family.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 22: The publicity and feeling surround her remarriage were not kind and she would become hounded by the paparazzi.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 23: She contacted Ted Kennedy several years into her marriage to Onassis as she felt her children needed a male Kennedy father figure in their lives and rose to the challenge. By 1975 she would find herself a widow again when Onassis died and under Greek law she was very limited to how much she was entitled to as a non-Greek widow. She would eventually come to an arrangement with Onassis daughter Christina.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 24: As her children were older by then she returned to the States and found employment in the press industry but this was only short lived before she gave it up rather abruptly.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 25: Between 1980 and 1994 she lived between New York’s Martha’s Vineyard and the Kennedy Compound in Massachusetts. In November 1993 she had a fall from her horse which resulted in her remaining unconscious for thirty minutes and in January 1994 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Jackie Kennedy Fact 26: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died in her sleep on May 19th 1994 in her Fifth Avenue apartment. Her body was laid to rest alongside that of her two baby children, Arabella and Patrick and her beloved husband John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

Jackie Kennedy Influence & Legacy: Jackie Kennedy has become hugely followed as a style and fashion icon. Her sense of dress during the 50’s and 60’s is of a style that hundreds of thousands of women across the globe had worn and designers have created many ranges based on her iconic clothing.

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