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Jane Austen Biography Summary: Jane Austen (1775 - 1817) was famous for romantic fiction.

Jane Austen is usually viewed as a tragic figure. A single woman who never married and had children, which was the normal series of events for women in her era.

Not that she didnít want those things, just that the man she could have shared those things with was not allowed, by family and society, to marry her because of money. Tom Lefroy would be forbidden to her as he needed to marry money and she had none.

Sadly for Jane as well she would contract a disease that would slowly kill her and she died tragically young at only forty one years of age.

Jane Austen Fact Sheet: Who was Jane Austen? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Jane Austen.

Jane Austen Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1775 - 1817 *** Full Name: Jane Austen *** Occupation: English Novelist *** Date of Birth: Jane Austen was born on December 16th 1775 *** Place of Birth: Jane Austen was born in the rectory at Stevenson, in Hampshire, England *** Family background: Her father was George Austen and her mother was Cassandra. They were part of the substantial gentry class, her father coming from a family of woolen manufacturers who prospered enough to become gentry rather than working class. Her father was a rector for the Anglican parishes at Steventon in Hampshire *** Early life and childhood: She grew up with six brothers, James, George, Edward, Henry Thomas, Francis William, and Charles John as well as her only sister Cassandra Elizabeth who would become and remain her dearest friend *** Education: Jane Austen received a very high standard of education as her father was also a teacher, together with her sister they would sent to Oxford to be educated by Mrs Ann Cawley and then attended boarding school where she learnt French and spelling, needlework, music and dancing as well as drama ***

Jane Austen Fact 1: Jane Austen was born on December 16th 1775 and during the 18th century period in history when France and America both went through revolutions and the Industrial Revolution began in Britain.

Jane Austen Fact 2: In 1783 both Jane and her sister caught typhus, Jane barely survived.

Jane Austen Fact 3: With her father being a teacher and with the guidance of two of her brothers, James and Henry, she was given complete access to her fatherís extensive library.

Jane Austen Fact 4: In 1786 with her education complete she returned to her home and would never again live anywhere outside her family environment.

Jane Austen Fact 5: It is thought that she began writing her poetry as young as twelve years old.

Jane Austen Fact 6: She also began writing plays and stories around this time.

Jane Austen Fact 7: As she became an adult she began to live her life as most young women of her age, assisting her mother around the home, helping female relatives during their confinement and after the birth of their children as well as being present at the deaths of older relatives.

Jane Austen Fact 8: She also attended social functions with family, friends and neighbors.

Jane Austen Fact 9: Having decided to try and write stories for payment she began to write more sophisticated material and in-depth stories.

Jane Austen Fact 10: Her first full length novel was produced before 1796 and would later be published as Sense and Sensibility in 1811.

Jane Austen Fact 11: During 1795 she made the acquaintance of Tom Lefroy and the two got along very well together indeed. It was even suggested they may have married but the fact that neither of them had incomes to sustain a marriage and Tom was very much reliant on an Irish male relative to help him succeed in his future career and so the two would never again meet.

Jane Austen Fact 12: During 1796 she began work on another novel she called First Impressions which would become Pride and Prejudice when published.

Jane Austen Fact 13: In 1797, Janeís father, George, wrote to a publisher in London and enquired if he would be interest in publishing Janeís work on First Impressions, but the letter was returned marked ďDeclined by Return of PostĒ it is largely thought Jane was not aware of her fatherís assistance.

Jane Austen Fact 14: The following year she began work on a Gothic novel that would become Northanger Abbey which Jane would complete the following year. This novel was purchased by a London publisher, Benjamin Crosby who bought the copyright for ten pounds but never actually published it. Jane bought back the copyright in 1816.

Jane Austen Fact 15: In 1800 Janeís father announced his decision to leave Stevenson, retire from his ministry and move the family to Bath. This news Jane found rather upsetting as she was unprepared to leave her family home, the only home she had ever known.

Jane Austen Fact 16: Jane would receive her only offer of marriage in 1802, from someone who she had known for a good many years. The match would have been a very secure financial one for Jane, as Harris Bigg-Wither was the heir to his family estates located in the area Jane and her family were very familiar with, she would be more than able to look after her parents in their old age and even probably assist her brothers in their chosen careers. The one factor that was missing on her part, was any real affection for the man. Having accepted his proposal initially, she later withdrew her acceptance.

Jane Austen Fact 17: Her father died rather suddenly leaving Jane, her mother and sister in serious financial difficulties which was reflected in their living arrangements, but all four brothers pledged financial assistance to make sure they were supported, although the three women spent much of the next four years moving from one family members home to another.

Jane Austen Fact 18: By 1809, Edward Austen offered his sisters and mother an opportunity that would see their circumstances much more settled and they moved into Chawton House in July of 1809. Socializing hardly at all, the women spent their time in assisting the local unfortunates and teaching boys and girls to read and write.

Jane Austen Fact 19: This period in time offered Jane ample opportunity to devote serious time to her writing. By 1811, with the publication of Sense and Sensibility, Jane finally had an element of financial security, as well as a psychological lift.

Jane Austen Fact 20: The move to Chawton proved fruitful when it came to her writing and publishing. During her time there, she published four novels, Sense and Sensibility was first, followed by Pride and Prejudice and then Mansfield Park in 1814 and this one proved financially far more lucrative than either previous novels.

Jane Austen Fact 21: Although not enamored of the Prince Regent, he nevertheless was a huge admirer of her work and she was asked to dedicate her next novel to him, her fourth novel Emma was published in December of 1815. Her next novel was Persuasion.

Jane Austen Fact 22: By early 1816 however, Jane began to feel considerably unwell and her health went into a fairly rapid decline but she would continue to work as best she could, but by 1817 around April, she would be confined to her bed.

Jane Austen Fact 23: On July 18th 1817 Jane Austen lost her battle and died in Winchester aged forty one years. Her body laid to rest in Winchester Cathedral.

Jane Austen Influence & Legacy: Jane Austenís legacy is that of a various of her novels standing the test of time and remaining in print. Her most favored one would be Pride and Prejudice loved by millions around the world.

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