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John D. Rockefeller Facts

John D. Rockefeller

Facts about John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller Biography                  Summary: John D. Rockefeller (1839 - 1937) was famous for revolutionizing the petroleum industry.

He made a lot of money by buying out his completion, borrowing huge sums to plow back into his business and keep ahead of the growing market and keeping his prices so low no one could compete with him.

From his very first job he gave money to charity. From six percent of his first earnings at sixteen years of age to ten percent by the time he was twenty.

Most of his charitable donations went to church related charities as well as towards public health causes and educational facilities for African-American freedmen post the American Civil War.

In later life he used his vast fortune to target certain areas that particularly needed aid for example in areas of education, medicine and science he created foundations that would help develop these institutions.

John D. Rockefeller Fact Sheet: Who was John D. Rockefeller? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of John D. Rockefeller.

John D. Rockefeller Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1839 – 1937 *** Full Name: John Davison Rockefeller Sr *** Occupation: American Business Magnate *** Date of Birth: John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8th 1839 *** Place of Birth: John D. Rockefeller was born in Richford, New York, USA *** Family background: His father was William Avery “Bill” Rockefeller who was a con artist and his mother was Eliza Davison. His father’s family were from England and Germany while his mother’s family came from Scotland and Ireland *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with five siblings, Lucy, William Jr, Mary, Franklin and Frances who were twins. He saw very little of his father as he was often away from home and his mother did her very best to maintain stability *** Education: John D. Rockefeller attended school first at Owego Academy, then when the family moved he attended Cleveland’s Central High School and later learned book keeping at Folsom’s Commercial College ***

John D. Rockefeller Fact 1: John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8th 1839 and during the 19th century period in history when huge leaps were made in the science and technological advances.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 2: Despite his father’s absence, Rockefeller was a studious child, serious and well behaved. As a youngster he made money by selling potatoes, raising turkeys and selling candy. From an early age, he had a head for numbers, using the money he made he would lend small amounts to neighbors.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 3: His first job out of school was as a bookkeeper at sixteen years of age for Hewitt & Tuttle.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 4: In 1859 he went into business with Maurice B. Clark and they raised four thousand dollars in capital and from there on Rockefeller steadily increased his income year on year.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 5: They built an oil refinery when they quit the wholesale foodstuffs in 1863. At that time the oil business was still in its infancy. The refinery was originally owned by chemist Samuel Andrews, M.C. Clark’s two brothers with Rockefeller and called Andres, Clark & Company. Later Rockefeller bought out the Clark’s brothers and established the company of Rockefeller & Andrews.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 6: After the Civil War he made a series of decision that took his business forward rapidly.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 7: His younger brother William Jr in 1866 in Cleveland built another refinery and Henry M. Flagler would become a partner also and the firm Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler was created.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 8: Rockefeller continued to borrow heavily, put his profit back into the business and building the company every bigger. At that time their refinery was the largest worldwide and so out of Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler became the Standard Oil Company which also became the biggest kerosene and oil shippers in the country.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 9: Rockefeller became a ruthless businessman, in 1872 of the twenty six competitors he had in Cleveland his company absorbed twenty two of them.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 10: Eventually he added pipelines, tank cars and home deliveries to the company as well as producing other oil based products such as Vaseline petroleum jelly, tar to paint and chewing gum.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 11: He would be refining upwards of ninety percent of the oil in the United States by 1870 and was already a millionaire.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 12: By the 1890’s he was expanding his business empire into iron ore and ore transportation and expanding his buying to crude oil producers in Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia as the Pennsylvania fields began to dry up.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 13: Always a giver, even from an early age, he gave regularly to charity.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 14: From the age of about fifty he began suffering failing health. Stress related illnesses, evening developing alopecia and going totally bald but as he began to wind back his work schedule the stresses eased.

John D. Rockefeller Fact 15: On May 23rd 1937 John Davison Rockefeller died at his home in Florida of arteriosclerosis aged ninety seven. His body was laid to rest in the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

John D. Rockefeller Influence & Legacy: Although there are many who would say his career and business practices were not strictly above board he nevertheless was a world leader in the oil refinery business from the outset. He also had a long philanthropic career and did much good with a large portion of the money he earned.

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