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John Quincy Adams

Facts about John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams Biography Summary: John Quincy Adams (1767 - 1848) was famous for being the 6th President of the United States.

John Quincy Adams very much followed in his fatherís footsteps. Having, from an early age, traveled on diplomatic missions with his father, he became the first United States minister to Russia and was a very popular figure in Russia, as was his wife, who contributed the grace and social skills that Adams lacked. From there his diplomatic career continued on an upward trajectory.

As U.S. Secretary of State he was also successful but when he was elected President by the House of Representatives, when it was clearly expected that Andrew Jackson was the winner, Jackson would be a thorn in Adams side during his presidential term from beginning to end.

John Quincy Adams Fact Sheet: Who was John Quincy Adams? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of John Quincy Adams.

John Quincy Adams Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1767 - 1848 *** Full Name: John Quincy Adams *** Occupation: American Statesman, Diplomat and 6th President of the United States *** Date of Birth: John Quincy Adams was born on July 11th 1767 *** Place of Birth: John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, U.S. *** Family background: His father was John Adams, had been a lawyer, statesman, diplomat, author and former President of the United States and his mother was Abigail Smith. His maternal great-grandfather, for whom he had been named, Colonel John Quincy, died just two days after his birth. The town Quincy was also named after his great-grandfather *** Early life and childhood: He grew up his siblings Abigail, Charles and Thomas *** Education: John Quincy Adams was home schooled by his fatherís clerk, Nathan Rice and his cousin, James Thax although he did attend Harvard College ***

ohn Quincy Adams Fact 1: John Quincy Adams was born on July 11th 1767 and during the 18th century period in history when the French Revolution took place, the Ottoman Empire went into a decline and Great Britain became a main power around the globe.

John Quincy Adams Fact 2: At twelve years of age he first became aware of the Declaration of Independence, of which his father had taken a large part in drafting, from letters written by his father to his mother. John also began to keep a diary of which in his lifetime would compile fifty volumes.

John Quincy Adams Fact 3: As John grew his accompanied his father on many trips abroad including to France and the Netherlands. He attended the Leiden University as well as visiting Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

John Quincy Adams Fact 4: Between 1787 and 1789 he was apprenticed to Theophilus Parsons an attorney in Newburyport in Massachusetts and would gain admittance to the bar in 1791 and he began practicing in Boston.

John Quincy Adams Fact 5: Very much following in his fatherís footsteps he began his political career quite early on, he was offered the position of minister to the Netherlands and only because his father persuaded him it was a good idea.

John Quincy Adams Fact 6: During trips between The Hague and London he met and proposed to Louisa Catherine Johnson.

John Quincy Adams Fact 7: Though he had desired to return home he would be appointed as minister to Portugal by Washington and further to Berlin. It was only when he was made aware of how Washington thought so highly of him that he decided to remain in public service.

John Quincy Adams Fact 8: By 1802 he had married and made his return to America where he was appointed as Commissioner of Monetary Affairs in Boston, albeit for a very brief time.

John Quincy Adams Fact 9: He would however be elected and became a member of the Massachusetts State Senate. He would be elected as a Federalist to the U.S. Senate by the Massachusetts General Court and served from 1803 until 1808 when he left the Federalist Party.

John Quincy Adams Fact 10: During 1809 he would be appointed as the first United States Minister to Russia.

John Quincy Adams Fact 11: Once he had completed his term in Russia he was requested to attend to Great Britain and was minister to the Court of St James between 1815 and 1817, a position also held by his father.

John Quincy Adams Fact 12: Upon their return to America with James Monroe President at that time, Adams was appointed as Secretary of State and was part of the negotiations to acquired Florida from Spain under the Treaty of 1818.

John Quincy Adams Fact 13: During Monroeís presidency Adams created the Monroe Doctrine which stated that any European countries that attempted to interfere with or colonize lands within the Americas would be taken as an act of aggression to be met with U.S. force if necessary.

John Quincy Adams Fact 14: During 1824 the public were looking for candidates for the presidential elections and many were very keen to see Adams enter the race because he was skillful and patriotic.

John Quincy Adams Fact 15: In this instance it fell to the House of Representatives to choose the President from between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. This outcome was a complete shock to Jackson as he had won the overall popular vote and the Jacksonian Democrats suspected corruption to be involved, a belief that would overshadow Adams administration.

John Quincy Adams Fact 16: Adams nevertheless took the Oath of Office on the book of constitutional law instead of the more commonly used Bible and began his term as President.

John Quincy Adams Fact 17: One of his main tasks was as part of the American System to make internal improvements to the likes of road building, canals and a national university.

John Quincy Adams Fact 18: Much of Adams times spent as President was spent butting heads with Jackson much of the time because he simply would not back Adams proposals.

John Quincy Adams Fact 19: He lost the next election in no small part to the fact that Jackson wanted it so badly and had worked the whole four years of Adamsí presidency to undermine him and block him in every conceivable way that made Adamsí term as president seen to be not a successful one and so he garnered more votes overall.

John Quincy Adams Fact 20: Having left his office in the White House he did not however leave the political forum. He ran and won a seat in the United States House of Representatives and would be the first former President to serve in Congress.

John Quincy Adams Fact 21: John Quincy Adams died on February 23rd 1848 having suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage two days previously while in the House chamber. He died in the Speakerís Room in the Capital Building in Washington, with his wife and youngest son by his bedside, aged seventy eight years. His body laid to rest with his family in the United First Parish Church, in Quincy, Massachusetts

Influence & Legacy of  John Quincy Adams: Having built a fantastic reputation and career as a diplomat he became president at time when the face of politics was going through a radical change. He would not be looked upon as one of the greatest presidents in history but it could largely be said because of the obstacles that Andrew Jackson frequently put in his path.

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