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John Tyler Biography Summary:
John Tyler (1790 - 1862) was famous for being the 10th President of the United States.

John Tylerís ambition was to become vice president and not the president. He was a southern man who had strong beliefs in duty and family.

As President at that time, there were many who did not feel he should have become President. The two sides of the political spectrum where very hostile to each other and consequently instead of making choices for the country they were in a political battle that served no purpose for the people of the country.

Tyler had decided as President to put himself above party politics and attempt to do what was right for his country and inevitably this displeased one party or another. What he failed to do, which others had succeeded in doing in his position in the future, was to follow up on his predecessors plans and this in itself may have been the cause of his difficulties.

John Tyler Fact Sheet: Who was John Tyler? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of John Tyler.

John Tyler Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1790 - 1862 *** Full Name: John Tyler *** Occupation: American Lawyer and 10th President of the United States *** Date of Birth: John Tyler was born on March 29th 1790 *** Place of Birth: John Tyler was born in Charles City County, Virginia, U.S. *** Family background: His father was John Tyler Sr. and his mother was Mary Marot Armistead. His father was known as Judge Tyler, he had been a friend of Thomas Jefferson and roommate when they attended college. He also served in the House of Delegates, was known to Benjamin Harrison V, he became the state court judge as well as governor and a judge on the U.S. District Court at Richmond *** Early life and childhood: He grew up with five sisters and two brothers on Greenway Plantation, the family home consisting of the a six room manor house his father had built for his family *** Education: John Tyler attended the elite College of William and Mary ***

John Tyler Fact 1: John Tyler was born on March 29th 1790 and during the 18th century period in history when the French Revolution took place, the Ottoman Empire went into a decline and Great Britain became a main power around the globe.

John Tyler Fact 2: Once he had graduated from school he wished to read law and did so under the former United States Attorney General Edmund Randolph.

John Tyler Fact 3: By the time Tyler was nineteen he was admitted to the bar albeit he was under age, but the examining judge failed to check how old he was.

John Tyler Fact 4: As he prospered in his own practice situated in Richmond, he purchased Woodburn plantation in 1813. At this time his father was serving as the Governor of Virginia.

John Tyler Fact 5: At twenty one years of age he would be elected to the House of Delegates and served five one year terms as well as sitting on the Courts of Justice committee.

John Tyler Fact 6: As was common for the time, Tyler was very anti-British and when the War of 1812 came he put together a small militia band which was never used.

John Tyler Fact 7: On December 17th 1816 he was sworn in as the Democratic-Republican representative in the Fourteenth Congress.

John Tyler Fact 8: By 1820, deciding that a congressmanís salary was not enough to pay to educate children, he returned to his private practice full time.

John Tyler Fact 9: By 1923 he had become bored with law and pursued election to the House of Delegates in which he was successful, however upon his taking up of his seat he found himself in the midst of the presidential election congressional nominating caucus.

John Tyler Fact 10: He would be considered for nomination for the U.S. Senate in 1824 and was elected for the position of Governor of Virginia in 1825.

John Tyler Fact 11: He would have to resign his governorship when in 1827 he was selected to go up against John Randolph for the Senate seat and was elected by a vote of 115-110.

John Tyler Fact 12: By 1828 the presidential election was to be decided between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Tyler would write in respect of Jackson ďTurning to him I may at least indulge in hope; looking on Adams I must despair.Ē .

John Tyler Fact 13: Andrew Jackson won the election but did not always find Tyler voting in his favor and often in fact Tyler voted against him for the majority of the time, which as his party leader did not always bode well.

John Tyler Fact 14: By 1834 the gap between Tyler and his party were on different pages and he quit, joining instead the newly formed Whig Party who proceeded to vote him President pro tempore of the Senate.

John Tyler Fact 15: In 1836 he would be called upon to vote in what would be against his beliefs constitutionally. He sought much advice and felt he had no choice but to resign in order to keep his honor intact.

John Tyler Fact 16: However he soon became involved, through no real fault of his own, in the presidential election of 1836 in which he was put forward for the position of Vice President which would not materialize that year.

John Tyler Fact 17: He would run for the vice presidency with William Harrison in 1841 and they won. Harrison however suffered with poor health and although this was known during the elections he was still voted in.

John Tyler Fact 18: In late March President Harrison was caught in a very heavy rain and contracted pneumonia and pleurisy. Tyler, at home in Williamsburg at the time, he was notified of the Presidentís illness be decided to remain at home.

John Tyler Fact 19: On the morning of April 5th Tyler was informed of the death of William Harrison and that he was now the President of the United States.

John Tyler Fact 20: Sworn in as President as soon as he arrived in Washington and called the Cabinet into session. Unlike his predecessor, who made policy on the basis of the majority vote, Tyler made it very clear he was not running his administration in the same way. Happy as he was to continue with his current cabinet members, should there come a time when they did not agree, he was happy to accept their resignations.

John Tyler Fact 21: Having vetoed a legislation for a national bank act members of the cabinet began handing in the resignations. What wasnít helping the whole situation was the Panic of 1837 which had caused the utter collapse of the financial sector.

John Tyler Fact 22: It was during Tylerís term as president that the first impeachment proceedings were instigated but would not amount to anything.

John Tyler Fact 23: Once his term was complete, Tyler returned to his family plantation in Virginia where he concentrated on running his property and raising his many children.

John Tyler Fact 24: John Tyler died on January 18th 1862 I Richmond, of a stroke, aged seventy one. His body was laid to rest in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia

John Tyler Influence & Legacy: It was during John Tylerís term as president that it became an issue when deciding who to nominate as vice president became so critical. With the death of William Harrison leaving John Tyler as the President of the United States questions were raised about a VP being a suitable replacement for the presidency should it become necessary? Many felt Tyler was not suitable and this in itself made his job even harder. Suffice it to say Tylerís term as President is not seen as a successful one.

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