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King Henry I

Facts about King Henry I

King Henry I Biography Summary:
King Henry I of England was the son of William the Conqueror and he reigned over England for more than 35 years.

He participated in various invasions and battles during his lifetime, many of which involved his two surviving elder brothers, Robert Curthose and William Rufus, who maintained an ongoing feud over inheritance left to them following the death of their father.

King Henry I Fact Sheet: Who was King Henry I? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of King Henry I, the famous King of England.

King Henry I Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1068 – 1135 *** Full Name: King Henry I was also known as Henry Beauclerc *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born in c. 1068 *** Place of Birth: King Henry I was probably born in England *** Family background: His father was William the Conqueror *** King Henry I died on December 1, 1135 ***

King Henry I Fact 1: King Henry I was more than likely born in England around the year of 1068.

King Henry I Fact 2: He was the King of England from August 2, 1100 until his death on December 1, 1135. His predecessor was William II and his successor was Stephen of Blois.

King Henry I Fact 3: His father was William the conqueror who became the first Norman King of England following the invasion of 1066 and reigned for more than 20 years from 1066 to 1087. His mother was Matilda of Flanders, she was Robert II of France's granddaughter.

King Henry I Fact 4: He had older brothers called Robert Curthose, Richard and William Rufus, and a sister called Adela. Little is known about his childhood or education other than his ability to speak Latin and his interest in liberal arts. He received military training from Robert Archard and he became knighted on May 24, 1086 by his father, William I of England.

King Henry I Fact 5: Upon his father's death in 1087, Henry and his two surviving brothers, Robert Curthose and William Rufus, inherited his estate. Henry's brothers received land, where as Henry was given a large sum of money and was advised that he would later inherit land belonging to his mother in Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire.

King Henry I Fact 6: His brother's, Robert and William, disagreed over the land that they'd inherited. Their conflict grew when William Rufus became King William II. Robert planned to invade England, however, he needed financial back up and asked Henry to help him. When Henry refused to loan him money, he continued his persuasions and managed to secure a deal by making Henry the count of western Normandy in exchange for £3,000.

King Henry I Fact 7: As the count of Western Normandy, Henry gained many supporters who became known as 'Henry's Gang'. Robert wanted to retract the deal but it was too late as Henry had already secured his position.

King Henry I Fact 8: He was imprisoned for a time in Neuilly-la-Forêt as his brother Robert was led to believe that Henry had visited England to conspire against the duke with William Rufus. However, the purpose of Henry’s visit to England was to make an unsuccessful attempt to convince the King to hand over his mother's estate.

King Henry I Fact 9: His brothers feud continued, William Rufus persuaded Conan Pilatus to revolt against Robert. After issuing an appeal for help, Henry traveled to Rouen where he joined Robert in battle. Henry became famous for his exploits during this particular battle as he continued in conflict even after his Robert retreated. Henry imprisoned Conan Pilatus who had turned against the feudal lord. Henry was very angry, he refused Conan's offer of a huge ransom and instead, had him thrown off the top of the castle, making an example of the man as he was brought to his death.

King Henry I Fact 10: Upon signing a treaty at Rouen in 1091, William Rufus and Robert negotiated ownership of land and castles, and made one another heirs to England and Normandy. Henry was excluded from the agreement and as a consequence, a war broke out. The treaty was soon broken when the brothers fell out once again. By this time, Henry had established a number of followers, and so, William Rufus began supporting him and tried to turn him against Robert.

King Henry I Fact 11: William Rufus was shot during a hunting accident. Henry convinced barons that he was the best man to rise to the throne as he'd been born to a king and queen. The barons followed him and he was crowned King of England on August 5, 1100 at Westminster Abbey, London.

King Henry I Fact 12: Upon being crowned the King Henry I of England, he made many promises including the abolishment of policies towards the church, and to establish and retain peace across England.

King Henry I Fact 13: He married the daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland, Matilda, on November 11, 1100. They had two children together called Matilda and William Adelin. Before and after his marriage to Matilda, King Henry I had many mistresses and more than 20 illegitimate children.

King Henry I Fact 14: The Treaty of Alton was signed in 1101 by King Henry I of England and his brother Robert. The agreement declared that Henry I was to pay Robert a yearly stripend for life of £2,000 in exchange for giving him recognition as the King of England.

King Henry I Fact 15: The treaty agreement only lasted a matter of a few years as Henry invaded the Duchy of Normandy in 1105 and defeated Robert's army in 1106 during the Battle of Tinchebray. Henry imprisoned his brother Robert for the rest of his life until his death in 1134.

King Henry I Fact 16: During the years that followed his invasion of the Duchy of Normandy, he came into conflict with Louis VI of France, Baldwin of Flanders and Fulk of Anjou who were supporters of William Clito, the son of Robert, Henry's imprisoned brother.

King Henry I Fact 17: The Battle of Bremule took place on August 20, 1119 between Louis VI of France and King Henry I of England. In 1120, following King Henry I's victory, a peace settlement between the two powers was finally agreed.

King Henry I Fact 18: His marriage to Matilda lasted until 1118. His only legitimate son died in 1120 during the White Ship disaster when the vessel he was on sank in the English Channel. Desperate for another heir, he married Adeliza of Louvain in 1121, however, they didn't have any children at all. King Henry I made his only legitimate daughter, Matilda, his heir. However, when King Henry I died, she didn't inherit the throne, he was instead succeeded by Stephen of Blois, his nephew.

King Henry I Fact 19:  He became ill during a hunting expedition in Lyons-la-Forêt in November 1135 after eating lampreys which resulted in a severe bout of food poisoning.

King Henry I Fact 20: He died on December 1, 1135. His entrails were buried at Port-du-Salut Abbey in Mayenne, France and the rest of his body was interred at Reading Abbey in England.

Influence & Legacy: King Henry I of England reigned over his country for more than 35 years from 1100 until his death in 1135. He was a ruthless but effective ruler who won many victories during his lifetime.

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