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King Henry VI

Facts about King Henry VI

King Henry VI Biography Summary: King Henry VI (1421 - 1471) was famous for being the King of England on two separate occasions. Henry would become the youngest Prince to become a King at just nine months old.

At the age of sixteen he was declared old enough to rule his kingdom and a marriage with Margaret of Anjou, fifteen to his sixteen, was arranged.

Henry would suffer severe bouts of madness and depression, so severely at times he would not know nor understand what was going on around him for months. Margaret would largely take over the responsibilities of the land and trying to regain the throne for her husband.

Henry would regain his throne briefly but he would not only lose his throne but his son also in the ongoing war between the Lancastrian and Yorks, otherwise known as the Wars of the Roses.

King Henry VI Fact Sheet: Who was King Henry VI? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of King Henry VI.

King Henry VI Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1421 - 1471 *** Full Name: Henry VI *** Occupation: King of England *** Date of Birth: King Henry VI was born on December 6th 1421 *** Place of Birth: King Henry VI was born in Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England *** Family background: His father was King Henry V of England and his mother was Catherine of Valois the daughter of Charles VI of France *** Early life and childhood: He grew up an only child until his father died and his mother remarried and had two further sons, with two brothers, Edmund the Earl of Richmond and Jasper the Duke of Bedford *** Education: King Henry VI would have received the very best education his parents could provide in all aspects of learning ***

King Henry VI Fact 1: King Henry VI was born on December 6th 1421 and during the 15th century period in history when described as the late middle ages to early Renaissance and early modern period.

King Henry VI Fact 2: His father died in 1421 leaving a nine month old Henry to succeed to the throne and became the youngest person to ascend the English throne.

King Henry VI Fact 3: Barely a few weeks after that he would become the titular King of France when his grandfather Charles VI died.

King Henry VI Fact 4: As his mother was French the nobles of the court of England were very suspicious of her and would not allow her to have much to do with bringing up her son.

King Henry VI Fact 5: As such Parliament established a regency council to rule the land until Henry was old enough to do so himself. This council was head up by John, Duke of Bedford who was the baby King’s Uncle, brother to his father Henry V.

King Henry VI Fact 6: When his uncle was not available his father’s other brother, Humphrey Duke of Gloucester was appointed Protector and Defender of the Realm.

King Henry VI Fact 7: In 1437 at the age of sixteen he was declared old enough to take the reins of his own kingdom. It would be a bitter sweet time for young Henry as his mother died that same year.

King Henry VI Fact 8: Taking over the rule of his realm at a time during the Hundreds Years War, as a pious and shy young man and opposed to bloodshed and deceit he would allow those of his nobles who felt the same way to take the lead while he peaceful solution. The solution voiced was one of marriage to Margaret of Anjou who was the niece of King Charles VII. The marriage was agreed upon with certain considerations.

King Henry VI Fact 9: Their wedding took place on April 23rd 1445 and in 1446 the terms of the agreement for the marriage would become known and as Henry feared it did not make him popular. He had agreed to hand over Maine and Anjou to Charles but Margaret was determined that the agreement would be honored.

King Henry VI Fact 10: There is a strong suggestion of a mental breakdown of sorts in August of 1453 that would grip Henry for over a year in length, not even the birth of his own son and heir, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, seemed to rally him.

King Henry VI Fact 11: King Henry seemed to finally come out of himself on Christmas Day of 1454 but the nation was on the brink of war between the Houses of Lancaster and York.

King Henry VI Fact 12: The Wars of the Roses would continue over a number of years. By 1461 Henry had escaped inside his own head once more and he was captured in Northampton in 1460 and would be deposed on March 29th 1461 but would find himself released from prison in a fit of singing and laughing which the battle raged around him. The King and Queen made for Scotland and made it safely over the border.

King Henry VI Fact 13: Queen Margaret largely took the lead and their orders from her, those that were still loyal to the Lancastrians.

King Henry VI Fact 14: However in 1465 King Edward capture Henry and had him imprisonment once more, this time in the Tower of London.

King Henry VI Fact 15: During his time of incarceration, Margaret was in exile in France and was desperately determined to regain the throne not only for her husband but for her child.

King Henry VI Fact 16: Through various machinations Margaret agreed to the match been her son and the daughter of one of Edwards supporters with whom he had fallen out with and Margaret had managed to strike a deal with by a marriage between their children. With that deed done, the Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville, forced Edward into exile and restored Henry to his throne once more.

King Henry VI Fact 17: By the time Henry was back on his throne in October of 1470 but his return would last barely six months.

King Henry VI Fact 18: By this time Warwick had once more returned his loyalty to Edward and would assist him in regaining the throne in battle. Young Edward IV made his return to England in 1471 but would be killed in the Battle of Tewksbury on May 4th 1471.

King Henry VI Fact 19: Henry was returned to the Tower of London once more and there he died on May 21st 1471. His body laid to rest originally in Chertsey Abbey he was removed to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, England.

Influence & Legacy: His most notable achievement was in education and he would be responsible for the founding of Eton College, King’s College, Cambridge and All Souls College in Oxford.

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