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King Henry VIII

Facts about King Henry VIII

Biography Summary: King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) was famous for being King of England and Second Monarch of the Tudor Dynasty and having so many wives. Henry VIII would become one of the Englandís most notorious kings.

Although in fairness his behavior was solely in the pursuit of having a male heir to succeed to his throne, his choices perhaps not always so wise where his heart led over his head but nevertheless overall as a King alone he is ranked amongst one of the greatest. Particularly when it came to his love of the sea and the creation of a navy that would in the future become the basis for the Admiralty which would be the organization ultimately responsible for the command of the Royal Navy.

King Henry VIII Fact Sheet: Who was King Henry VIII? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of King Henry VIII.

King Henry VIII Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1491 - 1547 *** Full Name: King Henry VIII *** Occupation: King of England and Second Monarch of the Tudor Dynasty *** Date of Birth: King Henry VIII was born on June 28th 1491 *** Place of Birth: King Henry VIII was born in Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, England *** Family background: His father was King Henry VII and his mother Elizabeth of York *** Early life and childhood: Henry had six siblings, beginning with his older brother, heir apparent, Arthur, Prince of Wales, Margaret, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth Tudor, Mary, Queen of France, Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset and Katherine Tudor. Third of six children only three of their children survived infancy *** Education: Henry would have been educated to the highest standard. His maternal Grandmother took a particular interest in her grandsonís education and religious upbringing. Apart from lessons in grammar, history, languages, logic, philosophy, literature and music, Prince Henry was also educated in astronomy, navigation and cartography which led to his interest and subsequent increase in his own naval fleet from five to over fifty ships during his reign. The most famous being the Mary Rose. He also took tremendous enjoyment in the sporting aspect of his education. It should be remembered that Prince Henry was the second son and as such, had none of the heir apparent responsibilities or duties that his brother was raised to shoulder. At most, Prince Henry's future was destined to follow a secular path ***

King Henry VIII Fact 1: King Henry VIII was born on June 28th 1491 and during the end of the 15th century period in history when which is described as the late middle ages to early Renaissance and early modern period.

King Henry VIII Fact 2: After the unexpected death of his older brother, Arthur, at the age of fifteen, Henry is proclaimed King.

King Henry VIII Fact 3: He obtains a papal dispensation and marries his brother's widow, Katherine of Aragon, at the age of eighteen.

King Henry VIII Fact 4: They had one child, Mary. In 1526, Henry became obsessed with Anne Boleyn.

King Henry VIII Fact 5: Henry applies to the Pope for his consent to divorce Katherine of Aragon. This is not forthcoming.

King Henry VIII Fact 6: By 1532, Anne becomes pregnant and in 1533, Henry is excommunicated by the Pope for marrying Anne Boleyn. She gives birth to Elizabeth in September that year.

King Henry VIII Fact 7: In 1534, Henry breaks with the church in Rome and Parliament passes the Act of Supremacy, confirming King Henry VIII as the Supreme head of the Church of England.

King Henry VIII Fact 8: In 1536, Anne Boleyn is executed for treason and within hours of Anne's execution, Henry is betrothed to Jane Seymour, who in 1537, dies after prematurely giving birth to the future King, Edward VI.

King Henry VIII Fact 9: In 1540, Henry marries Anne of Cleves, but later has the marriage annulled.

King Henry VIII Fact 10: In that same year, he marries Katherine Howard, but in 1542, she is executed for adultery.

King Henry VIII Fact 11: Henry then marries his sixth and final bride, Katherine Parr, in 1543.

King Henry VIII Fact 12: Katherineís own legacy would be in reuniting father with his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth and helping to instigate the Act of Parliament that put both Mary and Elizabeth back in line for succession but only after Edward, the Prince of Wales.

King Henry VIII Fact 13: King Henry VIII died on the January 28th 1547 aged fifty six. King Henry VIII had various injuries and illnesses during his lifetime. It has been suggested his death was ultimately caused by contracting syphilis but that is largely unsubstantiated.

Influence & Legacy: Founding the Church of England albeit for self-regarding interest it would nevertheless be one of his abiding legacies.

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