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King James I

Facts about King James I

King James I Biography Summary: King James I (1566 - 1625) was famous for being the First King of Scotland, England and Ireland collectively.

He would become one of Great Britain’s greatest monarchs. Following in the footsteps of Elizabeth I as her successor continued with what became dubbed the “Golden Age” as he encouraged literature and drama and he sponsored what became known as the King James Version of the Bible.

He married Anne of Denmark and together had three children, Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia and Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland. He was also of the line House of Stuart.

King James I Fact Sheet: Who was King James I? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of King James I.

King James I Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1566 - 1625 *** Full Name: Charles James, King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England and Ireland I *** Occupation: First King of Scotland, England and Ireland collectively *** Date of Birth: King James I was born on June 19th 1566 *** Place of Birth: King James I was born at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland *** Family background: James’s mother was Mary, Queen of Scots and his father was Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. He was an only son but his antecedents were impeccable on both his maternal and paternal sides. Both of his parents were great-grandchildren of Henry VII and his daughter Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII older sister. James married Anne of Denmark and together had seven children, although only three survived to adulthood, Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, Elizabeth and Charles, who would succeed him *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in Scotland *** Education: James’s education would have been second to none. James received a puritan based education. He would have been taught and write, mathematical skills and languages such as Latin, French and Italian. Having no senior adult in his life, with his parents both dead, quite often he was flattered into thinking he was very knowledgeable and was always right, when in fact this was not always the case, a trait that would unfortunately cause him a few problems in the future with the English Parliament ***

King James I Fact 1: King James I was born on June 19th 1566 and during the 16th century period in history when Portugal and Spain were exploring the oceans of the world and colonizing new lands.

King James I Fact 2: James became King of Scotland when he was just thirteen months old, with his mother Mary being forced to abdicate.

King James I Fact 3: She eventually fled Scotland for England, where Elizabeth I had her incarcerated until her execution.

King James I Fact 4: Raised in Stirling Castle by the Earl and Countess of Mar, James was brought up in the Protestant faith.

King James I Fact 5: Although Scotland was ruled by several regents whilst James grew up, by the age of seventeen, he was largely in control of his Kingdom.

King James I Fact 6: At the age of thirty seven he would become King of England, in the absence of an heir, to Queen Elizabeth, James was the next living relative in line to the throne and upon Queen Elizabeth I’s death in 1603, he became James I of England.

King James I Fact 7: James VI of Scotland and I of England would be most remembered for his being the first King of both Scotland and England, actually making him King of Scotland, England and Ireland and ultimately Great Britain.

King James I Fact 8: Although he referred to himself as King of Great Britain, it was only by proclamation and not statute.

King James I Fact 9: He would also be the King that managed peace between England and Spain for the longest time.

King James I Fact 10: Having inherited Elizabeth's realm of wealth and prosperity, he never the less had many confrontations with Parliament over finances.

King James I Fact 11: Having had his life threatened many times and various attempts foiled, the most serious of which was from Guy Fawkes, Fawkes’s attempt to not only remove the King and his family, but also the Houses of Parliament.

King James I Fact 12: James I was largely held in great affection by the English people. The Jacobean period, for which this would become known, was a relatively peaceful time.

King James I Fact 13: Having reigned over England for the better part of twenty two years, his declining years saw him begin to suffer increasingly with arthritis, gout, and kidney stones.

King James I Fact 14: On March 27th, 1625 King James I of England and VI of Scotland, died at Theobald’s House. After a funeral befitting that of a king, his body was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey, in London.

Influence & Legacy of King Henry VII: His legacy is one of the greatest of all English monarchs. Bringing together England and Scotland as well as bringing England and Spain together in peace.

Short Facts about King James I for Kids:
The above short facts detail interesting information about the life, milestones, history and key events that occurred during the life of this famous character, King James I.

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