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Summary: Margaret Garner was an African-American female who was born into slavery in Kentucky. Her owner treated her very badly so following her marriage to Robert in 1849, the couple tried their best to escape slavery along with their children.

Find out how Robert stole his owner’s gun, horses and sleigh in an attempt to free his wife and children, and what happened to the family when they were caught by slave catchers after they’d travelled to Cincinnati, Ohio, via the Ohio River and made it to a safe house located on the Underground Railroad.

The life of Margaret Garner is very sorrowful indeed. Discover important facts about her childhood including the name of the plantation where she was raised as a slave, who her father was thought to be, how tall she was and how she appeared fair skinned with a scar to her forehead.

Margaret Garner Fact 1: She was an African-American female born into slavery to the Gaines family who lived within the Maplewood Plantation, Boone County, Kentucky in the United States of America.

Margaret Garner Fact 2: Any person born into slavery would automatically become the property of their family's slave owner. The owner of the Maplewood Plantation was called John Pollard Gaines.

Margaret Garner Fact 3: Slaves were often treated badly by their owners and John Pollard Gaines and his family were no exception, they treated Margaret Garner very cruelly.

Margaret Garner Fact 4: It is believed that Archibald K. Gaines, the brother of John Pollard Gaines, fathered Margaret Garner's children as their skin colour was much lighter than hers and he was the only white man living at the Maplewood Plantation after he became the new owner of the Plantation in 1849.

Margaret Garner Fact 5: She had several children including Thomas who was born some time around 1850, Samuel, Mary and Priscilla.

Margaret Garner Fact 6: She married Robert Garner in 1849. Robert was also a slave at the Plantation in Kentucky.

Margaret Garner Fact 7: Records suggest that she was approximately five feet tall. She had a scar of her forehead and cheek which she claimed that she received after being struck by a white man.

Margaret Garner Fact 8: Margaret and Robert Garner escaped from the Maplewood Plantation on January 28th, 1856 along with their children and various other slave families. Margaret was pregnant at the time of their escape. Robert stole his owner's gun, horses and sleigh.

Margaret Garner Fact 9: Records show that seventeen people were said to be in the group of escaped slaves. They headed to Cincinnati, Ohio via the Ohio River. The weather was very cold and the river had frozen over. Once they'd crossed the ice and made it to Cincinnati, the group split in order to avoid attention.

Margaret Garner Fact 10: The group of escaped slaves consisted of herself, Robert, their four children and Roberts parents, Simon and Mary. The group managed to reach the house of a former slave, Margetet Garner's Uncle Joe Kite. The rest of the group managed to escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad.

Margaret Garner Fact 11: Joe Kite went to see Levi Coffin, an abolitionist, for his help. Levi Coffin agreed to assist the group's escape to safety. He advised Joe Kite to take the group west of the city where they should wait until night time.

Margaret Garner Fact 12: Before Joe Kite had returned to the group, slave catchers and U.S. Marshals had already found them inside his house. The situation was extremely sorrowful as upon being captured, Margaret Gardner killed her youngest daughter as she didn't want her to return to a life of slavery.

Margaret Garner Fact 13: The group was imprisoned whilst the trial continued for a number of weeks. Typically, a slave hearing would last a day or less, however, this case was different as a child had been killed. Questions remained over whether or not the case should be turned into a murder trial. Margaret Garner was not tried for murder instantly, she was returned to life as a slave for Archibald K.Gaines along with her husband and children.

Margaret Garner Fact 14: When official tried to find Margaret Garner, following an extradition warrant to try her for murder, they were unable to find her. The family's master, Archibald K.Gaines, moved them between cities before putting them on a boat to another plantatio in Arkansas.

Margaret Garner Fact 15: She died before her husband Robert. She passed away in 1858 from typhoid fever, before she died she asked Robert to never marry into slavery again and to live in hope of freedom.

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