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Summary: Nat Turner was an African-American slave who was born in Virginia. He became well known for his planned rebellion which involved an attack against white communities – a killing spree which involved a number of slaves and the use of weapons in order to spread fear amongst white people.

Find out facts with about this brave and daring man who planned one of the most famous rebellions in the history of slavery in the United States, and later faced the death sentence for his actions.

Nat Turner Fact File: Discover important facts about the life of Nat Turner including information about his childhood, who his slave master was and how he was naturally bright and intelligent. Find out he claimed that religious reasons led to his planned rebellion.

Nat Turner Fact 1: He was a slave of African-American descent. He was born on October 2nd, 1800 in Southampton County, Virginia in the United States of America.

Nat Turner Fact 2: He was born into slavery. His first owner was called Benjamin Turner but he died when Nat was approximately 10 years old. His new master was Benjamin's brother and his name was Samuel Turner.

Nat Turner Fact 3: He was also known by the name Nathaniel and he was given the same surname as his owner. Sources suggest that Nat's father escaped slavery when Nat was a child; therefore, information regarding his father is limited.

Nat Turner Fact 4: His grandmother was known as Old Bridget. Sources suggest that she was captured and taken to America at the age of 13. It is thought that she came from Ghana. Old Bridget was owned by the same master as Nat, Benjamin Turner.

Nat Turner Fact 5: He was a very religious person. He read the bible, prayed and preached to his fellow slaves.

Nat Turner Fact 6: He was naturally intelligent and quick to learn. He was fortunate to receive some form of education as many slaves were not permitted an education at all. Nat learned how to read and write from a young boy.

Nat Turner Fact 7: He was considered a prophet by his fellow slaves. His deeply religious values led him to believe that he was receiving messages and visions from God. Some of his visions were so strong that he would follow the advice which he believed was being delivered to him.

Nat Turner Fact 8: His visions from God led to his planned rebellion. He confided in his fellow slaves Hark, Nelson, Henry and Sam. After a series of solar eclipses and various atmospheric conditions which Nat considered further messages from God, the rebellion began on August 21st.

Nat Turner Fact 9: He rebelled, alongside his fellow slaves, by going on a killing spree in order to spread fear amongst the white communities. Using weapons, the rebels killed approximately 60 white men, women and children. He spared some whites of their lives as he believed they thought no more of themselves than of the slaves.

Nat Turner Fact 10: The following character description was used on a reward notice after the Nat Turner Rebellion:
5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, weighs between 150 and 160 pounds, rather bright complexion, but not a mulatto, broad shoulders, larger flat nose, large eyes, broad flat feet, rather knock-kneed, walks brisk and active, hair on the top of the head very thin, no beard, except on the upper lip and the top of the chin, a scar on one of his temples, also one on the back of his neck, a large knot on one of the bones of his right arm, near the wrist, produced by a blow

Nat Turner Fact 11: The Nat Turner Rebellion lasted 2 days. He managed to hide in a forest for approximately 2 months before been discovered by a farmer called Benjamin Phipps. Following a trial, Nat was sentenced to death on November 5th, 1831.

Nat Turner Fact 12: He was executed on November 11th, 1831 when he was hanged in Jerusalem, Virginia in the United States of America. Many other slaves involved in the rebellion were also hanged or sold out of state.

Nat Turner Fact 13: He confessed to Thomas Ruffin Gray who was a representing attorney for enslaved people. Although he wasn't officially Nat's lawyer, much of the information we have about on record about him came from a publication by Thomas Ruffin Gray called 'The Confessions of Nat Turner'.

Nat Turner Fact 14: He was listed by scholar Molefi Kete Jersey in 2002 as one of the 100 Greatest African Americans.

Nat Turner Fact 15: In honour for this extremely brave slave's battle for freedom, a park in Newark, New Jersey was named ‘Nat Turner Park’ in 2009.

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