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Pedro Alvares Cabral Facts

Pedro Alvares Cabral

Facts about Pedro Alvares Cabral

Pedro Alvares Cabral Biography Summary: Pedro Alvares Cabral (1468 - 1520) was famous for being the explorer to discover Brazil.

As a Portuguese nobleman he was specifically chosen by the King to explore the oceans and lands. This he did with an expedition to India in 1500.

He would be considered the first captain to have set foot on all four continents beginning with Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Later he would displease his King and fall out of favor and his discoveries too would fall out of history until nearly three hundred years later when he would surface and his discoveries would again be on the pages of history.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact Sheet: Who was Pedro Alvares Cabral? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Pedro Alvares Cabral.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact File Biography: Lifespan:1468 1520 *** Full Name: Pedro Alvares Cabral *** Occupation: Portuguese Nobleman, Military Commander, Navigator and Explorer *** Date of Birth: Pedro Alvares Cabral was born in 1468 the exact date of his birth is unknown *** Place of Birth: Pedro Alvares Cabral was born in Belmonte in Portugal *** Family background: His father was Fernao Álvares and his mother Isabel Gouveia *** Early life and childhood: He grew up as one of five boys and six girls born to his parents *** Education: Pedro Alvares Cabral was educated befitting his station, he was taught the humanities, he learnt to use weapons and was instructed in how to fight ***

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 1: Pedro Alvares Cabral was born in 1468 and during the 15th century period in history when described as the late middle ages to early Renaissance and early modern period.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 2: According to myth, it is said the Cabrais descended from Caranus, the first king of Macedonia, and quite a legend, and apparently 7th generation scion of Hercules, the demi-god. The family were also honored and rose to prominence in the 14th century as a result of Pedro’s military commander great-great-grandfather being one of the few nobles to support and remain loyal to Dom João the first, the King of Portugal during the war against the King of Castile.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 3: As a member of the nobility, all be it a lower ranking noble family, Pedro was sent to the court of they then king, Dom Afonso V when he was only twelve years old

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 4: By the age of seventeen he would be named Moço Fidalgo by King Dom João II.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 5: Pedro Álvares Cabral’s character would be described as well learned, generous, prudent and courteous, humble and tolerant with enemies but none the less, vain and overly concerned with being shown the respect he felt his title commanded.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 6: On February the 15th 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral, was given the appointment of major captain, or commander in chief, of a fleet that was to set sail for India.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 7: At this time it was Portuguese monarch that decided which nobles would be appointed to which military and naval commands.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 8: At times this could prove detrimental as not all nobles were capable, experienced or competent in these roles.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 9: Fortunately in the case of Pedro Álvares Cabral appointment, he was not only capable but would prove extremely competent and well chosen.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 10: His accomplishments in his career surpassed any he could have wished himself.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 11: Bring home much wealth in the spices, gold and slaves he was becoming quite the lucrative trader.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 12: In his quest not only in seeking another trade route that would bypass the Mediterranean Sea under the control of the Italian maritime republics and the Ottoman Empire, Cabral’s expeditions were also meant to spread Catholicism as far and wide as possible, in an effort to halt the moors and their Muslim beliefs.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 13: Their journey proved as much tragic as successful in that on March the 23rd Casco de Ataide, together with one hundred and fifty souls, completely disappeared without a trace off of the coast of West Africa.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 14: On April the 21st seaweed was spotted and it is believed by sailors to mean there is landfall near.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 15: On Wednesday April the 22nd, 1500 they made landfall. Pedro Álvares Cabral named the spot Monte Pascoal, meaning Easter Mount, as they were in the Easter period, the location is on the northeast coast of present day Brazil.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 16: Two years after the discovery of Brazil, he would become involved in hostilities with Vasco da Gama and Cabral was relieved of his duties and excused from court.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 17: Departing from court gave Cabral opportunity to settle his personal affairs and in doing so he married Dona Isabel de Castro, a descendent of King Dom Fernando I of Portugal. They would have four children, two sons, and two daughters.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 18: Cabral would later attempt to reconcile with his King, but to no avail.

Pedro Alvares Cabral Fact 19: Pedro Álvares Cabral was suffering from reoccurring boats of fever accompanied by tremors, which was thought to be malaria. His family home was located in Santarem and there he remained until his death in 1520. His remains were laid to rest in the side chapel of the convent church within Santarem’s Convent de Graça.

Influence & Legacy: Cabral’s explorations and discoveries went largely unremembered for nearly three hundred years. It was only when Emperor Dom Pedro II in the 1840’s began to research and publish Cabral’s life and expeditions and the true sense of what he accomplished came to light.

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