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Facts about Pocahontas

Pocahontas Biography Summary:              Pocahontas (1595 - 1617) was famous for her association with the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia. She was the daughter of the paramount chief, Powhatan. It is said she was his last and favorite child and that her mother died in childbirth, a woman he had loved deeply.

She was raised as all children were although again there is a suggestion she was guarded as a precious daughter of the chief. Because of her happy go lucky nature she was a spirited child and made friends easily and was happy to befriend the English that were colonizing Virginia at that time.

As a child it was probably the case that she did not understand the wider implications of the break down in the relationship between her tribe and English over food that was in short supply and high demand.

Whatever the true facts of this story, the ultimate price was hers to pay as she died at a very young age and all she wanted was peace for her people as well as the English.

Pocahontas Fact Sheet: Who was Pocahontas? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Pocahontas.

PocahontasFact File Biography: Lifespan: 1595 - 1617 *** Full Name: Matoaka, also known as Amonute and later Rebecca Rolfe *** Nickname: Pocahontas *** Occupation: She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan *** Date of Birth: Pocahontas was born in around 1595 *** Place of Birth: Pocahontas was born in Werowocomoco, known today as Gloucester County, Virginia, USA *** Family background: Her father was Powhatan the paramount chief of Tsenacommacah, their custom was that the chief would pick a girl to become his wife, she would bear him a child, the child would remain and be brought up with the father and the mother would be returned to her village where the chief supported her until she married *** Early life and childhood: She grew up in her fatherís village and taught how to perform tasks such as food foraging, collecting firewood, and such plant materials used for building houses of thatch and surrounded by family *** Education: Pocahontas would have been educated as befitted her station usually considered womenís work ***

Pocahontas Fact 1: Pocahontas was born in approximately 1595 and during the 16th century period in history when Portugal and Spain were exploring the oceans of the world and colonizing new lands.

Pocahontas Fact 2: As she grew older she was taught in her fatherís house to prepare food and serve at the feasts.

Pocahontas Fact 3: The custom when naming their children was a very personal event. The child could be given several names each with a different meaning or for different occasions. They could be given secret names and more than one name.

Pocahontas Fact 4: It is also thought that her name, Rebecca, could have a biblical meaning in that it related to Rebecca the mother of Jacob and Esau in the Book of Genesis and meant the mother of two ďnationsĒ which some say described Pocahontas.

Pocahontas Fact 5: Some say she was a favorite daughter of Powhatan from his last and most loved wife.

Pocahontas Fact 6: It is known that she met John Smith after his capture by her tribe and brought to their village.

Pocahontas Fact 7: A peace grew between the Indian tribe and the English.

Pocahontas Fact 8: Food from the Indian tribe was exchanged for goods from the English.

Pocahontas Fact 9: The unrest developed when food supplies became short for the Indian people because of a drought but the English were demanding more and more food and the Indianís were having to refuse.

Pocahontas Fact 10: Pocahontas had married within her tribe it is thought someone she loved and who her father approved.

Pocahontas Fact 11: Because the situation between the Indians and the English was deteriorating, the English Captain Argall decided to have Pocahontas kidnapped in order to force her father to give them more food.

Pocahontas Fact 12: She was tricked into boarding one of the English ships on a visit to an English couple and was forbidden to leave. There is some suggestion that during her captivity she was sexually abused and may have become pregnant and given birth to a child.

Pocahontas Fact 13: It was also at this time that she came into contact with John Rolffe and it is suggested they fell in love and married at which point Pocahontas converted to Christianity.

Pocahontas Fact 14: Having married an Englishman it was hoped an alliance between the Indians and the English would be established but their relationship was still tenuous.

Pocahontas Fact 15: There are also various versions of her story and not one can say definitively which is true. One version is that she accompanied her husband on a trip back to England and died en route. Another is that the trip was successful and once in England she was introduced into society and even met King James I and Queen Anne. The couple then toured the country before settling in Brentford when she encountered John Smith again.

Pocahontas Fact 16: Pocahontas and her husband finally made the trip to return to American but on the opening stages of the journey before actually taking ship, she became ill and died.

Pocahontas Fact 17: She died in Gravesend in Kent, England and her body laid to rest in St Georgeís Church on March 21st 1617. It is estimated she was around twenty one years of age.

Influence & Legacy: Her story is one that is tragic in which version you decide to believe in. A young Indian girl, beloved by her father, encounters the English settling near her home. By nature a bright and intelligent young girl she befriends the English, John Smith, in particular but her involvement with the English would ultimately end in her early death.

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