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Queen Mary I

Facts about Queen Mary I 'Bloody Mary'

Queen Mary I Biography Summary:
Queen Mary I was the first Queen regnant of England and Ireland.

She was the only daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. She was baptized into the Roman Catholic religion three days after her birth.

Her father later established the Church of England and their religious differences caused many conflicts between them.

She is famously nicknamed 'Bloody Mary' due to the ruthless persecutions in which she arranged for hundreds of Protestants during her reign over England and Ireland.

Queen Mary I Fact Sheet: Who was Queen Mary I? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Queen Mary I, the famous English Queen.

Queen Mary I Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1516 – 1558 *** Full Name: Queen Mary I was also known as Mary Tudor and Bloody Mary *** Date of Birth (Birthday): She was born on February 18, 1516 *** Place of Birth: Queen Mary I was born in London *** Family background: Her father was King Henry VIII *** Early life and childhood: Queen Mary I grew up and spent the majority of her life in London *** Education: Queen Mary I was educated by her Mother, Catherine of Aragon *** Queen Mary I died on November 17, 1558 ***

Queen Mary I Fact 1: Queen Mary I was born on February 18, 1516 at the Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, London.

Queen Mary I Fact 2: From July 1553 until her death on November 17, 1558, she was the Queen of England and Ireland. She became known by various names including Bloody Mary and Mary Tudor.

Queen Mary I Fact 3: Her father was King Henry VIII and her mother was his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Queen Mary I was King Henry VIII's first daughter and the only surviving child of Catherine of Aragon. Three days following her birth, Mary was baptized Catholic.

Queen Mary I Fact 4: She received most of her education from her mother, Catherine of Aragon. She was taught how to read and write, and to speak various languages including French, Spanish and Latin. She was a bright student who excelled in languages and music.

Queen Mary I Fact 5: She had fair skin, red-gold hair and light blue eyes. Her father, King Henry VIII, adored her and bragged that the child never cried. He named her 'Princess of Wales' in 1525 before sending her to live on the border of Wales.

Queen Mary I Fact 6: Henry VIII was becoming frustrated as he wanted a son. He decided to break off his marriage to Queen Mary I's mother, Catherine of Aragon, and declared that the marriage was null because she was the wife of his deceased brother.

Queen Mary I Fact 7: Following King Henry VIII's separation from Catherine of Aragon, he left the Catholic religion and became the founder of the Church of England. His daughter and future Queen, Mary I, was dedicated to the Catholic church which resulted in many future conflicts.

Queen Mary I Fact 8: King Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn, she gave birth to their daughter Elizabeth. Anne Boleyn successfully urged for an act of Parliament to declare Mary as illegitimate so that she wouldn't become a threat to Elizabeth's rise to the throne. In 1553, following her act of betrayal, King Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn beheaded for treason.

Queen Mary I Fact 9: King Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour, asked him to rectify his relationship with Mary. He agreed to make amends providing Mary recognized him as head of the Church of England. She reluctantly agreed to do so.

Queen Mary I Fact 10: During her childhood, her father promised her hand in marriage to several men but the contracts kept falling through. Amongst his negotiations, she was promised to the son of King Francis I of France, Dauphin, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V who was her first cousin, Francis I (Dauphin's father) and his son, the Duke of Orleans, Henry.

Queen Mary I Fact 11: Henry VIII wanted to exclude Mary from the line of succession to the throne as he feared that she would attempt to reinstate the Catholic religion throughout England. He was advised against doing this.

Queen Mary I Fact 12: She became the first Queen regnant of England and Ireland in July 1553. She immediately reinstated her parents’ marriage. She reigned for approximately 5 years until her death at the age of 42 on November 17, 1558.

Queen Mary I Fact 13: She planned to marry King Philip II of Spain as she was desperate to have a child in order to prevent the throne from being passed to her half-sister Elizabeth who was a Protestant. Her attempts to have a child failed and the Spanish King began spending more time in his home country.

Queen Mary I Fact 14: During her reign over England and Ireland, she was unpopular with the public. She introduced laws which were totally unacceptable. As a desperate attempt to bring England back to Catholicism, she enforced a law which involved the persecution of hundreds of Protestants.

Queen Mary I Fact 15: After arranging the deaths of more than 300 Protestants who were burned at the stake, Queen Mary I of England and Ireland received the nickname 'Bloody Mary'.

Queen Mary I Fact 16: In June 1557, during the reign of Queen Mary I, England supported Spain in its war against France. The French took England's only remaining land on Europe. The loss of Calais ruined Queen Mary I's credibility. She later quoted, 'When I am dead and opened, you shall find 'Calais' lying in my heart'.

Queen Mary I Fact 17: As Queen of England and Ireland, she had many challenges to face. The country received a high amount of rainfall which led to floods and subsequently famine. She made many attempts to establish trade routes in order to save England's economy.

Queen Mary I Fact 18: Queen Mary I was the 4th crowned monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Through bloodshed and persecution, she managed to restore Catholicism in England for a short time.

Queen Mary I Fact 19: She was Queen of England and Ireland until her death in 1558. She was succeeded by her long-reigning Protestant half-sister who became Elizabeth I of England and Ireland and reigned for approximately 45 years. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Queen Mary I Fact 20: She died on November 17, 1558, at St James’ Palace in London, England. Her death may have been a result of ovarian cancer. She was buried on December 14, 1558 at Westminster Abbey, London.

Influence and Legacy: Mary was the only daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Despite deep religious conflicts with her Protestant father, King Henry VIII, he allowed her to succeed to the throne where she made great attempts to reform England back to Catholicism.

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