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Ransom Olds

Facts about Ransom Olds

Ransom Olds Summary: Ransom Olds was an important inventor and leader of the Automotive industry in America.

He is recognized for becoming the founder of the successful car manufacturing company which was originally named the Olds Motor Vehicle Company.

It later became the Oldsmobile Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. By 1901, this famous American pioneer had built 11 prototype vehicles including at least one of each steam powered, gas powered and electric powered motors.

Ransom Olds was famous for producing the Curved Dash runabout which became the first mass produced, low-cost, American car.

He was also famous for introducing the assembly line to the motor trade which shaped the future of vehicle production by helping to increase the speed in which automobiles could be built and completed ready for dispatch.

Ransom Olds Fact Sheet: Who was Ransom Olds? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Ransom Olds, the famous American inventor and pioneer of the motor industry.

Ransom Olds Fact File: Lifespan: 1864 – 1950 *** Full Name: Ransom Olds was also known as Ransom Eli Olds *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born on June 3, 1864*** Place of Birth: Ransom Olds was born in Geneva, Ohio in the United States *** Family background: His father was a blacksmith called Pliny Fiske Olds *** Early life and childhood: Ransom Olds grew up and spent the majority of his life Ohio *** Ransom Olds died on August 26, 1950 in Michigan

Ransom Olds Fact 1: Ransom Olds was born on June 3, 1864 in Geneva, Ohio in the United States. His British ancestors came from Dorset, England.

Ransom Olds Fact 2: His parents were called Pliny Fiske Olds and Sarah Whippe Olds. His father was a pattern maker and blacksmith. Ransom Olds was the youngest member of the family. As a child, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio with the rest of his family.

Ransom Olds Fact 3: He married Metta Ursula Woodward in Lansing, Michigan on June 5, 1889.

Ransom Olds Fact 4: On August 21, 1897, he founded the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. It was based in Lansing, Michigan, and he sold it in 1899 to Samuel L. Smith who renamed the company Olds Motor Works.

Ransom Olds Fact 5: Samuel L. Smith relocated his new company to Detroit and Ransom Olds became its vice president and manager.

Ransom Olds Fact 6: He built eleven prototype vehicles by 1901. He was the first and only American to manufacture and sell at least one of each power driven vehicles - steam, gas and electricity.

Ransom Olds Fact 7: A fire occurred on March 9, 1901, burning the car factory to the ground. Only one car model survived the fire, the Curved Dash runabout. He decided to put this model into production.

Ransom Olds Fact 8: Following the 2nd annual New York Automobile show, he managed to set up a deal with one buyer for 1000 Curved Dash runabouts.

Ransom Olds Fact 9: The Curved Dash runabout was the first mass produced low priced vehicle in America. Each vehicle sold for $650.00. In 1901, around 600 were sold, followed by 3000 in 1902 and over 4000 in 1904.

Ransom Olds Fact 10: Due to clashes with Samuel L. Smith's son, he left the company in 1904 and founded the R.E. Olds Motor Car Company which he renamed the REO Motor Car Company after the initials of his name.

Ransom Olds Fact 11: He was the first person to use the production line in the motor industry. Henry Ford was the first to use a moving assembly line to produce motors. One of the biggest advantages of the assembly line was the increased speed in which vehicles could be produced.

Ransom Olds Fact 12: He developed an area after buying 152 km˛ of land in 1913. The land was located near the northern part of Tampa Bay, Florida and it is now known as the city of Oldsmar.

Ransom Olds Fact 13: He was well known for auto racing at Ormond and Daytona which took place on the Florida beaches. An unofficial event took place around 1896-1897 between Ranson Olds and Alexander Winton. Winton won the race by .20 seconds.

Ransom Olds Fact 14: As a Republican, he served from Michigan's 6th District to 1908 Republican National Convention as a delegate.

Ransom Olds Fact 15: He built a mansion house in Lansing with a turntable in the garage that allowed him to drive into the garage and turn the car around, to avoid reversing, so that it was facing the right way when he left.

Ransom Olds Fact 16: One of his former homes remains open to members of the public to visit. It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ransom Olds Fact 17: In 1894, this American inventor and pioneer built his first steam powered car.

Ransom Olds Fact 18: In 1896, he built his first gasoline car.

Ransom Olds Fact 19: His biographer questions his statement regarding the fire which took place at the factory in 1901. He says that 'Olds did not need the one rescued car from which to reconstruct the plans and patterns for the runabout'. He said this because Ransom Olds had already advertised the Curved Dash runabout and 300 orders were placed as a result.

Ransom Olds Fact 20: He died at the age of 86 on August 26, 1950, in Lansing, Michigan in the United States. He is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Lansing, Michigan.

Influence & Legacy of Ransom Olds:
Ransom Olds was an important American inventor and pioneer of the Automotive industry. He is most famous for becoming the founder of the long-established and successful car company Olds Motor Vehicle which later became Oldsmobile Motor Division of General Motors Corporation.

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