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Rocky Marciano

Facts about Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano Biography Summary: Rocky Marciano (1923 - 1969) was famous for being one of the greatest world heavyweight professional boxers of all time. He became of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

He successfully won his first heavyweight championship in 1952 and successfully defended his title until he decided to retire in April of 1956 where he had fought a total of forty nine fights, won forty nine fights of which forty three were by knockouts and no losses.

He still holds one of the highest knockout rates at 87.75 in the history of heavyweight boxing. Rocky Marciano tragically lost his life in a Cessna light aircraft privately owned during terrible weather conditions with a pilot who was inexperienced in flying in instrument meteorological conditions.

Passengers, Rocky Marciano and Frankie Farrell, as well as the pilot, died in the crash.

Rocky Marciano Fact Sheet: Who was Rocky Marciano? The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Rocky Marciano.

Rocky Marciano Fact File Biography: Lifespan: Rocky Marciano 1923 - 1969 *** Full Name: Rocco Francis Marciano *** Nickname: Rocky, The Brockton Blockbuster and The Rock from Brockton *** Date of Birth: Rocky Marciano was born on September 1st 1923 *** Place of Birth: Rocky Marciano was born in Brockton, Massachusetts *** Occupation: Rocky Marciano was a Heavyweight Boxer *** Date of Death: Rocky Marciano died on August 31st 1969 *** Place of Death: Rocky Marciano near Newton in Iowa, U.S. ***

Rocky Marciano Fact 1: Rocky Marciano was born on September 1st 1923 in Brockton, Massachusetts and was destined to become a heavyweight boxing champion.

Rocky Marciano Fact 2: Family: He came from a regular family. The names of his parents were Pierino Marchegiano and Pasqualina Picciuto. Siblings: He grew up with two brothers, Peter and Louis and three sisters, Alice, Concetta and Elizabeth.

Rocky Marciano Fact 3: Education: He attended Brockton High School and after he completed his tenth grade he dropped out.

Rocky Marciano Fact 4: Career: He began his career as a boxer while still in the U.S. Army.

Rocky Marciano Fact 5: As a youth, he practice for his future career with homemade equipment which included a mailbag stuffed and hung from a tree in the family’s back yard upon which he practiced punching.

Rocky Marciano Fact 6: Out of school he took jobs digging ditches, as a railroad layer and in shoemaking.

Rocky Marciano Fact 7: During 1943 he was drafted into the United States Army for a two year term where he was posted to Swansea in Wales and completed his service at Fort Lewis in Washington State in March of 1946.

Rocky Marciano Fact 8: He actually began boxing while still a serviceman representing the Army and would win the 1946 Amateur Armed Forces boxing tournament.

Rocky Marciano Fact 9: He began his professional career on March 17th 1947 when he entered the ring against Lee Epperson and in the third round knocked him out.

Rocky Marciano Fact 10: However he returned to amateur status following this to fight in the Golden Gloves and in March of 1948 during the All-East Championship Tournament he lost to Coley Wallace.

Rocky Marciano Fact 11: As an amateur he was able to try out for the Amateur Athletic Union Olympics at Boston Garden. He competed against George McInnis and although he knocked him out he sustained injuries to hand causing him to withdraw.

Rocky Marciano Fact 12: With his amateur career over in 1947, he with several friends, decided to head for North Carolina and Fayetteville where they tried out for various clubs. Within three weeks he was heading back home.

Rocky Marciano Fact 13: Once home he began training with Allie Colombo his friend. Charley Goldman became his teacher and trainer and Chick Wergeles and Al Weill worked as his managers.

Rocky Marciano Fact 14: On July 12th 1948 he began his professional career as a boxer despite having had one fight the previous year as a professional. On that night he won against Harry Bilizarian and for his next sixteen fights he ended each bout with a knockout.

Rocky Marciano Fact 15: Of those sixteen, seven were knockouts before the fifth round and the remaining nine were during the first round. The only opponent to go the distance was Don Mogard but “The Rock” as he was becoming to be known, by unanimous decision, won the fight.

Rocky Marciano Fact 16: It was also during his early career he changed his last name to a simplified version because the ring announcer had trouble pronouncing his name and so he became Marciano.

Rocky Marciano Fact 17: His winning streak continued with his next three fights being won by knockouts. He came up against Ted Lowry and won on a unanimous decision followed by a further four knockouts which included a fight with an experienced heavyweight, Phil Muscato from Buffalo in New York and Rocky Marciano’s first “name fighter” and several weeks after that he fought Carmine Vingo a knocked him out in the fifth round. So fierce was the fighting in this competition Vingo nearly died.

Rocky Marciano Fact 18: In 1950 he fought Roland La Starza and it proved a tough fight for Rocky Marciano. He won his next seven bouts and in April of 1951 his next fight with Rex Layne was broadcast nationwide and won by a knockout in the sixth round. He went on to win his next five bouts and was given the opportunity to go for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rocky Marciano Fact 19: The current World Heavyweight Champion was Jersey Joe Walcott at thirty eight years of age against Rocky Marciano’s twenty nine and it would only be on a knockout that Rocky Marciano won the bout and became the new Worth Heavyweight Champion.

Rocky Marciano Fact 20: He went on to defend his title over six fights the first against Jersey Joe Walcott who he had beaten to gain the title, followed by Roland La Starza, two fights with Ezzard Charles and British and European Champion Don Cockell and finally Archie Moore. On April 27th 1956 he announced his retirement aged thirty eight years.

Rocky Marciano Fact 21: After his boxing career he began appearing on television in a weekly boxing show followed by refereeing in wrestling matches and also became a boxing commentator.

Rocky Marciano Fact 22: Rocky Marciano died on August 31st 1969 aged forty five, in a small private plane, with an inexperienced pilot in terrible weather conditions the pilot was unqualified to handle. His body was laid to rest in the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Influence & Legacy:
He would be remembered for being one of the greatest heavyweight champions in the world. He also became the inspiration for the series of movies made where the title character, Rocky Balboa was based on Rocky Marciano.

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